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Batbolt is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Blinodactil from the planet Pteropia-Kitti. Batbolt was created by Alexandre Magno.

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Batbolt is a blind bat-like alien, with white fur around his neck, face, arms and legs, a grey body, green spots on his wings and very sensitive ears.


Batbolt is very quiet and prefers to stay motionless to avoid being detected.

Powers and Abilities

Batbolt's "vision" is similar to Wildmutt's, as he uses a sonar to be aware of his surroundings. Batbolt can become intangible, invisible and is able to move around through lightning bolts. He can send out electric waves and has his signature 'Laser-Bite' move, and is also said to be faster than Jetray in flight.


Batbolt can be affected by tangible objects if he is distracted, as Galord was able to deliver a direct punch to Batbolt's face.


Batbolt was the second alien used after the new recalibration of the Omnitrix in And Then There Were 10 Again, and was first used to fight Galord aboard his ship.

In It's Cool in the Cold, Batbolt is used off-screen for Ben to get on the rooftop of the temple.

In Galactic Arena, Ben transforms into Batbolt to attack what he thinks is a group of Galord's bots, when they are in fact a trio of Orishan friends. After attacking one of them, he quickly changes back into Ben.


  1. And Then There Were 10 Again
  2. It's Cool in the Cold (Off-screen)
  3. Galactic Arena


  • Batbolt was the second alien to be used after the Omnitrix recalibrated to a new set of aliens.
  • Just like in the classic series, the second alien used by Ben is very animal-like and blind.