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Back to the Basics is a Part III episode of 10: The Series.

10: The Series
Season 3, Episode {{{number}}}
Written by Json1233
Directed by Json1233
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With new regulations at the plumber academy, and unfished training, the gang has to return to the basics.


Max is gathering the gang to tell them they have to return to the plumber's academy. Ben is the only who is complaining, Max takes them to the academy by Kevin's jet. They met the A-Squad, their leader, Kodek get's into an argument with Ben and James, Kevin breaks them up and they go to their bunks. At thier bunks they are greeted by their magister, Magister Hulka. Magister Hulka gives the run down to the gang, no powers during traing. They are ordered to chang into their plumber's uniform and head to weapons training.



  • Team 7b

Aliens Used[]

Major Events[]

  • James tells Kevin that he has trouble learing things.


  • James threw the book against the wall and said, "Why can't I get it right the first time?" Kevin walks in and says, "What right?" James walks over and picks up the book.