Balloonclaw is a Balloonaspien from planet Blln 2

General Information
Species Balloonaspien
Home World Blln 2
DNA source Unknown
Body Balloon Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities He has the Ability to fly. he has very sharp blade-like claws. whit them He can scratch true wood, paper, And everything that is thinner than Wood. He can also Jump. he can control his tale and he can suffocate someone whit it.
Equipment Omnitrix symbol. Claws, Legs and tail
First Appearance TBA


He looks like a Balloon With two eyes and a mouth. He also has Blade-like claws and two legs. His legs and his arms are made of metal. He has a string for a tail.

In The New Omniverse, Balloonclaw is a green balloon. He wears the Ultimatrix MK10 on his chest.


He has the Ability to fly. he has very sharp blade-like claws. with them, He can scratch true wood, paper, And everything that is thinner than Wood. He can also Jump. he can control his tail and he can suffocate someone with it.


His main powers are his claws and tail, but they are his main weaknesses too. If he touches his face/head with his claws his head will explode making him turn back. If anyone touches his tail and then pulls it the tail might come of making him Lose all the air in him and losing his flight, also he will turn back.


Ben 10: The New Omniverse

  • He will appear at the end of season 1.



  • I just made a balloon base and then turned him into This alien. added Claws, legs, Eyes, Mouth, Omnitrix and Shading
  • He is free usage
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