General Information
Home World Bananatopia (destroyed)
Predator Monkeys

Evolved Monkeys (Gorillas)

Body Banana
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Power of extracting Vitamin C

Preventing constipation

First Appearance 15th December 2013
Bananasapiens are a race of bananas from the planet Bananatopia. Their planet was destroyed by a giant fruit fungus. They know civilize planet Earth and are trying to conquer it.


Bananasapiens are a species of bananas. They are allies with the deadly and most poisonous spider, the Brazilian wandering spider. If any Bananasapien is threatened by a predator, it will release the baby spiders and causing the predator to die. The bananas and spiders have been allies for nearly a thousand years.

Known Bananasapiens

  • Blubanana 
  • Cybanana
  • Omibanana
  • Echobanana
  • Brianbanana
  • Banana Soldiers
  • Unknown ( The Omnitrix DNA Sample of a Bananasapien )

Known Bananasapien Hybrids

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