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Back to Our Horizons
General Information
Original broadcast September 20, 2019 (Sneak Peek)
October 4, 2019 (Official Release)
Season 2
Episode number 1
Overall episode number 21
Written by Ebomnitrix, Kakapokid5 & TranswiththePlans
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Back to Our Horizons is the twenty-first episode of E-10: Horizons.


The second school year has begun, and the gang can't wait to catch up with what's happened over the summer! But when Tattooed Man is out for revenge, Ethan will have to rely on his latest transformation to stop his rampage!


[The scene opened inside a dark bedroom where the sunlight gleamed through window blinds. The camera panned toward a view of unwrinkled white sheets whose neatness was abolished by the presence of a person underneath. The camera cut to a close up of a digital alarm clock. The time was close to 7:15am. The alarm went off and an orange haired girl woke up and turned over to shut off the alarm. She saw the date and smiled.]

Alice: Yep, I’m back in Merridale… And it’s the first day of school…

[She sighed and faced the ceiling, smiling to herself. We cut to a picture of Ethan, Alice, Terence, Hannibal and Nikki by her stand.]

Alice: Time to go back to Horizons.

[We cut to black as the song ended.]


[The scene shifted to later that morning outside Horizon Arts. We cut to people walking around campus, while others were arriving and making conversation in the background. There was a banner hanging from the top of a building which said “Welcome Back, Students.” We pan down to see Alice arriving at the campus with a slightly different look. Her hair was still long but had a braid around the side of her head which ended in a ponytail in the back. She wore a light olive green shirt with a rose in the center chest, with a white jacket over it. She sported a red skirt and black long socks, but kept the brown shoes she wore before. Alice had a necklace wrapped around her with a pen acting as the chain. Suddenly, somebody called out for Alice in the background.]

May: Hey!!!

[Alice turned to see who was calling her, and it was revealed to be Cassie, May and Alexia. Alice smiled and walked over to them.]

Alice: Hey, guys. It’s been a while.

Cassie: Love your new hairstyle, Alice.

Alice: Thanks, just thought of trying something different.

Alexia: It doesn’t look that much different from her old style.

Cassie: Yes it does! Don’t be so rude, Alexia!

[Alice laughed nervously.]

Alice: Anyways, how was your summer?

Cassie: Well, I stuck around here most of the summer… And since most of my friends weren’t around, I decided to go out and make new ones! ...And uh… that didn’t turn out so well.

Alice: [Raises eyebrow] What did you do...?

Cassie: Nothing, but you know my friend “James”?

Alice, Alexia, May: Yeah...

Cassie: Let’s just say you won’t be seeing him and Hannah hanging out anymore...

May: You didn’t!

Cassie: I did.

Alexia: Cassie!

Cassie: Hey, in my defense, his girlfriend was a total bitch, so I decided he should find a real woman to treat him with respect. She was so controlling it sickened me. And about a week later, James actually thanked me for doing the dirty deed!

Alice, May, Alexia: You’re so full of drama sometimes… [To themselves]

Cassie: But other than that, I spent my time performing at festivals. Oh! And I binge-watched that new season of Orange is the New Black. It was so good!

Alice: Well, anyways, what did you do, Alexia?

Alexia: I spent my summer working at Bath and Body the whole time. But check this out!

[Alexia held out her phone and showed them an image of her taking selfie, in a cosplay outfit.]

Cassie, May: Wow!

Alice: Nice!

Alexia: Yep, I saved up for it and had enough in time just to go to Comic Con. What about you, May?

May: My parents took me to Rome.

Cassie, Alice: Oooh!

Alexia: Nice! How was it?

May: It was definitely an experience, I spent the whole time sightseeing, did some shopping, and met a boy… [eyes glance to the side]

Cassie, Alice: WHAT?!

Alexia: NO WAY!

Alice: Show us!

May: I’d rather have you guys meet him in person. He’s going to be transferring to America soon, so by next semester he and I will be able to see each other more often.

Cassie, Alexia: Ahhhh!

Alexia: That’s so exciting!!!

Alice: It’s so sweet!!!

May: Yeah… So what did you do, Alice?

Alice: I was just with my family for the whole summer. Nothing too special.

May: But you live in New York, you must’ve had things to do.

Alice: I did, but nothing too special. I started working on my writing techniques and I have already begun my own original story! It’s about people going into a virtual world, using swords to fend off the game from evil monsters. Cool, huh?!

Cassie, Alexia, May: Wow… that’s great… [To themselves]

Alice: It needs work though…

May: Don’t worry, you’ll make it and become one of the greatest writers out there!

Cassie: Just be sure you don’t forget about us when you’re famous.

Alice: Can’t make any promises.

Cassie: Hey!

[Cassie punched her in the shoulder.]

Alice: Ow...

[The four girls laughed. A voice began calling out from the background.]

Nikki: I thought that orange hair looked familiar.

[Alice turned around to spot Nikki walking toward Alice. Nikki now had longer and wavy hair flowing down to her neck. She wore a long sleeved pink and buttoned shirt, with black pants. Alice and Nikki hugged each other for a moment, then let go.]

Alice: Nikki! It’s been such a long time! I also love what you’ve done with your hair!

Nikki: Eh, I just thought about growing it out a little, I’m probably going to cut it later. Oh, and I love what you did with yours! That braid and ponytail suit you, girl.

Alice: Thanks. Where’s Hannibal?

Nikki: Oh, he’s saying hi to his friends. I was going to join him, but I wanted to see if I could find some of my friends first.

Alice: Luckily, you did! You wanna catch up about the summer?

Nikki: Sure, shuug, but let’s wait until we meet up with the guys. I have a lot of stories I want to tell, but telling them multiple times a day would really be a hassle.

[Alice nervously laughed and the scene shifted to Hannibal and Hugh giving each other a hug. Hannibal wore a grey collared shirt with darker jeans below. He was completely bald, aside from a large goatee he grew out.]

Hannibal: Hugh! So glad you’re still with me, buddy.

Hugh: Don’t worry, I haven’t abandoned ship yet.

Hannibal: Man, it’s too bad Steven and Isaac couldn’t be here today.

Hugh: Well that’s life, man, they have jobs now. But on the plus side…

[Hugh stepped aside for Hannibal to see one of his old high school friends.]

Hannibal: Drew!

[Hannibal walked up and hugged Drew.]

Drew: Hey, Hannibal, still quite the hugger I see?

[Hannibal let go.]

Hannibal: I thought you were all the way in Paladdin City, studying to become a doctor.

Drew: I was, but I shifted careers about a year ago. When I found out my college wasn’t giving me everything I was looking for, I moved back here.

Hannibal: Sweet, man, we’ll be able to finish together, then!

Drew: This should be fun!

Terence: Hey, you gonna leave me hanging here or what, man?!

Hannibal: Terence, my man!

[Hannibal walked towards Terence to reach in for a hug, he backed away defensively.]

Terence: Touch me, and it’ll be the last thing you do.

Hannibal: Oh please, I’m still big and stronger than you.

Terence: Yeah, we’ll see. I’ve grown 3 inches since the last time we met.

Hannibal: Doesn’t look that much to me.

[Terence groaned.]

Drew: Hey, we’ll catch up with you guys later!

Hannibal: Ay, I better see you at that Warrior Fighters C tournament we talked about!

Hugh: You will!

Hannibal: [Turns to Terence] Anyway, how was your summer, man?

Terence: Dude, we’ve hung out four times this summer.

Hannibal: Yeah, but I mean when you backpacked through Europe. I heard you just got back a few days ago.

Terence: Exhausting. [Grabs camera] But on the plus side, I’ve got all these cool photos I’ve got to show you.

Hannibal: Yeah, I think I saw some of those on your Instagram.

Terence: Oh, there’s some I haven’t shown you yet. But I’ll wait until we meet with the others. I can’t wait to see the look on Ethan’s face when he finds out I got a girlfriend before he did.

Hannibal: You got a girlfriend? Nice! Who is she?

Terence: Just wait, Hanny. You’ll love it when I show you the surprise.

Hannibal: Really? You’re going to make me wait that long? You know you can show me!

Terence: Yeah, but I don’t want to risk it before Ethan gets here, you know how fast he can be sometimes.

Hannibal: True that.

Terence: So where’s your girlfriend, Hannibal the Cannibal?

Hannibal: What?!

Terence: I overheard you and Nikki on the phone before I left…

Hannibal: Dammit, please don’t tell people that.

Terence: I won’t… Hannibal the Cannibal…

[Terence began to snicker, which lead to Hannibal punch him in the shoulder. He then grabbed Terence’s ear and began to pull him away as he walked out of the scene.]

Hannibal: Let’s go see them.

Terence: Ow, ow!

[Alice and Nikki finished their conversation and approached Hannibal and Terence, as Hannibal was holding his ear.]

Alice: Hey guys!

Hannibal: Hey, Alice! Good to see you again, girl.

[Alice hugged Hannibal, then let go.]

Alice: You too, nice goatee!

Hannibal: Thanks, I’ve always wanted to grow one of these out.

Alice: Well, I see you haven’t changed much, Terence…

Terence: I’ve grown like 3 inches! Anyway, I’ve got a story to tell you all later as soon as Ethan gets here.

Alice: Wait, where is Ethan?

Nikki: Don’t tell me…

[Meanwhile in Ethan’s dark bedroom, he was lying on his bed and turned over to check his phone for the time.]

Ethan: Oh crap...

[We cut back to the group.]

Hannibal: Some things never change…

Terence: And whaddaya know? Class is about to start.

Nikki: I hate when he pulls stunts like this… [Rubs eyebrows]

Alice: Guess he’ll just have to catch up with us after class…

Nikki: If he even gets here!

[A large cloud of dust began hurling towards them as they spoke. The four turned over to hear the loud screeching. They saw XLR8 making his way toward them.]

XLR8: Oh my gosh-Oh my gosh-Oh my gosh-Oh my gosh!

[XLR8 timed out back into Ethan in a red light as he went flying their way in mid-air.]


[Alice swiftly stepped to the left and moved Terence to where she was formerly standing.]

Terence: Wait, WHAT?!

[Ethan knocked into Terence and the two went flying towards the fountain. The song ended. It created a huge splash of water. Alice, Hannibal, and Nikki ran toward the two of them, as Terence was sitting in the water with his hair soaked. Ethan was taking deep breaths as he tried to get up.]

Terence: Dude! You nearly damaged my camera!

Ethan: Sorry…

Nikki: You boys okay?

Ethan: Yeah…

[Nikki was helping Ethan up.]

Terence: You nearly killed me!

Alice: What?! I didn’t wanna get ran over this time…

Terence: Yeah, I’ll remember that.

[Hannibal helped Terence up.]

Alice: Sorry…

Nikki: Look on the bright side, at least you made it on time!

[Ethan flipped his hair and looked up. Ethan’s hair appeared to be curlier. He was wearing a white and green jacket.]

Ethan: Yeah…

[Alice’s face was red and she gulped.]

Ethan: Like the new looks, guys! Well, I already saw yours, Hannibal. You too, Nikki. Terence, you haven’t changed that much…

[A vein on Terence’s face popped out as he yelled with razor sharp teeth.]


[Ethan looked at Alice and saw her new look and his face began to turn red.]

Ethan: I like what you did with your hair, Alice.

Alice: Thanks… I like your jacket.

Hannibal: Well, anyway… Let’s get to class! Don’t wanna be late on the first day.

[Ethan and Alice snapped out of their trance.]

Ethan and Alice: Yeah, sure, let’s get moving.

[The group walked their way to campus.]

Ethan: You guys feel like chilling at Chilis during the lunch break?

[Alice, Terence, Hannibal and Nikki groaned simultaneously.]

Alice: Ugh, did you really just say that?

Ethan: Sure did, but I’m assuming we all have the same breaks this semester right?

Terence: Just for Monday and Wednesday. I got stuck with a class between 11 to 2

Hannibal and Nikki: No way!

Alice: That’s lame!

[Their talking faded into the background as a petal began floating through the air.]

Terence: Yeah. I guess I could let some slide…

Ethan: There we go!

Alice: Just try not to fail your class…

Terence: If you say so…

[The petal landed on the fountain and began floating in the water.]

[The setting shifted to Chilis. We zoom in from inside where Ethan, Alice, Hannibal, Terence and Nikki were all sitting at one table. A waitress arrived and passed them their drinks.]

Alice: It’s great to meet up like this again.

Hannibal: Yeah, it’s been awhile since the five of us have been together.

Terence: Okay, don’t get too deep. It’s only been about three months and two weeks. Not to mention we’ve been facetiming and texting all Summer, so it’s not like we’ve been completely out of touch.

[There was a moment of silence.]

Nikki: I think what Hanny means is it’s been awhile since we physically got to hang out together.

Terence: Oh. That’s fair. [Takes a drink.]

Ethan: So, what’d you guys do this summer?

Alice: Well, after having to stay back with my mother and my older brother and sister, I started working more on my writing skills. I even created my own original story.

Ethan, Hannibal: Nice!

Nikki: Yeah girl, you’re finally starting to get somewhere with your skills. You’ll practically have a job in no time.

Alice: I hope. But the switch to my new degree really is such a drag though. But I know I can do it!

Hannibal: So anything else happened?

Alice: Nothing really. I mean, it’s New York City, I’ve practically done everything there is to do there already. So nothing too special happened, I guess.

Hannibal: What about that trip to Destin?

Alice: Oh that, it wasn’t anything important, I did make a few friends though.

[Alice showed them her phones and showed pics of her and a few people she hung with. Ethan and Terence began to nosebleed.]

Terence: Alice in a bikini…

Ethan: Totally hot…

[They wiped their noses and Alice put her phone away.]

Alice: But ya know, it was just your generic beach vacation. It was relaxing though. So what about you guys?

Nikki: Well after all the crazy stuff that’s happened…

Hannibal: …Nikki and I decided it was finally time to spend some quality alone time with each other.

Terence: Hannibal the Canni-

[Hannibal punched Terence’s shoulder. Terence held onto the pain with and shed a tear.]

Terence: OW!

Hannibal: See?

[Hannibal grabbed his phone and he showed them some pictures of him and Nikki spending time together. He kept swiping through the photos.]

Alice: Aw that’s so cute!

[He swiped through a photo, revealing to be an out of focus close up of Nikki.]

Nikki: Hey! I told you to delete that photo!

Hannibal: What? I think it’s a good one.

Nikki: Delete that photo right now this instant!

[Nikki began hitting Hannibal with both her fists.]

Hannibal: Okay, okay! Yeesh!

[Hannibal deleted the photo.]

Ethan: So, what did you do, Terence?

Terence: Oh, I’ve been waiting to tell you guys. So, you know how I spent the Summer backpacking through Europe? Well I saw some amazing landmarks such as Stonehenge, the Arc de Triomphe, and the Athenian Acropolis. It was beautiful. But then I thought, “Hey, why not go across all the way to Rome?” Originally, I was going to finish up the trip in the Netherlands and head straight home, but that was until I met her.

[Terence grabbed his camera, turned it over to reveal a picture of him and a girl. Alice gasped and fell out of her seat.]

Terence: … You good, Alice?

Alice: Oh my god… That’s May!

Hannibal and Nikki: What?!

Ethan: No way dude, you’re dating May?!

Terence: You bet.

Alice: [Gets up] But wait a minute! May said you would be transferring back to America by next semester?!

Terence: Ugh, she must’ve misunderstood. I said I would be going back to America by the time the next semester started, which is this semester. I haven’t gotten the chance to catch up to her yet, but once I do, I’ll be sure to clear things up.

Ethan: Wow, you and May.

Hannibal: Surprised to see you managed to finally snag yourself a girlfriend. Gotta say, congrats!

[The conversation began to fade as Alice held onto her head mummering to herself in her thoughts.]

Alice (Thoughts): What are the odds of this actually happening? How did they both my best friend and Terence… happen to be in the same place in another continent? How are most of my friends now dating each other? I DIDN’T KNOW TERENCE WAS MAY’S TYPE!!! WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING???

[The conversation resumed. The song ended.]

Nikki: Guess that just leaves you, Ethan. Although you were pretty much with us for practically half the Summer.

Alice: So, what did you end up doing?

Ethan: Well…

[Ethan looked up and smirked. MONTAGE: Ethan began spinning around as he transformed into Heatblast and a bright green flash surrounded him. Heatblast stood outside a burning down apartment complex. Heatblast absorbed the fire from his palms and the building was cleared. The fire department and crowd behind him began to cheer. The next scene shifted to Diamondhead laying on a chair outside the beach.]

Diamondhead: Aaah...

[MONTAGE CONT. However, we zoom out to see the sun reflecting off of him and setting parts of the beach on fire as bystanders ran for safety. The next scene switched to Four Arms having a proper fight with Fistrick and his goons in the main street, knocking them out. Four Arms flexed his muscles for the people cheering behind him. The next scene cut to the night sky, then panned down to AmpFibian powering up a power plant until the generator was completely charged. The construction workers cheered for him and AmpFibian flew out of the scene. The next scene cut to a slimy figure revealing to be washing dishes. It zoomed out, revealing to be Goop washing his dishes, until he noticed how the ones he stacked were melted. Goop sighed and the next scene resumed Ethan shopping inside a mall, where a group of workers were struggling to move the electronics around. Ethan had an idea and slammed down the the Omnitrix. The next scene revealed to have Lodestar using his magnetism at an electronics store to help move objects around. They soon offered him a device and the scene switched to a machine helping Ethan handle his dishes. Ethan smirked and gave a thumbs up and we shifted back to the restaurant. The song ended.]

Ethan: Oh you know, fighting bad guys, helping people, making up for some of my classwork on the side. [Lays back] You know, the usual stuff.

Terence: Well that sounds… anticlimactic.

Ethan: Hey, it’s not like I had much to do. All I ever do is fight bad guys or binge watch anime, or even schoolwork if that counts. You know what, it’s time to change my life a little.

Hannibal: How so?

Ethan: [Takes a deep breath.] I’m going to get myself a girlfriend.

Alice, Hannibal, Terence, Nikki: What?!

Ethan: Think of it, Hannibal and Nikki have known each other for a long time and they got together, Terence now has a girlfriend, and before you know it, Alice will probably have a boyfriend.

[She blushed.]

Alice: Let’s not think that far ahead…

Ethan: Well, it’s been decided. I’m going to use this school year to do something I’ve never been able to before, and find someone who wants me for me!

Hannibal: Atta boy, Ethan.

Terence: So he finally decides to start searching around for somebody. About time!

Hannibal: Although, there’s just one question I have for you. Do you even know how to talk to girls?

Ethan: Well, I mean I talk to Nikki and Alice all the time.

Nikki: Yeah, but we’re your friends.

Ethan: I mean… it shouldn’t be too hard. I mean, I may be an antisocial mess, but I can still figure this out! I got a whole school year to make sure at least something happens for me. Besides, I just turned 22, it’s time I did something about it before I become some 30 year old… relationship-less virgin…

Hannibal: Well good luck, man, you know we’re here to help you out!

[The talking began to fade as Nikki turned to a blushing Alice.]

Terence: Yeah, I might know some people who may be interested back at Horizon.

Ethan: I’ll think about it.

Terence: Oh come on.

[Nikki turns back to the group.]

Nikki: Hey, so what do you guys plan to do this year?

Hannibal: Probably focus on getting my name out there, have to get into my career somehow.

Terence: Yeah, same here.

Ethan: What about you, Alice? What do you plan to do?

Alice: Oh, uh… I think I’m just going to focus more on my writing, I have to become the best I can be in order to get to my career right?

Ethan: Yeah! Say, since we’re both going into a similar field, you wanna start working on a project of mine together? I’ve been working on something for a while now and now that I have someone to share my ideas with, it would help to get some suitable feedback.

Alice: Sure! As long as I hear feedback from yours.

Ethan: You bet! [Looks at the Omnitrix.] We can probably do it this weekend as long as there’s not any bad guys around for me to fight. Although, I should probably test more of the waters out with my new alien.

[The song ended.]

Alice: Wait a minute, new alien?

Hannibal: Yeah, didn’t you hear about it?

Terence: After you left for New York, Ethan got a new alien. He’s practically been shoving him down our face for practically the whole summer.

Nikki: So annoying...

[Alice stood up and walked calmly toward Ethan. She then grabbed him by the shirt and started shaking him with a raging look on her face.]

Alice: You mean to tell me got a new alien and you didn’t tell me?! We’re supposed to tell each other everything and you decide to keep this a secret from me!

[Ethan’s eyes began swirling.]

Ethan: Ah! Lieutenant Steel doesn’t allow me to post or text about my aliens, remember? Or he’ll wipe out all of my phone’s data!

[Alice lets go.]

Alice: Oh.

[Ethan saw stars spinning around his face and shook his head.]

Ethan: But yeah, I’ve got a new alien. Because I lost Echo Echo to the fight against Hex, A’taenda had to replace my DNA sample with somebody else. So I’m still at 10 aliens, it just means I lost an alien for a new one.

Alice: That makes sense.

Hannibal: Given how everything went down that night, I couldn’t imagine there being any better outcome.

Ethan: So, do you want to see him?

[The song shifted. Ethan smirked as he raised his arm up, with the light of the Omnitrix shining.]

[The scene changed everybody running outside the restaurant, and hiding outside an empty street.]

Ethan: Okay, you ready?

[Alice smiled and nodded. Nikki placed her palm on her hip, Hannibal crossed his arms, and Terence rolled his eyes. Ethan tapped the new button from the Omnitrix. The core popped up and Ethan turned the dial from XLR8 to Four Arms to the new alien. Ethan raised his arm and slammed down.]

[XLR8 TRANSFORMATION: The transformation background appeared the same but it now had circuits surrounding the center of the sequence. Ethan spun to the front, and raised his arm up in the air as his skin turned blue with his hands transforming into black claws. A helmet formed onto Ethan’s head and his body spun around. His head finished changing shape and his eyes lit up. He started running, and his legs sprung into the air and grew wheels from the bottom of his toes. In a spinning background, XLR8 ran from right to left then back to right, and XLR8 jumped into a pose with his arm raised. A green light blinded the screen.]

XLR8: What?! XLR8? Aw, come on!

Nikki: I guess some things never change. [Folds arms]

Alice: Try turning into the new guy again! You can quick-switch, can’t you?

XLR8: Oh, right! You got it!

[XLR8 raised his claw above the Omnitrix symbol, but before he could hit it… an explosion went off in the background nearby. The five turned toward that direction, and a figure stepped out of the smoke cloud, revealing to be Tattooed Man.]

Tattooed Man: Hey, shapeshifter! I hope you’ve gotten extra stronger, because I’m here for my revenge...

Nikki: Tattooed Man?!

XLR8: Oh no… Why did it have to be him…

Tattooed Man: Well? Are you going to fight me or what?

Hannibal: Hey, didn’t we lock you up the last time?

Tattooed Man: Yeah, and I’ve spent my time training to have a rematch. Your military douches thought they could stop me by taking away my powers by surgically removing my tattoos, and it was painful! But once I escaped, my tattoos managed to somehow resurface, and I’ve been working out ever since!

Alice: How is that even possible…

Tattooed Man: Beats me! But now that I’ve found ya, I’m going to make you pay and show you it feels to be put through 9 months of torture!

[Golden energy surrounded Tattooed Man’s entire body and a giant rhinoceros went charging towards the group. XLR8 swiftly reacted by grabbing his friends as fast as he could, and they dodged the attack. Parts of the ceiling went flying down towards innocent bystanders and XLR8 ran over to grab them and took them to safety. XLR8 ran over back to the group.]

XLR8: Aw, man. I thought this street was empty. I hope nobody saw me.

Nikki: That’s not important right now.

XLR8: You’re right! Time to show the Tattooed Man how much I’ve changed in the last few months!

[XLR8 charged towards Tattooed Man. He unleashed a new tattoo, being a spiked baseball bat. It swung towards XLR8, who reflexively jumped out of the way.]


[The Omnitrix began beeping without Ethan realizing.]

XLR8: Alright, Mr. All That! I’m going to beat you so fast that you can’t eve-

[XLR8 powered down back into Ethan as he was flying in mid-air.]

Ethan: [Groans] I HATE THIS THING!!!

[Ethan went flying into the ground and slid to near Tattooed Man’s clutches.]

Tattooed Man: Hah, far too easy for me, kid…

[Tattooed Man grabbed Ethan’s skull and his tattoos began to glow.]

Tattooed Man: I must admit, I didn’t imagine it going down like this. But at least now I’ll finally make you suffer the same way I did.

[Tattooed Man squeezed Ethan’s head and he began to scream. Tattooed Man summoned dozens of micro-spiders from his spider tattoo on his arm. They crawled towards Ethan as they climbed down Tattooed Man’s arm.]

Tattooed Man: Just recently I’ve obtained another new arachnid tattooed called the Brazilian Wandering Spider. Once these critters start biting, not only will you be poisoned, but you’re about to be in a whole lotta pain!

[They began reaching towards Ethan. Meanwhile, his eyes widened as he struggled to break free. However, before they can reach them, objects were being thrown at Tattooed Man, which lead him to drop Ethan.]

Tattooed Man: Hey! What?!

Alice: Leave him alone!

Nikki: Get off him!

Hannibal: Yeah, man! What’s wrong with you?

[Terence tried lifting a trash can.]

Terence: Agh, this thing’s heavy!

[The four continued throwing street objects at Tattooed Man, and he began walking toward them.]

Tattooed Man: You’re really going to pay for that…

[Ethan looked up and saw that his friends were in danger. The Omnitrix activated and Ethan turned the dial, revealing to be the new alien’s icon, and he slammed down.]

[ZEROX TRANSFORMATION: Ethan’s hand started to change. Ethan grimaced and spun around as his whole body began to change shape, as he was now facing to the side on all fours. Many giant cords began growing out of Ethan’s head as they began waving around until they laid down. Ethan’s face grew wider as his neck grew thinner, and his skin turned completely white. His eyes changed and grew a third eye in the middle of his forehead. A flash of light surrounded the area and faded as we zoomed in on the Omnitrix’s symbol. The transformation zoomed out revealing to Ethan have finished transforming into the new alien.]

Zerox: ZEROX!!!

[A green light blinded the screen, and it faded behind Tattooed Man to which it ended the transformation.]

Tattooed Man: I’m going to make you pay! Go, Rhino!!!

[A yellow energy rhinoceros formed out of Tattooed Man’s tattoo and it charged towards Alice, Hannibal, Terence and Nikki. Nikki, Terence and Alice shut their eyes as Hannibal ran to the front with his arms wide open, preparing to protect them. Suddenly, everything stopped and the others opened their eyes and gasped. It was revealed a Tattooed Man with green eyes was grabbing onto the Rhinoceros until it eventually stopped. The rhinoceros faded into particles and the other Tattooed Man gasped.]

Tattooed Man: Wait what?!

[Tattooed Man turned around to reveal Ethan had transformed into the new alien, Zerox.]

Zerox: Bet you didn’t see that coming, did ya?

Hannibal and Nikki: Ethan… [Smiling]

Alice: Is that… THE NEW ALIEN?!!!

[Alice’s eyes sparkled as she bit her lip. Hannibal and Terence facepalmed.]

Nikki: I knew she would get like this…

Tattooed Man: You… H-How did you do that?

Zerox: I scanned and made a copy out of you. Is that not allowed?

Tattooed Man: No!

Zerox: Oh well. Get him, Tattooed Copy!

Tattooed Man Clone: With pleasure!

[The Tattooed Man clone tackled the real one from behind, who managed to throw him off after some struggle. The real Tattooed Man charged towards Zerox, but before he could reach him, a green energy gorilla charged at Tattooed Man, sending him flying to the ground.]

Tattooed Man Clone: You’re not hurting anyone today, real me!

[The real Tattooed Man screamed and charged towards his clone. The Tattooed Man clone created a spiked baseball bat and swung it towards the real one. The real one managed to have enough time to create a riot shield, but the bat sent him flying across the street.]

Tattooed Man: Ergh…

[The Tattooed Man clone ran towards the real one and recreated the gorilla. With no time to react, the real Tattooed Man began getting beaten down into the ground. The clone then summoned his other tattoos to beat the real one some more. From side to side, the real one was being beaten by the gorilla, the spiked baseball bat, a cobra, a floating barracuda, and a small Kraken. They kept continuously beating the real Tattooed Man from all corners. The real one’s temper began to increase and his whole body began to glow. He began to scream as he unleashed his full power.]

Tattooed Man: ENOUGH!!!

[The real Tattooed Man summoned a giant manticore, and it deflected everything off him. The manticore roared. A giant gust of wind began to blow everything in the entire street back. The other Tattooed Man was launched back near Zerox. Alice, Hannibal, Terence and Nikki tried shielding themselves for cover. Zerox did the same and looked up, seeing the whole street was destroyed. Shattered glass was everywhere, signs were either bent or laying on the ground.]

Zerox: Whoa… Lieutenant Steel is not going to be happy about this…

[The Omnitrix symbol began beeping until he changed back into Ethan. Ethan looked at the Omnitrix.]

Ethan: What is with your timing today?!

[Ethan looked up as soon as Tattooed Man began to speak.]

Tattooed Man: You… you’ve really pissed me off now… Now, I’m going to give you such the beating of a lifetime that not only will you be able to feel every inch of that torture that you made me feel, but you won’t be able to move any bone in your body.

Ethan: Look, I’m sorry I locked you up and that the SACT had to surgically remove every tattoo from your body. But you’re the one who needs to control your temper. You can’t just destroy every little thing that sets you off!

Tattooed Man: No, I can’t. But it’s the only effective way for me to unleash my anger on society! And right now, it’s the perfect way for me to unleash all the pain you’ve made me felt!

[Tattooed Man prepared his spiked baseball bat.]

Ethan: We can talk about this! Somewhere deep down inside that thick skull of yours that there’s a part of you that doesn’t want to hurt anyone...

Tattooed Man: If you really knew me, then you wouldn’t be trying to talk to me when I’m about to do… this!

[Tattooed Man swung his bat at Ethan and he jumped back. It created a cloud of dust and Ethan flew back into the ground. He stood up with a few scrapes on his body.]

Ethan: Agh… Okay, I tried this my way and I tried this the Steven Universe way… Clearly there’s only one way I’m going to be able to calm this guy down! And that’s smacking some sense into him…

[Ethan turned to the Omnitrix and noticed it was recharging.]

Ethan: C’mon Omnitrix, you just got an upgrade. Instead of powering down and giving me the wrong alien, why don’t you show me something new that can stop this guy!

[Ethan, not paying attention, was smacked and thrown back into a mailbox. He struggled to get up. We zoom out to see the others watching the fight.]

Nikki: Okay, I can’t sit here while we watch our friend get his butt kicked.

[Nikki was about to run towards the fight but Hannibal grabbed her shoulder and stopped her. She looked up at Hannibal.]

Hannibal: He won’t. This maybe Ethan’s third most powerful villain he’s ever faced next to Sha’Rrow and Hex. But he’ll prevail, just like he always does.

[Nikki turned back to the fight, and her facial expression turned worried. The song ended. Ethan eventually got up and took deep breaths. He wiped the blood off his lip and stood up in a fighting stance.]

Tattooed Man: I guess it won’t be as simple as two hits to knock you out. Fine, then I’ll just throw everything at you! Just like you did to me!!!

[Tattooed Man raised his arms and began to summon many of his tattoos. Many tattoos formed in the air. Ethan had a frightened look on his face, and the Omnitrix made a noise. He turned to it, noticing it was glowing green and was recharged. Ethan turned the dial and Four Arm’s icon popped up.]

Ethan: Don’t have enough time to defend myself. So I guess I’ll just have to just punch my way through! [The core popped up] It’s Action Time! [Slams down]

[MINI-FOUR ARMS TRANSFORMATION: Ethan raised his arms in the air and spun around in a circle as an extra set of arms grew out. The camera zoomed out to the full view of Four Arms, who struck a pose. The transformation background turned from green to gold, and yellow electricity began to spark around Four Arms.]

Four Arms: WHOA!

[NEW TRANSFORMATION: Golden armor began forming from the Omnitrix symbol. Four Arms hunched over as his back grew larger. Four Arms’ face began changing as a helmet began to form around him. Energy spikes grew out of his helmet. Four Arms raised his hands out as electricity surrounded them. His fist became surrounded in golden armor and he grew lightning patterned braces around his knuckles. Four Arms made a fist and a yellow light blinded the screen.]

[A dust cloud was formed around where Ethan was standing. The cloud lifted as everyone gasped at the sight of the transformation. The camera zoomed up to reveal Four Arms had changed form. Four Arms took a look at himself.]

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: Whoa! What is up with Four Arms?!

[Tattooed Man screamed from the top of his lungs. He sent everything he had flying at Four Arms. A giant manticore went charging toward him.]

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: No time for questions!

[Four Arms ran toward the manticore and punched it. Electricity came from Four Arms brace, and the manticore burst into particles.]

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: What?!

[A cobra wrapped around his hand and he punched it off him. Then a train flew towards Four Arms, who raised out all his arms to try and catch it. Four Arms slid off the ground trying to hold it together until eventually the train stopped by the end of the road, fading away.]

Tattooed Man: Impossible!

[Four Arms began to chuckle. A gorilla attempted to pummel Four Arms, but he clenched onto the gorilla’s fists before it could do so. Four Arms and his static braces began to spark up, shocking the gorilla and destabilizing it. Four Arms continued punching everything Tattooed Man was sending.]

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: What’s up with your tattoos, Tattooed Man? Are they not strong enough to match Four Arms’ new power up?

Tattooed Man: I’ll show you!

[Tattooed Man went charging towards Four Arms with a rhinoceros charging by his side. Four Arms ran into the rhinoceros and punched it into submission. Tattooed Man ran over to Four Arms and the two began to rapidly punch each other’s fists. Four Arms used his lower arms to punch Tattooed Man’s sides, who winced in pain. Four Arms electrified his right brace and punched Tattooed Man. Tattooed Man was sent backwards into the ground, creating a dust cloud. The cloud faded as Tattooed Man stood up, screaming in anger. Four Arms supercharged his fists and created a sonic jump off the ground. In mid-air, Four Arms clutched his right fists and went flying into Tattooed Man.]


[Tattooed Man created another train and launched it at Four Arms.]

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: Your tried that trick the last time!

[Four Arms stuck out his hands and sliced through the train as it faded away. As Four Arms was falling and gaining momentum, he charged up the energy braces on his knuckles for the ultimate punch.]

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: Now open wide and say aaah!

[As Tattooed Man screamed, Four Arms smacked him with his electricity and it created a literal shockwave, which covered the street in a massive dust cloud. The impact created a large gust of wind, which blew everything back again. The cloud faded and Tattooed Man was unconscious. Four Arms raised his fist in the air.]

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: AW… YEAH!

[The group began to cheer and made their way to Four Arms.]

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: Who’s the toughest supercharged alien on the block? Four Arms! That’s who!

Alice: Technically, you’re the only alien on the block.

[Golden energy began glowing out from the Omnitrix. A white and gold light burst out of the Omnitrix and Four Arms was turned back into Ethan. Ethan nearly fell into the ground but caught himself in time.]

Nikki: So, what was that all about, Ethan?

Hannibal: Yeah, I didn’t know you had that kind of power.

Terence: That would’ve made our lives a lot more easier...

[Alice began hitting Ethan.]

Alice: Why didn’t you tell me you were able to do that before?!!!

Ethan: I don’t know! I didn’t even know I could do that!

Nikki: So you’re telling us you were never able to do that before?

Ethan: No!

Hannibal: You think this might be part of the upgrade?

Ethan: Maybe, I’m going to talk to A’taenda. You get the SACT out here stat before Tattooed Man manages to wake up!

[Ethan ran out of the street.]

Nikki: I’m on it.

Alice: Wait, what about your injuries?!

Ethan: I’ll worry about them later!

[Ethan left the scene and we zoom into a worried look on Alice’s face. The song ended. The scene shifted to Horizon at sunset. Nikki and Alice arrived to a set of tables outside and sat down at the group’s usual spot.]

Nikki: Can you believe that happened?

Alice: Yeah! Last I checked only Ghoulseye was ever able to defeat Tattooed Man, and now suddenly out of the blue Ethan manages to gain some power up and defeat him in a couple blows!

Nikki: Wow… nothing kicks off a school year at Horizon like seeing a bad guy get their asses handed to him.

Alice: Yeah, same old Ethan…

[Alice glanced her eyes to the side and noticed the expression on Alice’s face.]

Nikki: Hey, so what’s up with you today? You’ve been acting kind of funny ever since Ethan showed up.

Alice: What?! No, I’m fine! Nothing to see or worry about here!

Nikki: Okay, what’s going on?

Alice: Nothing!

Nikki: Alice…

Alice: Okay… See, I’ve been on and off about how I’ve felt about Ethan, but ever since we asked each other out on that “date.”

Nikki: You mean back when that freaky clown guy turned the whole city into zombies?

Alice: Yeah, ever since then… he’s been on my mind. I’ve been trying to deny those feelings because you know, he’s my friend, but now...

Nikki: He’s all you ever think about?

Alice: Yeah…

Nikki: I knew there was something going on between you two. You always have that sparkle in your eyes when he shows up. That’s why I haven’t set you up with any of my friends.

Alice: WHAT?!

Nikki: Yeah, sorry girl.

Alice: It’s fine… Actually, after that nasty Sha’Rrow attack, he and I shared a kiss.

Nikki: What?! Did you two talk about it?

Alice: We did after I left, and there’s still some feelings up in the air. But we decided we would wait until I was back here before starting anything. And now that I’m here…

Nikki: Oh, don’t worry, shugg, I’m sure he didn’t forget. He’s probably been so busy since the Tattooed Man attack and that new supercharge gimmick that he’s trying to figure stuff out.

Alice: Yeah, that’s what I’m hoping for at least.

Nikki: Don’t worry, I’m sure everything will work out. Do you want me to-

Alice: No, no! It’s just… I wanna be sure that if something does happen, I want it to be between us.

Nikki: I understand. Good luck, girl.

Alice: Thanks…

[The song ended. The scene transitioned to inside A’taenda’s lab as A’taenda was using multiple alien devices to examine Ethan and his Omnitrix. Ethan was in his boxers with several wires attached to him, shaking from the cold.]

Ethan: Are you sure we need to be doing this...

A’taenda: Precisely, it’s the only way I can monitor your brainwaves and body cells to figure out what’s going on with your Omnitrix. You said you had some supercharge when you last turned into that Tetramand, what did you call him? Four Arms?

Ethan: Yes…

A’taenda: I have to say, there are many better names you could have given him.

Ethan: Would you hurry it up?!

A’taenda: Okay, there. You can put your clothes back on.

[Ethan ripped off the wires.]

Ethan: Finally!

[Ethan was putting his clothes back on as A’taenda spoke.]

A’taenda: It’s just as I thought. There appears to have been a “gene leak” inside the Omnitrix’s DNA storage section. What’s basically happening is that the new core is overloading from the sheer amount of energy that the old Omnitrix faced. The result is the DNA of the sapient forms you are able to transform into being mixed with the DNA of species of their homeworld, which are stored quite close together. The Omnitrix combats this by filtering the foreign DNA into an armor. The result being what happened with your fight with this so-called “Tattooed Man”. The Omnitrix is able to separate this DNA mixture, but the gene leaks happen repeatedly and randomly, so there’s no telling which alien will get mutated and when.

Ethan: Whoa… that’s cool!

A’taenda: It must’ve been that new DNA Splicing Replifier I built in, or that new Alien Powercore that can supercharge and burn out the battery… Ohh… that explains it… Well, in any case, I need to remove that from your Omnitrix immediately. I should have it back to you in the next two weeks once I change the dial and rearrange parts from the Omnitrix core into a whole new one. Although, it may take 6-8 Earth weeks depending on how long the Intergalactic Delivery Network takes.

Ethan: What?! Now, hold on a second… I don’t think there’s anything we need to change!

A’taenda: Yes, there is. That thing is way too dangerous to have on your wrist with this flaw, it can lead to deadly consequences that could genetically alter the mind and transform you into a full on Omni-Mutated monster!

Ethan: Really?

A’taenda: Ethan, we don’t have any idea what this new power is going to do to you, or your aliens. It’s best to remove it immediately before risking any further damage to the Omnitrix.

Ethan: You said that I was the best candidate to bear the Omnitrix, and that I can do things like no one else can, right?

A’taenda: And you still are!

Ethan: So trust me when I say I think we can work with this. Think of all the new things we can learn from this! If it’s fusing me with other lifeforms from their planets, I say we take this chance and study to see what each of these aliens can do.

A’taenda: And what if you’re wrong?!

Ethan: You got me there... But usually things end up working out for me in the end. And who better to wield this new ability than yours truly!

A’taenda: You got me there… Ah, what the hell! This is the kind of thing I strive for anyway! Just think of all the possibilities! The new genetic capabilities, the lifeforms we could study! I’ll be the first alien scientist to discover interplanetary biological fusion! This gives me the urge… TO FIX-FIX-FIX!!!! I am so excited! HAHAHA!

[She zoomed around the laboratory at great speed grabbing every piece of technology she could carry.]

Ethan: Glad to see we’re on the same page…

[She stopped running and cleared her throat.]

A’taenda: But you! [Points at Ethan] Check up with me weekly! I wanna be sure this doesn’t genetically alter with you or anything.

Ethan: Will do.

[Ethan looked at the Omnitrix.]

Ethan (Thoughts): A new power… Finally something to amp up my game! I wonder what other kinds of Omni-Splicers I can transform into… I can’t wait!

[We shifted through scenes of Ethan entering inside a club as Alice introduced her to three different females. We cut to a different scene where Ethan was watching a crying Alice before him at sunset. Then we shift to a female pushing another one into a dangerous spot as Ethan widened his eyes and shook.]


Major Events

  • Ethan and Alice have begun their sophomore year, while Terence, Hannibal and Nikki begin their junior year.
  • Terence begins dating May.
  • Zerox makes his Omnitrix Debut.
  • Ethan Omni-Splices for the first time.
  • Omni-Splicer Four Arms makes his Omni-Splicer Debut.
  • Ethan and Alice have yet to hook up.
  • Ethan and A'taenda to decide to explore the Omni-Splicers.


  • Alice out of the way and places Terence into her position before XLR8 charges into him. This is a reference to Day One when Alice was first rammed into by XLR8 when they first met at the start of the school year.
  • Ethan reveals he unlocked Zerox due to losing Echo Echo's DNA to Hex.
  • Tattooed Man reveals how he spent the last 9 months in SACT custody.
  • Alice brings up to Nikki that she and Ethan kissed before the school year ended at the end of Spirited Away, Part 2
  • It's revealed that Ethan and Alice have talked over their kiss and have decided they would start going out together once the school year had started. However they each have yet to bring it up to each other.



  • Tattooed Man
  • Fistrick (cameo)
    • Corvo (cameo)
    • Hoodlum (cameo)
    • Thugg (cameo)

Aliens Used


  • Warrior Fighters C (a play on Dragon Ball FighterZ) is referenced by Hannibal.
  • XLR8 makes a reference to his Ben 10 reboot counterpart when he says the exact same quote before ramming into Terence. This is referenced from the episode "Rustbucket RIP".
  • Alice quotes "Same Old Ethan", being a reference from Mission Impossible: Fallout.
  • Various Pokemon Themes are used in this episode:
    • Let's Go Together!


  • This marks the first time E-10 has reached a second season on Ben10Fanfiction.
    • This also marks the first overall second season in the E-10 franchise.
  • This episode marks the start of a new art style that adds a shading gradient and a shine layer around the characters.
  • This episode airs as a sneak peek to the second season.
  • The opening song has changed to Catch the Moment, performed by LiSA.
  • The ending song has changed to Life, performed by Rude-a.
  • It's revealed by Hannibal that Horizon holds a video game tournament at the start of each school year.
    • One of these games is Warrior Fighters C.
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