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Barren Hollow
General Information
Star System Barren Hollow
Entity Type Ringworld
Environment Forests
Habitability Habitable
Sapient Species Fracturemen

Barren Hollow is a planet that is home to the Fracturemen. It is a free use planet.


Why the Barren Hollow is named as it is remains one of the greatest modern mysteries of the galactic history, albeit a fairly mundane one. The planet is a lush and thriving paradise of dense forests and exotic oceans with amazing biodiversity. It is unclear whether the planet was named by its natives or by external discoverers, but the Fracturemen name of the planet translates to Barren Hollow all the same.

The 'Hollow' part of the name, however, has a fairly obvious connotation. Barren Hollow is a ringworld- a planet-sized ring of rock possessing a gravitational pull either under its mass or facsimiled by way of generating centripetal force. Barren Hollow's gravity is formed under Centripetal force, creating a ring of life on the inside of the ring. Some species can survive on the outer layers of the ring too, however. The planet's axis of rotation is pointed directly towards its local star, the far side is far below freezing temperature and is home to no permanent inhabitants, though some species do travel here to rest or sleep in safety as the sun-facing side has no night time.

Many Sentientsapiens are shocked to learn that the planet is full of life, and will often remark that this was once not the case. However, this was always the case.

Earth-1010 Lore
The following lore applies only to the version of this article that would exist within Earth-1010 continuities.
Barren Hollow is a dead world. Toxic nuclear winds persist even this long after the war has ended. What little remains of the atmosphere is pounded by devastating solar winds. The planet is under a Class-α Quarantine under the Ornithis Travel Advisory Laws and is therefore inhospitable to any creatures without a Type- Resistance Factor of 90 or greater.
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