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Back with a Vengeance
General Information
Release Date January 12th 2020
Series [[Puzzle Piece: Infinity]]
Season 1
Episode Number 13
Overall Episode Number 13
Written by SpookyLaundry
Directed by SpookyLaundry
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[The camera opens up to a newscast of Chet and a woman. There is a silhouette of an unknown person swinging through the cities with them. Angel looks at it with curiosity. Angel turns up the volume for Dalton to hear.]

Chet: “Stories from around Paradise Valley have confirmed that there is a new hero protecting us along with these alien heroes. Paradise sure is lucky to be protected by eleven heroes now. Here is Will Hurange with his thoughts on this new hero.”

Will: “This new hero has already done a much better job than any of those other heroes combined. Everytime one of those alien looking ones shows up, they always manage to do more harm than good. Almost like-”

Chet: “And sorry, that’s all the time we have for Will today. Tune back in tomorrow folks. Same time, same channel.”

[Angel turns off the screen as he turns around at Dalton who has a worried look on his face. He gets up and goes to his laptop scrolling through all the news reports of the new hero. He stumbles upon a picture of criminals tied up in a black goo with red detailing.]

Dalton: “Oh no, fuck, please tell me I’m dreaming. It can’t be. Not him. It’s not possible.”

[Dalton begins to hyperventilate from anxiety of the new hero. Angel turns to him unaware of the problem.]

Angel: “What is it?”

Dalton: “Malware’s back.”

-Theme Song-

Angel: “Are you sure?”

Dalton: “Who else could it be? Either way, I should tell Codon, so that they can be on alert.”

Angel: “Fair point, I guess.”

[Dalton exits the dorm and starts heading out of the building to Codon’s lab. Upon arrival, he finds Codon Collective waiting for him. The news footage on a screen behind them.]

Tetrax: “We saw the news about Malware.”

Dalton: “Yeah, that’s what I came over to talk about.”

Albedo: “Now this new human is in danger. Dalton, why didn’t you think to contain Malware when you freed yourself?”

Dalton: “I didn’t think anyone would be in the clocktower that late at night. I was also more concerned about freeing myself after what an asshole I was.”

Albedo: “Well now someone else is in Malware’s control and we need to free them.”

Dalton: “Don’t you think I know that? This whole school year has just been a bunch of fuck ups from me.”

Xylene: “Don’t talk about yourself like that, Dalton. You have done a lot of good with the Omnitrix.”

Dalton: “No Xylene. Ever since October, it’s been nothing but screw ups and now someone else is paying for it with their life. I have to fix this.”

Myaxx: “We will. We just need to figure out who Malware has taken control of and try to get through to him.”

Dalton: “Yeah, like that is going to be easy.”

[Dalton sighs as he exits Codon and heads back to campus. On campus, Dalton’s body gets a shivery feeling as his head scrambles. He holds his head in pain.]

Dalton: “Ow, what the fuck is this pain?”

[Dalton stopped rubbing his head to notice a black figure resting on the clocktower. Dalton lets out a gasp as he ducks out of the way. A black glob lands behind Dalton nearly missing him. He looks back at the tower to see that the figure is gone. Dalton rushes to the clocktower and once he is alone he slams down the Omnitrix changing in a green flash of light. Dalton ,now being transformed into Spidermonkey, quickly climbs his way up to the top to see Malware waiting for him. The new Malware looked more menacing with spikes and blaster for a right hand.]

Spidermonkey: “Malware. Gotta say love the new look. Looks really villainous. Now let this person free and surrender peacefully.”

Malware: “You think just because you ask nicely, I will come with you? Typical of my father to pick such naive people for his projects.”

Spidermonkey: “Father? Wait, Azmuth is your dad?”

Malware: ‘Yes, surprising you never once bothered to ask those idiots at Codon Collective about me.”

Spidermonkey: “uh… I was preoccupied with school and crap. You know how it is.”

Malware: “What I know is, that you just casted me aside, just like Codon and my father. Thinking I would die out in space in that meteor.”

[Malware’s eyes glowed yellow as he shot at Spidermonkey who was hit with one of the blasts. Spidermonkey  hits the wall of the clocktower as Malware swings away. Spidermonkey gets up rubbing his head as he jumps out following Malware. Malware swings into the city before Spidermonkey pounces on him webbing his hands to the rooftop.]

Spidermonkey: “I am not playing games this time, Malware! Let them go!”

Malware: “Why? So I can go back to being contained? Why would I do that when I can have so much fun being free!”

[Malware’s hands glowed as they burnt through the webbing. He threw Spidermonkey off of him as he blasted shots at Spidermonkey. Spidermonkey flips out of the way effectively dodging the blasts. Spidermonkey webs Malware’s chest and pulls him closer punching him in the face.]

Spidermonkey: “Sorry whoever’s under there.”

[Malware got up and launched his fist at Spidermonkey grabbing him and throwing him off the building. Spidermonkey catches himself in the air latching his webbing to a streetlight before slingshotting his way back up on top of the rooftop. He fires more webs at Malware who blasts his way through them before hitting Spidermonkey once more. Spidermonkey falls to the floor as Malware stands above him.]

Malware: “Good little monkey. Stay down.”

[Malware swings off leaving Spidermonkey to change back into Dalton with a red flash of light as the scene transitions to Dalton and his friends in his dorm room.]

Dani: “So there really is a new Malware on the loose?”

Dalton: “Yeah, and I have no idea who they are or how to save them. If I wasn’t so caught up on apologizing to you guys, I could have taken the time to properly dispose of Malware. Instead, I rushed away while he was free to infect someone else.”

Iris: “Don’t beat yourself up, Dalton. There is no way you could have seen this coming.”

Dalton: “I am supposed to be the hero. I am supposed to save people. I let Malware take control of someone else, now that someone could lose their life to Malware.”

Dani: “There is zero need for this  attitude, Dalton. You did what you thought was right.”

Lily: “Yeah, we will figure out this whole problem together. After all, we are a team.”

[The gang try to cheer Dalton up. Lily leaves for class while Dani and Felicity head back to their dorms. Angel starts playing video games as Iris comforts Dalton on his bed. The scene slowly fades to later that night at The Crescent as the gang are all eating dinner together. Dalton is picking at his food closed in on his thoughts.The gang around him where having a good time. Iris rubs Dalton’s arm as he looks up trying to engage himself in the conversation at hand. While looking around, he sees over in the distance Nathan and Kristen on a dinner date of their own. He hears the sounds of the chattering eatery when suddenly he zones out and is back at the battle with Malware.]

Malware: “All this power and you still couldn’t stop me. Now I can take this life just as you tried to take mine from me.”

[Iris shakes Dalton awake. He jolts up to realize he is back in his dorm room bed with Angel asleep in his bed and Iris trying to calm Dalton down. Dalton catches his breath before calming down.]

Iris: “Don’t worry, Dalton. It was just a nightmare.”

Dalton: “It felt much more real than a regular nightmare. Even after I got rid of him, it feels like Malware is still a part of me.”

Iris: “He did connect with you deeply over the course of two months , Dalton. Like Lily said earlier, we will handle this together.”

[Dalton relaxes a bit as he lays back down as Iris lays on top of him. The warmth of Iris’s body allows Dalton to rest easy the rest of the night. The next day Dalton is running late for class and rushes out of his door. He accidentally bumps into Nathan on his way out the door.]

Dalton: “Shit sorry, I am kinda in a rush.”

Nate: “No worries man. It’s all good.”

Dalton: “Oh, hey Nate. Sorry about that how you been?”

Nate: “I’ve been good, been a wild month back so far.”

Dalton: “You could definitely say that again.”

Nate: “Hey I heard you finally made it official with Iris.”

Dalton: “Huh? Oh yeah! I was kinda dealing with my own stuff and finally figured it was time to do so.”

Nate: “I feel that dude.”

Dalton: “Anyway, I gotta go dude. Already running late for class.”

Nate: “Alright, see ya Dalton.”

[Dalton turns the corner and starts running thinking allowed to himself as he rushes down the halls to try and make it to class.]

Dalton: “He seemed oddly happier than usual. Good for him.”

[Dalton arrived in class as the scene changed to his dorm room. He is relaxing as he tries to do some homework when Angel’s news radio picks up about a Malware sighting. Dalton jolts up and looks at Angel who nods, Dalton leaves the room as Angel dials up the group about the sighting. The scene transitions to Dalton as Upchuck on a rooftop looking around. He feels a sudden shiver down his spine again. He turns around quickly ro see Malware.]

Upchuck: “Something tells me you lured me out here.”

Malware: “For once, you would be correct.”

Upchuck: “So what is it? Going to tell me your big plan or what?”

Malware: “No that would be too easy. Instead , I’m going to have a little fun.”

[Malware fired a blast at Upchuck who devoured it before spitting it back out at him. He dodged it before shooting several more blasts at Upchuck. Upchuck leaps out of the way and behind an air vent.]

Upchuck: “We both know this is ain’t going nowhere. Your blasts are not very good against Upchuck.”

Malware: “Maybe I am waiting for the correct moment for when you power out.”

Upchuck: “Yeah like I am going to let that happen.”

[Upchuck leaps up eating the air vent he was hiding behind before shooting it back at Malware. Malware allows himself to be hit and falls to the ground.Upchuck walks over to him thinking Malware is beat.]

Upchuck: “See? Was that so hard?”

Malware: “No it wasn’t at all.”

[Suddenly, Malware grabbed Upchuck, trapping him in place as he started to laugh at Dalton’s foolishness.]

Malware: “So naive. Do you really think I would be so easily defeated?”

[Malware’s goo ensnared Upchuck more as he electrocuted him. Upchuck screamed in pain. Malware laughing menacingly. Malware looked Upchuck right in the eyes as his flashed yellow.]

Malware: “You really wanna know who I took over? Even if you know, you can’t do anything about it anyway. Or else, I kill this body with mine. Maybe I will reveal that stupid little secret identity of yours.”

[Malware pulled back his mask as he revealed Nathaniel’s face with yellow eyes with black veins poking from them.]

Upchuck: “No! How? How did this happen?”

Malware: “Allow me to set the scene for you.”

-Flashback to December-

[Dalton is seen tearing off Malware from his body. Malware falls into cracks as Dalton changes into Tarpit flying away. Malware splats onto the face below him, belonging to Nate as Malware fuses into his skin. Nate drops his camera in pain as a burning sensation is felt across his body. The scene fades as black goo forms all over his body.]

Upchuck: “Why? Why was he there?”

Malware: “He was there for you, Dalton. He wanted pictures of your alien heroes for his girlfriend. You see much like you, this boy is powered by love so it was easy to take control of him just like I did with you.”

Upchuck: “It’s all my fault.”

Malware: “Yes, it is. How ironic that you try so hard to be the hero yet you always manage to screw it up and hurt others. Zander and Cole at Grad Nite. Iris and everyone now. Whose is going to be next? How many more must suffer from your decisions.”

[Malware gives one final shock to Upchuck sending him changing back into Dalton in a red flash. Dalton’s head falls from Malware’s grasp as Malware starts to move away leaving a trapped Dalton on the rooftop.Dalton loses his vision as he passes out from exhaustion. Dalton regains consciousness inside Codon Collective’s lab. He sees Codon and his friends surrounding him as he is in a hospital bed.]

Xylene: “Thank Azmuth, you are finally awake.”

Dalton: “What? What happened?”

Tetrax: “Angel noticed you did not return in a normal amount of time it takes for the watch to recharge so I went out to retrieve you. What happened? Angel said it was Malware.”

Dalton: “Yeah.. I saw him a few times.. Always got this weird feeling right before he showed up as well. Any ideas what that is about Xylene?”

[Xylene looked through files on her tablet and examined them as they flew past her. She quickly took down mental notes before turning to answer Dalton.]

Xylene: “I believe you may have developed a sort of sixth sense for danger due to Malware’s interference with the Omnitrix. Whenever Malware is near you, there is a chance that your body will alert you.”

Angel: “Like a spidey-sense for Malware? That’s hella cool.”

[Dalton took a deep breath as his eyes started to water. Iris comforts him as he lets of a few tears. The rest of the group give off looks of sympathy.]

Iris: “Don’t worry, Dalton. Everything will work out alright.”

Dalton: “I don’t know if I believe in that anymore.”

[Dalton wipes his tears from his face as he turns to the group. He clears his throat as he lets out a sigh of anxiety.]

Dalton: “Nathaniel is Malware and it’s my fault.”

Dani: “What do you mean? How could it possibly be your fault?”

Dalton: “Nate followed me into the clocktower that night to try and get pictures for Kristen. When I removed Malware. He was at the bottom of the clocktower as Malware splattered onto him. If he wasn’t there to try and snap pictures of me then Malware would be gone for sure.”

Lily: “Dalton, don’t blame yourself for that. You couldn’t have known he was down there, Listen, we can do this, Dalton. All of us. We’re a team, remember?”

Felicity: “We can save both Kristen and Nate from Malware.”

[Dalton let off an easy smile feeling the pressure ease off just a bit as DAFDIL closed in for a group hug as the scene transitions to a news building as a black vein attaches to it as Malware swings over. Malware lowers his mask to reveal Nate who gives off an evil grin as the scene fades to black.]


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Malware makes his return
  • Dalton develops an Omni-Sense
  • DAFDIL learn Nate is the new Malware

Minor Events

  • Will Hurange makes his debut



Aliens Used


  • When explained what Dalton is expierencing with his Omni-Sense, Angel mentions it's similar to a Spidey Sense.


  • Malware mentions that Azmuth created him and was ashamed of him so he was casted away.
  • This episode plays on the Spider-Man theme of "Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility"
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