Barry Garcia
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence Chadsberry, USA
Age 14
Affiliations The Plumbers, the Interworld Organization
Occupation(s) Technically, a Plumber-in-training.
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Standard abilities guaranteed by the Omnitrix.
Equipment The Omnitrix
Relatives Christina "Christy" Garcia (grandmother),

Jose Garcia (grandfather, deceased), Tracy Garcia (mother, deceased?), Adrian Garcia (father, deceased?)

Alias Care-Bear (by Dee)
Voice Actor (The Character's Voice Actor)

Barry Garcia is the main protagonist of OmniQuest. He first appeared in Worlds Collide Pt. 1. He is your typical human that wields his universe's version of the Omnitrix.


Barry is a Caucasian kid that stands at 5'3", considerably shorter than anyone of his age. He has ruffled blonde hair and freckles sprinkled on the bridge of his nose. He usually wears a black zipped-up jacket over a white t-shirt, blue jeans and red sneakers.


Barry is a meek and shy kid who tends to be non-confrontational. He has doubts about following in his parents foot-steps and living up to everyone's high expectations, even though he always wanted to be a hero that everyone looked up to. He is kind at heart and always tries to do the right thing.

However, he does take his mistakes seriously, minor of major, and has a hard time showing his true emotions around people.

Powers and Abilities

He wields this universe's version of the Omnitrix, which gives him a set of ten new aliens to turn into.

  • Elastikid: His body can stretch an contort into different shapes.
  • Harpclaw: Flight, along with poisonous quills and breath.
  • Twinkle Bell: Ability to manipulate the emotions of others. And rainbow bubbles.
  • Nocturn: Teleportation, hypnosis, and sleep manipulation.
  • Vodoll: The power to possess people, make them feel pain by sticking needles in his own body, and creating mini-versions of himself.
  • Whaletank: Large and heavy, and can blast water and steam from his blowhole.
  • Blastattack: Expert boxer that can explode any part of his body and reform instantly.
  • Tyrantula: Sonic scream, body filled with sharp quills that he can eject, and all-around powerhouse.
  • Excavator: Extreme digging power using its large drill horn and excavator claws.
  • Infectyke: Can make people feel the symptoms of a disease that limits their abilities and can duplicate rapidly.




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