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The Basaltine are a rocky, humanoid species from the planet Mystigneous.


The Basaltine are a humanoid, rocky species. Their rocks are two-toned in color, but they tend to usually be two variants of one color, with colors varying between individuals.


Due to some mysterious circumstances, the Basaltine drained their homeworld of almost all its resources.


After having drained their homeworld's resources, the Basaltine became a nomadic empire. The empire is divided into factions that travel the galaxy in search for temporary resources, while a small percentage of the species remains on their homeworld, attempting to help it be restored to what it once was.


Rather than eating like most species, the Basaltine absorb minerals from the ground around them for sustinence. They do this via touch, usually by foot.


  • The Basaltine have several powers based on their stone physiology. This includes stone mimicry, geokinetic regeneration, and mineral magic.
  • The Basaltine have create earthquakes and sense seismic waves within the ground.
  • The Basaltine can easily adapt to different environments. Though, there seems to be some sort of limit, given they left Mystigneous when it became mostly barren.
  • The Basaltine have enhanced strength and durability.


  • The Basaltine are extremely heavy, making them slow, not very agile, and causing them to sink in water, which already can erode them.
  • The Basaltine cannot use their geokinetic regeneration if they do not have access to stones or minerals.

Notable Basaltines


  • The Basaltine absorbing minerals from the ground through touch, especially via their feet, is a reference to the Andalites from the Animorphs series.
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