Batdrill is an alien from Not Applicable.

General Information
Species Taphonur
Home World Kirota
DNA source Unknown Taphonur
Body Crab-Bat
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Percussion Claws
Drill Body
Earth Control
First Appearance Is It Okay To Just Get Fired Up?


Batdrill's abilities include:

  • Turning into a drill
  • Earth Control
  • Percussion Claws
  • Gliding
  • Night Vision
  • Specialized Sonar

His Percussion Claws are especially dangerous, closing with a forced of 150,000 psi, enough to crush anything unfortunate enough to end up in this alien's grip. His claws are also able to launch any material currently being held using a specialized series of muscles.



Batdrill resembles a cross between a crab and a bat. Being primarily brown and yellow in color, he has two gray metal plates that slide up to cover his face in drill mode. He has two small tails and four legs, although the back pair is usually kept folded up behind him.


Batdrill's eyes are very sensitive to light, making him unsuitable for well-lit enviroments. He is also very frail, with the exception of his claws, which use up quite a bit of his energy.

Planet and Species Information

Batdrill is a Taphonur from the planet Kirota. Kirota is covered with thick jungles and forests of every type, and is home to many species of exotic creatures. Thanks to significant water flow, Kirota is also covered in large cave systems, which is where the Taphonur live. Most of their time is spent either expanding the cave systems or using their sonar to detect the many ores they feed on. Their society is very simple, with a barter system being nearly nonexistant, as ore is plentiful enough to go around, and there are very few needs outside of that. They are very social, carving cities out of rock in large caverns, where hundreds of them can gather and live. A lone Taphonur is very dangerous indeed, as most cases of encountering one away from their group usually ends in the serious injury of anything unlucky enought to stumble upon it. The idea has been put forth that social interaction helps to keep their violent tendencies in check, though being as elusive as they are, this has been very hard to determine for sure.


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