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Brandon 10 (Reboot)
Season 2, Episode 9
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Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Bad Luck is the 22nd episode of the rebooted series, Brandon 10.


Clouds swarm the skies with the flash of lightning and echoing of thunder surrounding the area. A few bats fly by as an abandoned looking mausoleum is seen. Thunder strikes again, as a hooded figure approaches the mausoleum. This figure has a large book within their hands. They continue approaching the mausoleum until they stop in front of its doors. The figure is about to knock but then the doors creak open before them. The figure then steps inside, it then begins pouring as soon they're no longer outside. As the figure proceeds further into the mausoleum, the doors close behind them. The hooded figure continues ahead, candles light up in the hall as the figure passes by them. At the end of the hall are another set of doors, however red with a purple shade. The figure approaches the doors and stops to pull against the handles. These doors remain locked to the figure's surprise. They let out a grunt and take a step back. The figure lowers their head and mutters something under their breath.

Figure: Aperta vi...

The figure then lashes their arm outwards. They then wait a couple of seconds before opening their fist to unleash a powerful and forceful gush of wind. The force bangs against the door, knocking it open forcefully. The figure then steps into the doorway of the dark room, book still in their grasps. They look up slightly, showing only the lower part of their face.

Figure: In lumine.

The lights then flash on, with flares appearing on old candle sticks and the chandelier hanging above the room. The metallic fireplace also ignites. The room, itself, appears to be very Gothic and arcane. There's a rug in the center of the room with a symbol itched into the threads. There are also a collection of books on the bookshelves and stands as well as a couple of desks with equipment for strange experiments. The figure takes a couple of steps into the room before grabbing their cloak from their shoulder. They then throw the cloak off and it levitates through the air, clinging and wrapping around the nearest coat rack. The figure then takes a few more steps into the center of the room. It is then seen that the figure was actually the Sorceress. She looks around the room with a smirk across her face and places her large book on the stone podium before her.

Sorceress: They didn't want me finding this place but I can sense its magic residue from miles away.

She flips through the book and stops a certain page. The text is in a language that can't be understood.

Sorceress: Using the magic residing within this place, I shall be able to open a portal to our world... our realm and summon a force that'll help me to take over this primitive one.

The Sorceress then starts to chant the words from the page, speaking in some unrecognizable language with an ancient that just makes the words she reads feel ancient. The flames from the candles and chandelier then start to wavier and flicker as a whirl of wind warps around the room. The Sorceress' eyes then light up a bright red as her chants become more possessed and distorted. The words on the pages then illuminate as the pages flip on their own- with the lit up words remaining where they are. The flames from the fireplace then grow larger and flare up into a hot plasma blue heat. The blue flames then warp into some kind of portal as it draws in the fire from the candles and chandelier. The portal remains open for just a brief moment before the flames die out and the room is thrown into a sudden darkness. The Sorceress drops to the floor and catches her breath. She appears to be winded after that chanting. She then stops and looks around cautiously. She then gets up from the floor and turns to the fireplace- which is no longer lit.

Sorceress, anxious: In lumine...

The fire then returns to the candles, chandelier and fireplace. With the room now lit, a skinny man dressed similarly to the Sorceress- except his outfit has no sleeves and is more of a blue color than purple. He has long, tan hair and a bony complexion. The man turns to the Sorceress, looking at her with his dull green eyes that seem to glow as he smirks at her.

Man: Sorceress... it's about time you summoned me.

Sorceress: Spell Hacker. (smirks) Just the person I wanted to summon.

Spell Hacker: So, what does my dearest sister have planned for me today?

Sorceress: I need more power if I am to survive on this world. With your efforts combined with my own, the both of us can become the all-powerful rulers of this mortal realm.

Spell Hacker: Stealing the life force from a world that can't even understand the machinations of our magic? That sounds quite mischievous, sister. I like it... So where do we begin?

The Sorceress looks over him with a wide, sinister smile on her face with arched down eyebrows.

Theme Song

On a bridge, now in the day time, a bus can be seen driving along. On one side of the bridge, a masked man leans against the side of the bridge and peeks out. He then looks over another masked man across the bridge and nods. The masked man on the other side of the bridge nods back and pulls out a detonator. He then presses down the switch. Underneath the bridge, some explosives can be seen rigged to the bridge. Within a couple of seconds, the explosives go off and an explosion occurs, causing the bridge to break apart. The bus driver then looks out alarmed and slams his foot against the brakes. The bus then skids across the bridge as it comes to stop. However, the bus still manages to go over the edge of the bridge by a small margin. The citizens on the bus start to worry and panic amongst themselves. The masked men then run out of their hiding place and approach the bus with what appears to be energy weapons.

Masked Man: Alright, everyone get out of the bus!

Masked Man 2: Yeah, that's right. This is the biggest robbery you've ever seen! Now get out of the bus with all your valuables!

Bus Driver: Alright, Alright. Just don't hurt us!

The masked men snicker amongst themselves when a shadow that resembles a pterodactyl flies over them. One of the masked men look up surprised.

Masked Man 2: Whoa! D-Did you see that?

Masked Man: What was that?

Masked Man 2: It's a bird.

Masked Man: It's a plane...

Voice: Actually...

The two masked men turn towards the bus and see Gasadactyl landing on top of it. He perches on the edge of the back of the bus and look out at the masked men.

Gasadactyl: It's more of a bird dinosaur thing really, thank you very much.

Masked Man: Aw man, it's one of those aliens from the news!

Masked Man 2: You think we'll make more money if we bring it is as some kind of scientific discovery.

Masked Man: Not a bad idea. (turning back to Gasadactyl) Let's fry this overgrown turkey!

The two of them charge up their energy weapons and fire at Gasadactyl. Gasadactyl flies up and swoops down, letting out a cloud of gas before them from his beak. The two masked men cough and put their arms over the mouth hole in their mask.

Masked Man: Ack! This smells awful!

Masked Man 2: This stuff is really burning up my eyes, man! (coughs)

The second masked man is then yanked from the street and lifted through the air.

Masked Man 2: AH!

The remaining masked man turns and points his blaster with one arm while covering his face with his other arm.

Masked Man: Wh-Where'd you go?

The masked man walks a few steps, moving the blaster around in front of him. Gasadactyl then swoops in from the side and kicks the blaster out of the man's hand. He then lands on the bridge and swings his head back, whacking the masked man with his beak. With the masked man now off guard, Gasadactyl flaps his wings and takes off from the bridge. Before he flies away, he grabs the masked man with his feet. He then flies him over to the end of the bridge and drops him into a tree where his accomplice is laying. The bus then starts to creak and it lurks forward, more so off of the edge of the bridge. The citizens on board start yelling out and screaming. Gasadactyl looks back and notices the bus moving forward.

Gasadactyl: Oh no!

Gasadactyl then flaps his wings and flies over to the bus which start falling off of the edge. Gasadactyl flies close down and grabs the bumper with his feet. He then flaps his wings with as much strength as he can muster and starts to pull the bus back onto the bridge.

Gasadactyl: Too.. ugh- Heavy!

The bus driver then turns from looking back at Gasadactyl to looking at the bus controls. He then puts the bus in reverse and starts driving. The tires then start to spin and the friction against the edge of the bridge is just enough to start pushing the bus back onto the bridge. Gasdactyl lets go of his grip on the bus before the back touches down onto the street. He then lays on the road and catches his breath. The people then leave the bus and move away from the edge of the bridge, with the bus driver being the last person to exit the bus. He looks over the crowd of people before turning over to a resting Gasadactyl.

Bus Driver: Thanks! If you haven't showed up, I don't know what might have happened.

Gasadactyl: Just doing my job. Phew!

Some of the people take out their cameras and take pictures of Gasadactyl. Plenty of the cameras are using flash photography. Gasadactyl raises his arm to block off the flashes and soon gets up from the ground to flap his wings.

Gasdactyl: I've er- got to go. Safe travels, folks!

Gasadactyl takes off from the bridge and flies off. The Omnitrix symbol the beeps and flashes red.

Gasadactyl: Aw man!

Within a red flash, Gasadactyl transforms back into Brandon who falls through the air and into a tree. Some shuffling is then heard until Brandon falls out from the leaves and branches and onto the ground.

Brandon: Oof!

He lays on the ground at the base of the tree and lifts his head up, only for an acorn to land on his forehead. He then rests his head back down again with an exaggerated groan. Later, in town, Brandon can be seen walking down the sidewalk with Coco alongside him. Brandon holds the back of his head while Coco talks with a certain energy to him.

Coco: And then I turned into this plant guy! Seriously using the Omnitrix is like one of the best things ever, dude.

Brandon: Uh huh... yeah...

Coco, noticing Brandon's dull tone: What's up, man? Stayed up all night playing video games again?

Brandon: No, man. I was out helping people like all week. First a bank robbery, then someone steals something from a science facility in town and now with the bridge blowing up- ugh...

Brandon holds his head tighter and lets out a sigh.

Brandon: Sometimes being a hero is just such hard work.

He turns and looks over at Coco.

Brandon: Which reminds me, why aren't you stepping up to the plate, dude?

Coco: What do you mean?

Brandon: Well, you haven't exactly gone hero in a while. It's almost like you're retiring or something.

Coco: Yeah, well, maybe I was sorta over hyping the situation.

Brandon: Say what?

Coco: Look, I know I really pushed for learning how to use the Omnitrix and becoming a hero like you so we can work together-

Brandon: So you're saying you don't want to be heroes together anymore?

Coco: No, no! I still want to be a hero with you but only with you.

Brandon: What's that supposed to mean?

Coco: Well, we're a team, right? And besides, I said I'd give you some space to do your stuff and I can do my stuff. I might be going on some adventures of my own while I'm away, you know.

Brandon: So what does that have to do with you taking over for me?

Coco: Well, you're more experienced in this thing than I am. And you've got more aliens. And now you want me to take over? Sorry but I think I'm good in the position I'm currently in which is super wing man, of course.

Brandon: (sigh) Alright, fine, whatever. I just need to take at least a day off from the whole hero thing. So unless you have somewhere where we can just be Human beings and hang out somewhere, I'm probably heading home and playing video games with a bowl of ice cream.

Coco stops and looks at a store window. On the window, there's a flyer for what looks like a convention of some sort. Coco then takes the flyer from the window and looks at it.

Coco: Hey, I think I actually found something! A super-convention with all sorts of stuff right here in town! They've got sci-fi panels, cartoon panels, archery, weapon showcasing, magic... whoa... (turning quickly over to Brandon) Come on, dude, we've got to check this out!

Brandon: Ugh- Alright, that does sound kinda cool. Sure, why not? Is it close by?

Coco: Should be a few blocks from here. Come on, let's go!

Coco runs ahead, leaving Brandon behind.

Brandon: Come on, dude, I've got a- ugh never mind...

Brandon runs after him. Later, a convention center is seen, with crowds of people heading inside. Coco can be seen running in and blending in with the crowd. Brandon then arrives a moment later and stops to catch his breath.

Brandon: So not in the mood for running around town today... ugh...

He looks up and sees the amount of people there.

Brandon: Whoa... (calling out) Coco? Coco!

There's no response. Brandon lets out another sigh as he holds his head with one hand.

Brandon: Well, I guess it's time for some crowd surfing! Oh who am I kidding? More like crowd drowning... ugh...

Brandon walks over and becomes one with the crowd. He is pushed and shoved a couple of times before making it into the convention. Brandon brushes himself off and looks ahead of himself with sudden surprise.

Brandon: Whoa, this place looks cool!

Inside, there's a bunch of panels and stands where people are standing behind them, selling off products and showcasing their work to others. As it turns out, the inside of the center is actually emptier than it looks. Brandon has no trouble navigating the place as he looks at the different stands. He stops at one stand and picks up a unique-looking bulb.

Stand Owner: Hey, careful with that. You break it, you buy it. Besides, you might just blind yourself with that thing?

Brandon: Is it that powerful?

Stand Owner: You kiddin'? That kind of light bulb would make lighthouses cry out in shame. That is if you have a strong enough power source for it.

Brandon: Huh... How much?

The stand owner looks at Brandon strangely.

Brandon: I uh- I like to experiment.

He tries to give a convincing smile. Elsewhere, Coco is taking his time, looking at the different stands and displays. He then finds himself going to weapon showcases to the magic and fantasy section of the convention. He then steps forward and looks around. This section of the convention was decorated to accommodate for its Gothic and fantasy-setting. There are fake cauldrons, cloth cobwebs and cardboard cut outs of knights in black armor. On display, there are gargoyle statues, brooms, potion bottles, spell books of various sizes and a surplus of magic related items. Coco stops at one of the stands where a elderly woman is checking his nails. She looks up over the counter at him, in a bored tone.

Woman: Can I help you with somethin', kid?

Coco: Yeah, are- are any of these items actually magic?

Woman: Sure, Sure. If that's what you want to believe.

Coco: Hey, I've seen some weird stuff and I'm not just some little kid. I can handle the truth.

Woman: (sigh) No, of course they're not real. They're just props and stuff in case you're interested in buying it. Although, mind that woman at the stand that sells jewelry.

Coco: Why?

Woman: She likes to scam people into thinking they're buying actual magic relics. Just who does she think she is? We've got a business to run here not a circus. Although, they do sometimes do little performances and stuff like that.

Coco: Oh cool... (disappointed) cool...

Coco lets out a sigh and turns away from the stand. He then stops in front of a cardboard cut out. He looks up at it and sees a witch. Coco kicks the cardboard cut out and it tips over, now laying flat on the floor. Brandon then rushes over with a cardboard box in his hands. The edges of the box seem to have been taped. Inside the box, an assortment of various items and scraps.

Brandon: Coco! Hey, you won't believe what I found. Some rare items, scrapped machines and a whole bunch of junk that I can use back at the lab!

Coco: That's great, man...

Brandon, noticing Coco's dull tone: What's up, man? You look like you caught some kind of ancient curse or something?

Coco: None of this magic stuff is actually good. It's just props and tricks.

Brandon: Well, duh. Did you actually think there would be some magic things here?

Coco: I don't know. Maybe. Before the summer, I didn't even think aliens or monsters could exist but then you make that weird ol' watch and now it feels like anything is possible. Anything except real magic, that is.

Brandon: Well, you never know. I still haven't found a unicorn or faced off against Big Foot.

Coco: Okay, now those things don't exist.

Brandon: Hey, you never know.

Coco: No, but seriously. The reason I expected real magic was because we faced it before. Remember?

Brandon: Yeah, I do... Lucky thing we defeated.

Coco: Yeah, real lucky. Except luck isn't really on my side anymore. I'm not enough of a hero as you and I don't really contribute to saving the world, now do I?

Brandon: Coco, come on, it's not like that.

Coco: Look, I just need some time to think it over. I'll be checking out the swords or something, I guess...

Coco walks off, leaving Brandon in the magic section. He then goes through his box of junk. Outside of the convention, the clear skies grow dark as a mysterious and ambient fog surrounds the convention center. Through the fog, two humanoid figures approach- with the glow of their eyes piercing through the fog clouds. Inside, Brandon puts on a fake pair of glasses and picks up a wooden wand. He then waves the wand around before the owner of that particular stand clears his throat. Brandon looks over at him and sees him glaring right at him with crossed arms. Brandon chuckles nervously and puts the glasses and wand back. He then looks over at a small stage and sees a small group of people gathered around it. Brandon takes his box of junk and walks over to the group. He sets it down and looks up at the stage. On it, is a man dressed like a classic magician- with a tux and a top hat.

Magician: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to today's show. We'll be putting on a little performance to display how we can manipulate the laws of magic within our hands. We will of course need some volunteers. But be wary, travelers, for this journey into the mystic realm is not for ordinary minds.

Brandon: Looks like this is gonna be one lame show with an even lamer trick. Unless...

Brandon gains a sinister smirk on his face and picks up his box of junk before leaving the stage area.

Magician: But before we begin the show, a word from our sponsors who helped support this convention! Be sure to check out Belmont's Castles for any of your castle fortifying needs.

Brandon drops the box of the junk by a coffin standing up-right. He then looks around then opens the coffin. He steps inside and closes the door behind him. A couple of seconds later, a green flash erupts from within the coffin which shakes ever so slightly. When the shaking settles, Big Boo phases through the coffin's door.

Big Boo: (chuckles) And now it's time for some real magic tricks. Now you see me...

Big Boo then starts to become invisible.

Big Boo, disappearing: Now you don't...

Back on the stage, the Magician has a bald man in a Hawaiian shirt and glasses up on the stage, sitting on a stool.

Magician: And now for my next trick, I shall make a quarter appear from behind this man's ear!

He looks out at the audience who seem bored and yawning. The magician clears his throat and reaches behind the man's ear, pulling out a quarter like he said.

Magician: Ta-da!

The volunteer looks bored and unamused himself. The quarter then escapes the grip of the magician and floats in the air, catching the attention of the audience. The quarter then spins around and does tricks through the air before flying straight for the magician, who grabs it.

Magician: Uh- erm... I mean Ta-da!

The audience starts clapping.

Magician: And now I shall use the powers of magic to make something appear before your very eyes!

The magician takes off his top hat and waves his hand over it.

Magician: Abra... cadabra!

The top hat then starts to shake, to the magician's surprise. A blue blur then flies out from the top hat and circles around, flying behind the blue curtain on the stage. The curtain then flaps forwards, wrapping around Big Boo, who lets out a screeching howl. The two on the stage yell out and run off, bumping into one another on the way. The audience looks slightly concerned but then erupts into laughter and cheer, most likely thinking it to be apart of the act. Big Boo continues chasing after them, bumping into a case of fantasy weapon props. He picks up a scythe and swings it at the two of them, causing them to run faster.

Magician: I don't get paid enough for this magic stuff!

Volunteer: Get me out of here! AAH!

Big Boo then stops and laughs to himself.

Big Boo: Totally worth it.

He becomes intangible for a moment, causing the curtain and scythe to phase through him and drop onto the floor. He then becomes tangible again when an explosion occurs in the short distance. Big Boo turns his head towards the direction with widen eyes.

Big Boo: Eh? What could that be?

Big Boo floats over back to the magic section of the convention and stops a little behind the archway. Before him, a hole has been created in the wall from the explosion, allowing the green and eerie fog to enter the building. Most of the citizens in the area are taking cover. In the hole, two humanoid figure walk through the fog and enter the building. Big Boo then becomes intangible and floats off to the side. The figures exit the fog, revealing themselves to be, none other than, the Sorceress and Spell Hacker.

Sorceress: And you always say I never take you anywhere?

Spell Hacker: No. I say you never take me anywhere fun.

Spell Hacker looks around, almost in disgust.

Spell Hacker: These people truly never really understood the concept of magic in their pathetic lives.

Sorceress: Then perhaps we should teach them. But first- (to the people) I demand that you surrender any mystical items in your possession to us at this moment before my brother and I unleash true magic onto you.

Big Boo, quietly, to himself: The Sorceress! And she... has a brother? Great...

Man: Oh, it's just a show, everyone!

Some of the citizens come out of hiding, sighing in relief and talking amongst themselves.

Sorceress: S-Show?! You can't be serious!

Spell Hacker: Ugh- Sorceress, you can't expect everyone to just do your bidding and things of the sort. You have to observe, understand your audience of victims and then bend their wills to your desire through an assortment of misdirection and brutal agony.

Sorceress: I'm all for brutal agony but misdirection is more your thing. I'm a sorceress... no, I'm the Sorceress. You... you're nothing but a trickster. The only reason I summoned you was to help me secure the mystical essence within this area so that I can become all powerful.

Spell Hacker: You mean we can become all powerful.

Sorceress: Ahem... of course I did.

Spell Hacker: Hmph. Let me show you a trick then. Feel free to use this within your own arsenal. Consider it a gift to my dearest sister.

Spell Hacker steps forwards and bows before the people, gathering around them.

Sorceress: You're bowing to them? You're supposed to make them bow to you.

Spell Hacker: All part of the act, dear sister.

Spell Hacker then leans up and raises his arms into the air, releasing a green energy from his fingers. The energy dispels into the air and, a short moment later, objects from the stands and such start to creak to life with sudden movements. Gargoyles leap off from their bases and roar out at the citizens. The cardboard cut outs of the black knights lean forwards and crinkle their way towards the citizens. Brooms hover off of the floor and fly up into the air, circling around. The people run away from the charmed objects and yell out in terror. The Sorceress looks up with a smile on her face.

Sorceress: My, my, brother. You've gotten better at your charming spells.

Spell Hacker: It's no longer a spell for me. It's more of an advanced way of magic.

Sorceress: I was complimenting you. No need for boasting. Now where was I? Ah yes, now I remember.

The Sorceress steps forward.

Sorceress: Surrender your mystical items now! I won't ask again. (smirks)

Big Boo then flies for them, charging with a slash attack. Spell Hacker turns his head ever so slightly and waves his hands, creating some sort of energy barrier between him. Big Boo smacks right into it and hovers back. He slashes at the barrier, which causes his arm to sizzle.

Big Boo: Gah!

Spell Hacker: Ah! I see you have spirits in this realm too.

Sorceress: Yes. A naughty spirit with a familiar aura. You're an alien, aren't you? (squints) A boy who has turned into an alien. So which one are you? The goody two shoes or the idiot?

Big Boo: What are you doing here, Sorceress?! Didn't we stop you before for burning down buildings and messing with my friend?

Sorceress: Ah, the goody two shoes then.

Big Boo grumbles to himself.

Sorceress: You need to let go off this intense loathing of my wicked plans, kid. I'm just trying to have fun with my little brother.

Big Boo: By terrorizing people?

Sorceress: Oh, come on when you say it like that- it's not even that bad.

Big Boo: Huh, I guess you're right. What I should have said was terrorizing people with dark sorcery and planning to take over the world by draining the life force from other people.

Sorceress: Exactly. Now you're getting it.

Big Boo: Well, I can't let you do that. Duh!

Sorceress: Buzz off, already, will you? You're spoiling the moment.

Spell Hacker: You're one to talk, Sorceress.

Sorceress: Silence, brother. Before I show you a spell of my own making.

Spell Hacker scowls. He then pushes the barrier towards Big Boo who flies around it and charges for the two of them. Spell Hacker ducks down and the Sorceress evades Big Boo's attack. She then extends her hand out at him.

Sorceress: Vi repellere ledo!

A blast of energy then releases from her fingers and knocks Big Boo, back into a stand. Some citizens run past him as they leave the magic and fantasy section of the convention. Big Boo groans and holds his raggedy head up.

Big Boo: So not fair... how come she gets to bring a tag along?

Sorceress: Maybe it's just because I'm better than you.

Voice: Well, then how about me?

A fireball is then flung towards the Sorceress which catches her off guard and knocks her to the floor. She turns fiercely towards the direction where the fireball had originated from and sees Heatblast running in and stopping by the stand Big Boo landed in.

Heatblast: You alright, buddy?

Big Boo, floating back up: Yep- never better...

Big Boo shakes his head and looks up at the two mystical beings before them.

Sorceress: Gah! Coco, was it? You and your pesky friend continue to be a pain in my side.

Heatblast: Kinda hoping it's more literal than metaphorical.

Sorceress: Spell Hacker, deal with the spirit. I'll handle the walking candle stick.

The Sorceress walks ahead and Spell Hacker turns his head towards Big Boo, a sinister smirk growing on his face.

Spell Hacker: With pleasure, dear sister.

Big Boo: Urk! This guy's creepier than Big Boo!

Heatblast: How the heck is this clown anyways?

Big Boo: Spell Hacker, I guess. He's the Sorceress' brother, apparently.

Heatblast: Wait... she has a brother? Do you think she has any... you know.. sisters?

Big Boo: Ugh, just fight her already! I'm gonna need you to cover for me when the Omnitrix times out.

Big Boo flies ahead, leaving Heatblast by the stand.

Heatblast, to himself: ...Cover for you?

Sorceress: I do hope I'm not interrupting!

Heatblast turns and sees the Sorceress shoots out another blast from her hands at Heatblast. He looks up and erupts in a wave of heat which knocks the Sorceress back.

Heatblast: What's the matter? Too hot for 'ya? (chuckles)

Sorceress: You're so immature. You almost me remind of my brother. (pondering) Perhaps that's why I despise you so much...

Big Boo slashes at Spell Hacker, who throws up another barrier which causes Big Boo's hand is sizzle up.

Big Boo: Grgh!

Spell Hacker: I am untouchable by your hands, spirit!

Big Boo: By my hands, huh? Luckily, I have... other methods.

Big Boo reaches under his skin and spreads a wave of dark energy which forms around Spell Hacker. Spell Hacker coughs and gags as he drops to his knees. The Sorceress stops and turns to face Spell Hacker who is becoming engulfed in a dark cloud.

Sorceress: Brother!

Spell Hacker: I am fine, sister- (coughs) I will deal with the spirit as you wished. (cough)

The Sorceress nods and turns back to Heatblast, firing another spell at him. Spell Hacker is now entirely engulfed in the dark cloud. He looks around, his body shaking slightly.

Spell Hacker: What- What sorcery is this?

Big Boo, echoing through the cloud: Only your worse nightmares coming true!

The Sorceress then appears before Spell Hacker.

Spell Hacker: Dear sister! What- Why are you here?

The Sorceress turns to Spell Hacker, with an expression of disgust and anger.

Sorceress: Why am I here? You dare question me? I am the reason why you're here and you have no other purpose aside from aiding me?

Spell Hacker: Wh-What? But, we're family. I helped you! You owe me the power that we have both been working so hard for.

Sorceress: (scoffs) I owe you nothing. I will take all of the power and leave you with nothing. Nothing but the excuses you'll have to give the family you left behind back in the realm from which we come from.

Spell Hacker: I did that for you. I did all of this for you, sister! Gragh! You're- You're just mucking with my mind. This- This is an illusion. THIS IS A TRICK!

Spell Hacker waves his hand back forcefully, creating a gust of wind which cuts through the dark cloud like a blade. The dark energy then disperses and Big Boo hovers over Spell Hacker, who gets up, angered.

Spell Hacker: I do not enjoy being played for a fool, spirit.

Big Boo: Heh. You don't really need my help with that, tough guy.

Spell Hacker: I am not just some lap dog. I am Spell Hacker. I had made this name for myself back in the mystic realm. I no longer use spells like ordinary magic users. The spells are now apart of me and I can summon them with ease and without consequence.

Big Boo: So you actually hack spells? Aren't there magic laws about piracy or something?

Spell Hacker: For a mouth-less creature, do you do nothing but talk?

Big Boo: (sigh) I'm not an actual spirit, guys!

Spell Hacker: Enough jesting. Now you will see my tricks at work!

Spell Hacker snaps his fingers and the charmed objects charge towards Big Boo.

Big Boo: Uh... help?!

Heatblast: On it!

Heatblast extends his arms out and fires two fireballs, one from each hand. The fireballs then fly straight ahead and collide into the charging gargoyles, causing them to break into pieces. Heatblast punches the air but then the Sorceress punches Heatblast, knocking him down to the ground. She then prepares to cast yet another spell.

Sorceress, waving her hands around: Tollit humo iacere!

The floor then raises up, breaking off from the ground around Heatblast, and is then suddenly flung through the air. Heatblast is then slammed against the wall as the weight of the ground piece crushes against him. Heatblast then drops to the ground, slowly raising his head up at the Sorceress.

Sorceress: I'd be fun to beat you a third time but I have more important things to do. Catch you around. (chuckles)

She then turns off and heads over to a crushed stand. Heatblast then drops his head down, in defeat. Big Boo turns his head and heads over to the fallen Heatblast, only for the charmed objects to surround him.

Big Boo: Urgh! More of these things?

Spell Hacker: Funny how the spirit does not like it when others possess objects to attack him.

Big Boo grunts in an annoyed tone and turns back to the charmed objects coming at him. First, the charmed cardboard cut-outs of black knights. They wrinkle towards Big Boo and hunch over to wrap their paper thin arms around him. Big Boo phases through their grasp and slashes them into pieces with his claws. The pieces then drop to the ground. Big Boo then looks up, turning his attention to the incoming charmed flying brooms. Big Boo flies towards them and slashes each of them in half with a quick swipe each. Spell Hacker then looks nervous and turns to the Sorceress who is examining the crushed stand. Spell Hacker hurries over to the Sorceress.

Spell Hacker: I'm running out of objects to charm. What do you think you're doing anyways?

Sorceress: What? I defeated my foe, doesn't that grant me some time as a luxury?

Spell Hacker: You are not funny. I would appreciate help defeating this spirit. He is quite powerful for someone so- so-

Sorceress: Childish? It's almost as if you're fighting your reflection, brother.

Spell Hacker: Happens one time and you can't let it go?

Sorceress: Worry not. For I have finally found what we have come to this place for.

The Sorceress raises a mystical amulet from the debris, it looks untouched from the damage.

Spell Hacker: A mystical relic in a place of false magic? Not very convincing, dear sister.

Sorceress: I've been hunting down magic and anything with a mystical essence. I can tell if it is a fake or not and this, my dear brother, is as real as you and I. With this amulet, we can absorb the mystical residue from this plane and transfer it within ourselves. Then I will finally become all-powerful!

Spell Hacker: You mean, we'll both become all-powerful...

Sorceress: Huh? Oh yes, of course. Come on, let's go before-

Big Boo: Sorceress!

The Sorceress and Spell Hacker turn and see Big Boo flying towards them.

Sorceress: Brother, would you mind busting this spirit?

Spell Hacker: As you wish, my dearest sister.

Spell Hacker creates another barrier at the last possible second, when Big Boo slams into it, causing him to sizzle up. He then drops to the floor and the Omnitrix delivers a red flash and beep, transforming him back into Brandon.

Brandon: (groans) Aw man...

Spell Hacker: So the spirit really is a boy... I had no idea there were shapeshifters in this realm.

Sorceress: Yes, he's fascinating and all but we must look out for his accomplice. He's a bold one.

The Sorceress turns back to the area where Heatblast last was and he is no longer there.

Sorceress: He-He's gone! Where is he?!

Coco drops down from the top of a stand, onto the Sorceress.

Coco, dropping onto her: Closer than you think!

He grabs the amulet as the two drop to the floor. Coco rolls against the ground and holds the amulet in his hand. A mystical essence then leaves the amulet and surrounds Coco.

Coco, noticing: Whoa...

Sorceress: Fool! Give that back to me at once!

Spell Hacker: Worry not, sister. I'll deal with him.

Sorceress: No, don't-!

Spell Hacker steps closer to Coco who holds up the amulet. It glows with a slight intensity. The stand behind them then wobbles slightly until one of its legs finally caves in, causing the stand to collapse onto both Spell Hacker and the Sorceress.

Both Sorceress and Spell Hacker: Gah!

Brandon: Whoa... Coco, how'd you-?

Brandon turns and sees the amulet in his hands, glowing. The glow then fades away.

Brandon: Oh.

Coco: Come on, we should get out of here before they recover.

Coco helps Brandon up and the two rush out of the magic and fantasy section of the convention. Soon, the stand explodes into pieces and both of them get up.

Sorceress: Never have I ever seen you act so foolish, Spell Hacker!

Spell Hacker: How was I supposed to know that was an amulet of good fortune? In fact, how was I supposed to know that any mystical items had even existed in this realm?!

Sorceress: This realm may be primitive in the realm of magic but that does not mean they are absent without it. It is rare but some mystical items exist. I had absorbed the power from one before, allowing me to manipulate luck but after my last battle I had lost that ability.

Spell Hacker: So you need another now.

Sorceress: No. I have moved on from such silly games. I want absolute magic power and that's where you come in. You hack the amulet's mystical signature so that it acts as a converter. Rather than absorbing it's fortune, we drain the fortune and absorb the excess magic energy.

Spell Hacker: Oh, that is clever!

Sorceress: Well, we can't get anywhere with this plan of mine without the amulet. Come on!

The Sorceress runs off with Spell Hacker following behind. Brandon and Coco keep running ahead, they look back and see the Sorceress and Spell Hacker chasing after them.

Brandon: Looks like those guys really want that amulet back, dude!

Coco: Yeah, well, let's see how they like this instead.

Coco raises the amulet. Brandon then bumps into a barrel which spill over plenty of small rubber balls. Coco walks past it and continues running with Brandon. The Sorceress and Spell Hacker trip over the balls and crash down to the floor. The Sorceress slams her hand across the floor.

Sorceress: Gah!

Brandon: Nice one!

Coco: Ha! Thanks.

Sorceress: Well? Don't just lie there, go after them! I have a plan.

Spell Hacker: Uh- alright...

Spell Hacker gets up and chases after the two of them. The Sorceress then gets up and climbs over a display, going in a different direction.

Spell Hacker: Let's see which other tricks I can use against these children.

Spell Hacker extends his hands out and wiggles his fingers around, as if conjuring up something. As Brandon and Coco continue to run away, Spell Hacker then suddenly appears before them. The two stop and start to run in a different direction, only for another Spell Hacker to appear before them. They turn towards the only remaining direction for yet another Spell Hacker to appear. The four Spell Hackers then advance towards Brandon and Coco who remain in the center of the weapons section of the convention.

Brandon: He can just do that?

Coco: Nothing is beyond the limitations of magic, Brandon.

Brandon turns to Coco, confused.

Coco: I uh- did my research.

Brandon: You've been playing that card game again, haven't you?

Coco: Shut up...

Spell Hackers, in unison: Well, children, prepare to face your doom.

Coco: I don't think so. I have this amulet... I have the power!

He raises the amulet up above him, causing it to glow intensely. Brandon looks at the amulet for a moment but it does not seem to be doing anything.

Spell Hacker: Tsk, tsk, tsk. Such a shame. It seems you should leave magic to the professionals.

Brandon: You're all about magic, huh?

Brandon picks up a boomerang that's been lying on the floor, next to him.

Brandon: Then why don't you make this disappear?!

Brandon throws it at Spell Hacker but it flies off in a different direction before he even gets the chance to do anything to it. He laughs in response.

Brandon: Right... forgot that's what they do.

Brandon looks back at the amulet and notices that it's still glowing. Coco lowers his arm and notices it too. The two of them look at each other before following the boomerang with their gaze. It continues flying around until it whacks against a crossbow. The mechanism then fires a piercing arrow at one of the Spell Hackers, who notices it coming right at him.

Spell Hacker: Wha-!

Before he can do anything, the arrow pierces through his head- causing Spell Hacker to fade into smoke as the arrow phases through him. Brandon and Coco look surprised. They look around and notice the other Spell Hackers, fading in and out.

Brandon: They're not real... they're illusions!

Coco: Come on! Let's get out of here.

Brandon and Coco dash off. Spell Hacker snaps his fingers and the illusions fade away.

Spell Hacker: Curses! I do hope your plan is going a lot better than mine, Sorceress...

Doors are then seen busting open as Brandon and Coco run outside into a garden area in the back of the convention center.

Brandon: Aw man, looks like we got the wrong exit.

Coco: Doesn't matter, we should be able to get out now that we're out in the open. At least, buy us some time for your Omnitrix to recharge.

Brandon: Don't forget, you also have your-

Coco: Yeah, my magic abilities. I guess I can use those too. That wizard is no match for my magic kung-fu action!

Brandon: Uh huh... Come on, we should keep moving before they catch up to us.

Brandon runs ahead with Coco following. Brandon steps on a vine of some kind and stops to look down.

Brandon: Huh?

The vine then twitches and starts to move. Brandon gets his foot off of it and notices the vine raising up into the air. It then lashes out at Brandon, who ducks and moves out of the way. He then turns his head and sees more charmed plants reaching out for him. Brandon tries to fight against them but they eventually wrap around him and hoist him into the air.

Brandon: Hey! Let me go!

Brandon looks down, noticing how high up he is.

Brandon: On second thought...

Coco, running up: Brandon! Don't worry, I'll use my magic to save you!

Coco raises the amulet into the air, causing it to glow again. He then looks ahead and sees one of the vines coming for him. He then leaps up into the air and steps onto the tip of the vine before kicking off and darting for the next one. He then grabs onto it with one hand and swings across- over to the next one. He then jumps off of that one and climbs onto the vines wrapped around Brandon.

Brandon: Dude, are you nuts?

Coco: No way, man, I'm super lucky now. If anything, I'll just land on my feet. Now let's get you out of those vines.

Brandon: With what? You don't exactly have any tools on you.

Coco, thoughtfully: Huh... good point...

The amulet glows slightly and a vine raises up to strike at Coco.

Brandon: Duck!

Coco notices the vine and ducks as it swings for him. The vine smacks against the convention center. Up above, a tool box can be seen on the edge of a window sill which drops down. The tool box crashes down on the vine and a towel flies out, landing right in Coco's grasp.

Coco: Oh! Cool.

Coco uses the trowel to cut through the vines, setting Brandon free.

Brandon: Now, how exactly do we get down?

Coco: With the power of magic, duh! I'll just raise up the amulet and-

Coco raises the amulet into the air but it is then snatched up by the Sorceress.

Sorceress: I'll take that!

Coco: Sorceress!

The Sorceress flies around and clutches onto the amulet.

Sorceress: I knew my plan would work. Looks like these charms really do have their uses. I'll have to try them out more in the future.

Coco: There won't be a future for you if you don't give back that amulet!

Sorceress: My, my, aren't you a tough cookie. Don't you know you shouldn't deal with magic if you don't truly understand it.

The Sorceress snaps her fingers and the charmed plants lose their charm, causing them to fall over and crash to the ground, along with Brandon and Coco. They tumble to the floor and groan slightly. Spell Hacker rushes out into the garden and stops to catch his breath.

Sorceress, noticing his arrival: About time you arrived. Let's just get this over with, I'm starting to lose my mood for this thing already.

Spell Hacker: Of course, dear sister.

Spell Hacker raises his hands in the air and closes his eyes. A stroke of thunder then erupts in the dark sky as the clouds swirl downwards towards Spell Hacker. They then deliver a bolt of lightning which finds itself in the hands of Spell Hacker. The lightning then fades as a staff is revealed to take its place. Spell Hacker then raises the staff in the air before slamming it down against the ground.

Spell Hacker: Now we can begin. But first-

Spell Hacker walks over to Coco who struggles to get up. He then looks up at Spell Hacker and sees him about to swing his staff. Spell Hacker then whacks Coco across the head, knocking him back into a stack of flower pots. The mystical essence that was inside of Coco then transfers over into the tip of the staff, which glows ever so slightly. Spell Hacker grins at the glow and turns back to the flying Sorceress.

Spell Hacker: It is done.

Sorceress: Good. Now we can begin the conversion!

The Sorceress aims the amulet at Spell Hacker, who raises his staff at the amulet. He then fires a beam from the staff which hits the center of the amulet. The amulet then turns dark as it fires a beam right back at the staff. Spell Hacker struggles to handle the staff for a moment before slamming it against the ground, sending a shock wave of energy into the ground, itself. The town is then seen, with people walking around, looking at the sky in confusion. Their energy then starts to leave their bodies and trail back to the convention center. The energy then starts to transfer into the Sorceress.

Sorceress: Yes! Yes! I can feel the mystical residue of every living being in the area converge within me!

Spell Hacker: And soon, I shall also have this power. (laughs)

Brandon looks up, seeing the conversion happen with wide eyes. He turns and sees Coco laying in a pile of broken flower pots. He then rushes over to Coco and kneels to his side.

Brandon: Coco, are you alright?!

Coco: It's over, man. They've won. And they took my power.

Brandon: What are you talking about? We can still stop them. It's never too late to be a hero.

Coco: Are you even paying attention, man? I'm not as skilled as you are and I'm hardly ever around anymore. Plus the only thing I really good at was using magic and now I can't even do that anymore. I'm no hero.

Brandon: You might not think you're a hero but I know you have the makings of one. You just have to let go of this magic thing, that's not who you are. You're Coco, okay? You're my friend. My best friend. And that's what really matters out there. Not to mention you already have powers- you have an Omnitrix just like mine. I gave it to you because I knew you could do great things with it and I trained you because I knew you could help me out when I'm going hero. I guess- I guess I've been pushing the whole take over for me thing but the truth is- it's not just about me taking a break, but it's so you can be the hero too.

Coco: R-Really?

Brandon: Yeah, man. And there's no better time to prove it then taking these the witch and her brother down.

Coco: But how? They're magic...

Brandon: Yeah, well, I'm science. And that's looks like an energy conversion. I saw something like that when we went to that research facility on a field trip, remember?

Coco: Oh yeah...

Brandon: I'm guessing if we destroy the power source- the amulet- the conversion should stop.

Coco: But they're so high up and my Omnitrix is still recharging. Probably from dealing with all that magic stuff.

Coco shows his Omnitrix, which is still red. Brandon looks at his own, which is also recharging.

Brandon: Yours should be ready to go soon, you timed out before I did.

Coco: But what about you? There's no way you can help me out when you're all the way down here.

Brandon: Don't worry about me. I think I have an idea.

Brandon then turns to dash back into the convention center.

Coco: Wait, wha-

Brandon: Just cover for me!

Brandon turns the corner and vanishes from sight. Coco then turns to look up at the Sorceress and scowls at her.

Coco: Alright, Coco, you can do this. You can be a hero.

Coco turns to the flower pots and smirks. The Sorceress is then seen, continuing to gather the mystical residue from the energy of every living being in the area.

Sorceress: Yes! I can feel their power making me more and more powerful! Soon enough, I'll be powerful enough to take over this realm and our own. And nothing should stand in my wa-

She is then hit with a flower pot.

Sorceress: Who dares?!

The Sorceress turns fiercely to Coco, who throws another flower pot at her. She smacks it away with a powerful gust of energy.

Coco: Well, I didn't think this through.

Sorceress: Can't you see that I've won?! Yet you still continue to fight against me. What is your problem?

Coco: You're my problem. You and your brother.

Sorceress: Well, that's too bad because once I'm done absorbing enough mystical energy, I'll destroy you.

Coco: Well uh- that's stupid.

Sorceress: How is that stupid?

Coco: It just is, you know?

Sorceress: You're not even making any sense.

Coco: Yeah, I know, I was just stalling for time.

Sorceress: Wait, what?

Coco activates his Omnitrix, which had just turned green, and smacks down the column. He then transforms into Wildvine.

Sorceress: You tricked me...

Wildvine: I heard you like plants so I decided to branch out.

Sorceress: Brother, deal with him!

Spell Hacker: Of course, sister.

Spell Hacker turns and extends one hand at Wildvine, while using the other to hold the staff. Wildvine stretches his arms out but more charmed plants stretch out, wrapping around his arms.

Wildvine: Still using charmed plants, huh? Bad move.

Wildvine slices them off and continues advancing towards them. Spell Hacker then touches the staff in certain ways, causing it to glow in a specific pattern. The staff then levitates out of his hands and holds itself, pretty much. Spell Hacker then turns and creates a mystical barrier between him and Wildvine, who slashes against it.

Spell Hacker: You may not be a spirit, plant creature, but this barrier should still be enough to keep you out.

Wildvine: Keep me out maybe, but I heard it's not great at keeping smoke out.

Wildvine reaches behind him and drops some seed pods, causing them to release smoke. Spell Hacker coughs and gags as he drops to the floor. Wildvine then breaks through the barrier and smacks Spell Hacker out of the smoke and into a stone statue, causing it to break into pieces. Spell Hacker then lays against the ground, weakly.

Sorceress: So you defeated my brother, you think that means you've won?

Wildvine: Nah, kicking your butt would be way more satisfying.

Sorceress: Then come get me, if you dare.

Wildvine stretches up and reaches for the Sorceress who slashes at Wildvine with mystical energy. Wildvine then evading her but catches a punch, which knocks him into a wall.

Sorceress: Did you really think you can take me on all alone?

Brandon, unseen: Yeah! Except he's not alone!

Sorceress: Huh?

Brandon then smacks the Sorceress with the edge of his newly created hoverboard. He then flies around and lands close to Spell Hacker.

Sorceress: What magic is that?

Brandon: Not magic. Science. Rigged this up with the box of spare parts I had been lugging around.

The hoverboard sparks up and drops slightly before regaining its altitude.

Brandon, nervously: It's uh- still experimental. (nervous laugh)

Sorceress: You might have tricks but it pales in comparison to real magic!

Wildvine, stretching out towards her: Why don't you say that to my planty fist!

The two continue to duke it out; seed pods against magic energy slashes. Brandon then turns his head and sees Spell Hacker, coming to.

Spell Hacker: (sigh) What do you want?

Brandon: Dude, why are you even helping her? Isn't she like really mean to you?

Spell Hacker: She is my dearest sister. Would you say 'no' to your sister?

Brandon: Probably, yes. Well, maybe not. I don't really have a sister so...

Spell Hacker: Family is important where I come from. Our father had seemingly thrown us away so that we can become powerful mystical beings. Of course, dear sister, left our realm to come here as if to prove herself. And now she is a scavenger, hunting for anything mystical to make her powerful again. I left that realm to help her out, you see.

Brandon: Without anything in return, that's uh- actually kinda nice of you.

Spell Hacker: Wait, no. I didn't say that. I am here for a piece of the reward too. Unlimited mystical power, the ability to take over both this realm and our own.

Brandon: But you just said she needs every last bit of magic energy. You really think she's going to share that with you.

Spell Hacker: Of course, I helped her. She's my sister! Family-

Brandon: -is important where you come from, I know. But this isn't your realm. She had to adjust to our world for who knows how long and she doesn't really seem like the person who would share her power, and I've only met her that one other time. Now I'd be great if you helped us stop her or do we have to fight again?

Spell Hacker: Maybe we should just fight. Henchman against henchman. So I can become free of these thoughts.

Brandon: Uh- I'm not a henchman.

Spell Hacker: Yes... and neither am I.

Spell Hacker gets up and turns to the Sorceress.

Spell Hacker: I can buy you some time while you destroy the amulet. That will stop the conversion and transfer any remaining energy into my staff.

Brandon: But wait won't that mean y-

Spell Hacker: Just get into position. I won't be able to do it for long!

Brandon: Um, ye-yeah, okay, you got it.

Brandon leans forward and the hoverboard accelerates ahead before flying up towards the Sorceress. Spell Hacker then closes his eyes and takes a breath.

Spell Hacker: Forgive me, little sister.

Spell Hacker rushes ahead and charms the plants around the Sorceress. They then reach out and lash onto her, pulling her arms and legs back.

Sorceress: W-What?! What is the meaning of this?!

She looks down and sees Spell Hacker working against her.

Sorceress: Spell Hacker! What are you doing?! Conspiring against me? I'll destroy you for this!

Spell Hacker: I can't just stand idly by and let this magic destroy you. Not when you've been so unfair towards me!

Sorceress: I'll show you unfairness!

She sends out a wave of mystical energy from her mouth at Spell Hacker, who roughly dodges it. He extends his hands out and raises the stone pieces and flower pot pieces up into the air. He then chucks them at the Sorceress, leaving her exposed.

Spell Hacker: Now, destroy the amulet!

Wildvine stretches his fingers over and wraps them around the amulet, crushing them. Brandon then leans forward and jumps off of the hoverboard, sending right into the center of the amulet- causing it to break into pieces.

Sorceress: NO! NOOOOO!

The mystical energy then transfers into Spell Hacker's staff as he takes it into his hands once again. Brandon then falls down but Wildvine catches him and stretches back down to his regular size.

Brandon: Thanks, dude.

Wildvine: Just bein' a hero.

Brandon gets back to the ground and looks at the defeated Sorceress.

Wildvine, looking now: I can't believe we defeated her with all that magic in her system.

Brandon: Yeah, well, we couldn't have done it without- (thinks briefly) Oh no...

Spell Hacker: Oh yes...

Brandon and Wildvine turn to Spell Hacker, who pins them against the wall with a beam of mystical energy. Spell Hacker laughs menacingly as he wields the staff.

Spell Hacker: No longer am I now the side sorcerer or the henchmen of the Sorceress. I am Spell Hacker, commander of all magic within this realm! Or so I shall soon become in time. My reign will spread from his miserable convention center across the entire world where I will absorb- no steal the mystical power from everything and anything that has any- even if it means they'll have to pay... with their own lives! (laughs)

Sorceress, looking up at Spell Hacker: You... you betrayed me... Why? Why would you do something so stupid, little brother?!

Spell Hacker: I am not your little brother, Sorceress! I'm older than you!

Sorceress: That's hardly the point. I trusted you to serve me!

Spell Hacker: I am no one's servant. I am Spell Hacker. I've made this name for myself by hacking into the great spells of old. I no longer need incantations like the people of our realm.

Sorceress: Which is why you really betrayed me, isn't it? You can't return back to our realm otherwise you'll be painted as a criminal. They'll banish you for an eternity and half.

Spell Hacker: And now, with all this mystical power, I won't have to. And now you'll know what it feels like to be the servant around here.

Sorceress: Tempting thought, dear brother, but there's one thing you have forgotten.

Spell Hacker: And what is that?

Sorceress: I am the Sorceress! I have made that name for myself as well by studying the occult, by learning the ins and outs of the mystic realm and by knowing nearly every spell by heart. You claim that they have no use for you but I disagree. There are only two spells I need to deal with the problem before me.

Spell Hacker, realizing: No... No, you can't! Please, no!

Sorceress: You've brought this only upon yourself, "dear" brother.

The Sorceress weakly puts her hands together and closes her eyes, as she starts to chant.

Sorceress: Virtute expellat!

The power from Spell Hacker's staff then sparks up before releasing into the sky. Spell Hacker attempts to hold onto the staff as it raises up into the air but he fails to keep it from releasing all of its mystical energy back to the world. The grey and dull looking citizens return to their usual demeanor. Once that's over, the sky returns to its usual blue and bright look again. The staff then drops to the ground, sizzling.

Spell Hacker: You will pay for this insult, Sorceress! Forget family. I am going to destroy you with my bare hands if I have to!

Spell Hacker charges for the Sorceress but she continues chant something else, something in an unrecognizable language. Her voice becomes more and more distorted as a portal appears to open behind Spell Hacker, sucking him in. He waves his arms through the air as it trying to swim against the current that keeps on pulling him in but he trips on his own staff which flies up into the air. Both Spell Hacker and the staff then freeze in mid-air before being sucked straight into the portal. The mystical breach then closes and the mystical energy surrounding both Brandon and Wildvine vanish, causing them to drop to the ground. The Omnitrix symbol on Wildvine then flashes red and quickly beeps before transforming him back into Coco. The two look at each other before turning over to the Sorceress who, for a moment, almost looks sad.

Sorceress, quietly, to herself: Forgive me, big brother...

After a short moment, she then turns over to Coco, with an upset expression.

Sorceress: Now look at what you made me do! I wasted all that good magic energy and for what? Nothing!

Coco: W-Wha-

Sorceress: You know what this means now, don't you? The two of us are now rivals and don't be so sure if you think this is the last you'll see of me.

Coco: Ri-Rivals?

Sorceress: Gah! Boasting already, are we? We'll meet again, Coco. And on that day, expect me to beat you with every bit of magic I have!

Coco: Right...

Brandon punches him in the shoulder.

Coco: Oh! I mean- Right! And I'll be waiting for you, Sorceress!

Sorceress smiles briefly.

Sorceress: I bet you will. Well, the mood has been ruined and my brother is probably going to be banished for a really long time. Victory is yours... for now, but I will return. Dissipati peribunt!

She then vanishes with a puff of smoke.

Coco: Dude, did I just get my own arch-enemy?

Brandon: Seems like it. Guess you're finally becoming a hero, after all. Only heroes have archenemies.

Coco: You know what? I think you're right. Ha! My own archenemy. Maybe we can get both of our archenemies together and fight them off as a team. You and me versus them! It'll be like the ultimate fighting thing- ever!

Brandon: Yeah, I doubt that'll ever happen. Besides, I like living. Unlike my hoverboard... (sigh)

Brandon looks over at his fried up hoverboard.

Brandon: Why are my inventions getting destroyed lately?

Coco: If you want, I can help it up with you.

Brandon: Really? But didn't you want to check out the convention?

Coco: It's not that big of a deal, besides I think I had enough magic for one day. I'll just stick with whatever weapons you cook up in that fancy lab of yours.

Brandon: Hmph. Alright, sounds like a deal.

Brandon walks over and picks up the hoverboard, while Coco picks up some scraps that got broken off from it. The two of them then walk back into the convention center.



  • Brandon
  • Coco
  • Tour Bus Driver (First Appearance)
  • Stand Owners (First Appearance)
  • Convention Magician (First Appearance)
  • Citizens


  • The Sorceress
  • Spell Hacker (First Appearance)
  • Charmed Objects (First Appearance)
    • Charmed Gargoyles
    • Charmed Knight Cut-Outs
    • Charmed Brooms
    • Charmed Plants

Aliens Used

Used by Brandon

Used by Coco

  • Heatblast
  • Wildvine


  • When developing the rebooted version of this episode, the Writer had some difficulty understanding the premise and the plot of the original episode, at least at first. It became a whole lot more simpler later on.
  • In the original episode, Brandon was the one to use Wildvine while Coco used the hoverboard that had already been built in the lab. However, in the rebooted version, Coco is the one to use Wildvine because he is convinced to rely on his alien powers rather than his temporary magic ones. Brandon then uses the hover board because he is the one unable to transform and is also the only one able to construct it within the amount of time they have.
  • This episode provides a little bit of insight into the mystical realm that exists within the Brandon 10 Universe.
  • Brandon gathers some scraps and rare items from the convention that he can use for future inventions. One of which is foreshadowed within this episode.