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Batfreak is the combination of Batbolt and Ghostfreak's DNA. He can only be accessed by using the Biomnitrix. Batfreak's design was created by Andre Prates.


Batfreak has Batbolt's body, with Ghosfreak's Ectonurite skin and green bag. His ears come out of his bag, and his wings have black and purple lines underneath. He has feet, but his toes are similar to Ghostfreak's tail. The Biomnitrix symbol is located on the right side of his chest.


Batfreak is very quiet and prefers to stay motionless to avoid being detected.

Powers and Abilities

Batfreak's "vision" is similar to Wildmutt's, as he uses a sonar to be aware of his surroundings.

Batfreak can become intangible, invisible and is able to move around through lightning bolts. He can send out purple electric waves through his wings, and is also said to be faster than Jetray in flight. He can also phase through solid matter and possess other people's bodies, and is also capable of making other objects or people intangible and transparent through physical contact.

Batfreak can use the tentacles under his protective skin as a means of scaring his enemies into submission. These tentacles can grow sharp thorns that can be used as lethal weapons. Although his outer skin protects him from burning in the sunlight, his tentacles appear to be resistant towards sunlight. Batfreak possesses enhanced strength.

Batfreak can make people feel deathly cold by simply moving right through them. Batfreak can alter his shape and deform like gas by making himself into a grey, somewhat transparent smoke-like wispy form.


Batfreak can be affected by tangible objects if he is distracted, and also is incapable of using his 'Laser-Bite' move, due to the bag covering his mouth.

Batfreak's intangibility is also useless when faced by another being that can go intangible, as it will cancel out their ability to do so. Certain substances can also neutralize his intangibility and invisibility. Batfreak's second skin inhibits many of his powers, but removing it will make him vulnerable to sunlight.

There are certain beings Batfreak cannot possess. For example, he cannot possess zombies due to them lacking minds of their own. He is also unable to possess the Sentient Ultimate forms, though the reason why remains unclear. If he remains tangible long enough, Batfreak can be controlled and hypnotized by Vladats via their Corrupturas, as demonstrated by many Ectonurite residents of Anur Transyl, and magic can harm him.