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Badaboom is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Bombardian from the planet Shrapnel. Badaboom was originally created by Norcinu (



Badaboom is a robotic humanoid alien, with silver skin and black details. He has a black mask where his green eyes are placed and has claws for hands, as well as openings to shoot his explosives. He wears a black, green and white suit, and the Omnitrix symbol is located on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

Badaboom can shoot explosive projectiles from its palms that can explode on signal if in range. He can explode his own limbs and even self destruct with the control of direction of the explosion, and then regenerate himself after full or partial explosions by attracting back his scattered atoms.

He can control the magnitude of his explosions, ranging from harmless fireworks to grounding a building.

His dark colors promote camouflage and stealth and he does not need an atmosphere to live in. He also is a good climber and decent runner.


Despite being able to produce limitless explosives, the amount is limited to stamina.

Self detonation takes up the most energy and slows down reaction times as Badaboom needs several moments to regenerate his stamina in order to blow up completely.

Badaboom is fairly weak and only gets his strength from his explosions, and nearby magnetic forces may cause Badaboom to 'malfunction' and make mistakes. Outside explosions may also cause accidental self detonations.




  • Badaboom was one of the ten aliens unlocked after the War of the Worlds, but was once more locked after the Omnitrix was hacked.


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