Balloonaspiens are species from planet Blln 2. 

General Information
Home World Blln 2
Body Balloon Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities they have the Ability to fly. they have very sharp blade-like claws. whit them they can scratch true wood, paper, And every thing that is thinner then Wood. They can aslo Jump. They can contol their tales and they can suffocate someone whit them
First Appearance TBA


They can be in many colors. They all look like balloons with two eyes and a mouth. They also have blade-like claws and two legs. Their legs and arms are made of metal. They have a string for a tale.


They have the ability to fly. They have very sharp blade-like claws. With them, they can scratch through wood, paper and everything that is thinner than wood. They can also jump. They can control their tails and they can suffocate someone with them.


Their main powers are their claws and tail, but they are their main weaknesses too. If they touch their face/head with their claws, their heads can explode. If anyone touches their tails and then pulls them, the tail might come off, making them lose all the air in them and losing their flight.

Known Baloonasapiens




  • They are mostly in blue, red or yellow.
  • They have more weaknesses than powers, but still they are powerful.
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