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Bamboon is the Omnitrix’s DNA sample of a Chympese Bamdryll from the planet Afrivannah.

This is an Osmosian217 alien/page. Check out Osmosian217 Aliens for more information.


Bamboon is a humanoid baboon-like alien with skin colored orange and black grey, with brush like grass on its back, shoulders, forearms, and lower legs. Baboon has four or more bamboo sticks sticking out of its back, a tail, four fingers and toes, green eyes and the Omnitrix symbol is on its chest.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Bamboo Generation and Manipulation: Able to generate and manipulate various bamboo sticks that can come in different sizes for various uses, such as staffs from its body (mostly back)
  • Chlorokinesis: Able to create, manipulate, and control plant life on its body.
  • Enhanced Agility: Able to be as skilled as a ninja.
  • Enhanced Jumping: Able to jump as high as 50 feet at full strength.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Able to quickly react to situations when truly focused.
  • Prehensile Feet and Tail: Able to use its feet and tail just like hands and fingers.
  • Solar Regeneration: Able to regenerate some injuries and its plant life when absorbing enough solar energy/sunlight.
  • Vine Grapples Generation: From the bush on its limbs, Bamboon can shoot out ropes with sharp bamboo leaf hooks on the end, and can be used to swing from place to place, like “Spider-Man”.

Weaknesses and Faults[]

  • Fire: Fire can burn off its bush, and will stay burned until it regenerates.
  • Lack of Sun: Bamboon will start to slow down and Bamboon’s plant life body parts without having been exposed to and solar/sunlight for long periods of time.
  • Temper: Bamboon must maintain self control, or it will go into an “out of control” rampaging state of mind, similar to Rath after a Techadon destroyed Mr. Smoothy.


Bamboon is a fusion of the words “Bamboo” and “Baboon”.

Chympese Bamdryll are the fusion of the words “Chimpanzee”, “Bamboo”, and Mandrill”, it is also is a pun on “Chinese Bamboo” from the film Rush Hour 2, and Afrivannah is a fusion of the words “Africa” and “Savannah”, as in the Savannah Desert.

Trivia, Gallery, and Credits[]


bamboon art

This alien was inspired by “Rath”, being an emotionally driven fighter, and the rage of a baboon is not to be trifled with, and give them a weapon(s), you are in danger for sure.

Another inspiration for this alien was “Sun Wukong” from the story “Journey to the West”, where he’s the Monkey King and has magical powers, and a staff-like item/weapon, which is where the bamboo stick come into play, that the Chimpese Bamboon’s are able to generate and manipulate to their will for various uses, which is also inspired by real life ninja and their tools.

The species' bush skin comes in various colors.

Afrivannah is home of many lifeforms, some on this list of aliens I hava made, and various predators, for it is a vast plant safari world of many waters, mountains, plains, and jungle woods.