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Barfamel is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Candomordian from the planet Sweetis.


Barfamel has the appearance of a fluffy, rubbery humanoid alien similar to a shark. He has ocean blue skin, with lighter blue jaw and belly, big arms and stubby legs, with small teeth protruding from his mouth. He also has a small fin on the top of his head, sharp claws on his hand and smaller ones on his feet. He wears black and green shorts and a green and white belt, where the Omnitrix symbol is located. He also has a long, prehensile tail.

Powers and Abilities

As his species evolved to climb trees to get the sweet fruits on the top, he developed sharp claws and a prehensile tail. He is also very durable, as they may fall from dozens of feet in the air if they don't take a good grab on the trunk, and strong. As these fruits have high calories of sugar, their stomach has a special acid that boils it, producing caramel, which they can spit out or use to their advantage, as they can trap competitors from getting fruits by shooting a blast from it, which rapidly solidifies.


Foods with immense quantities of sugar, like soda, can overload his digestive system, leaving him with stomach ache and incapable to produce his caramel.




  • His name comes from the words "Barf" and "Caramel", while his species name comes from "Candy" and his planet's comes from "Sweet".
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