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Barragians are a species from the planet Gincarteria II, and are Ball Weevil's species in both Earth-1799.A and Earth-2018.


Barragians are small, quadrupedal, insectoid aliens. They have large crests on their heads, and small, spherical mouths that open perpedicular to most other species.


Barragians spend most of their time cleaning up after other species on their planet.


  • Barragians are capable of producing orbs made of plasma from their mouths, which they then roll on top of to collect more mass. These orbs can be explosive or adhesive, and can also take the form of whips.


  • Barragians can be hurt by their own plasma.

Notable Barragians

  • Ball Weevil (The Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Barragian in Earth-2018)
    • Ball Weevil (The Simplicitrix's equivalent to Ball Weevil in Earth-1799.A)
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