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General Information
Species Flamesaurus
Home World Different Suns
DNA source Unknown
Body Bipedal Dinosaur
Alternate Counterparts None.
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Pyrokinesis
Smoke Creation
Pyro Immunity
Toxic Immunity
Cyro Immunity
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Strength
Lava Vomit
First Appearance Horribly Ever After

Backblast is the Omnitrix's DNA Sample of a Flamesaurus found on a variety of suns in the galaxy.

Powers and Abilities

Backblast has the ability to fire out flames from his back at will. The flames can reach up to half his height in length, and can have their intensity in power changed by Backblast at will. Backblast also has access to Pyro, Cyro, and Toxic Immunity because of his skin's genetic make up.

A thick gray cloud of smoke can be expelled from his back as well, being able to be used as an attempt to flee or to limit the foe's vision. He can also vomit out lava and magma, too.

Being a musclebound, and on all fours, he possesses a great degree of enhanced speed and strength.


His primary power comes from his back, so this means Backblast has to have his back facing his opponent in order to use it.

Water is detrimental to this alien, and causes him to grow tired and powerless. As such, Backblast cannot swim.

Backblast is horrible at hand-to-hand combat because of him being on all fours, he also has difficulty getting on his feet if he put on his back, like a turtle.


Ben 10: Galactic Legends


  • This alien was created by ScareWolf on DeviantArt.
  • He was inspired by the dinosaur, Dimetrodon and the Pokemon, Typhlosion.
  • According to himself, his blood is over 200 degrees.
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