Banana Guards
General Information
Other Info
Objectives Protect the Candy Kingdom
First Appearance The Human

'Banana Guards' are a group of Candy People who guard the Candy Kingdom. They worship Princess Bubblegum.


The Banana Guards wear armor that has them look like cut bananas with chocolate poured on top, along with some pieces of what appears to be sugar. They are taller than most characters as displayed when they tower over Princess Bubblegum. Their feet are popsicle sticks and they hold long bronze sticks topped with diamond-shaped gems that have similar color to the crystals on their head. While they look like popsicles, they are actually bananas that have popsicle stick legs. Early banana guards resembled plantains.

History and Personality

The Banana Guards are some of Princess Bubblegum's biogenetical experiments that caused bananas to turn into living creatures that could walk and talk and generally do anything a human could. Since then, they have though of Bonnibel like a mother and worship her, doing their best to protect her.


  • Long bronze stick with a crystal at the top
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