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Okay, before you read on, don't worry, this is just a joke ep. this ep is canon to the old Sif 100 which is cancelled, and i'm making this because i feel like being stupid. and don't worry, more Sif 100: The Rebooted Series episodes will come, it isn't cancelled, and the Rebootedverse too. Also, this episode isn't meant to be taken seriously.   

Back in Time
Season 1, Episode TBA
Written by IRONHIDE12
Directed by IRONHIDE12
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Back in time is a Season 1 episode of Sif 100.


(Sif appears to be fighting Mayson in a robot suit)

Sif: Don't be foolish mayson i'm clearly faster and stronger than you. besides how did you escape prison

Mayson: my intelligence is far more superior, it helped me escape, and it'll help me defeat you! 

(Mayson grabs sif and breaks his back; Sif quickly gets up and and punches through Maysons robot suit; Mayson shoots rocket launchers and Sif but he quickly dodges and punches Mayson to the ground)

Sif: And i didn't even have to go Alien to defeat you! You are a weak man. 

(Mayson grabs Sif and flies around earth in circles really fast)


Sif: Clearly you want a taste of WAY BIG! 

(Sif transforms into SifEon and glows purple, and as Mayson flies around earth they travel back in time)

(SifEon lands in the forest but Mayson is nowhere to be found) 

(SifEon changes back but Sif appears to be 10 years old)

Sif: Oh no! What happened! What did Mayson do to me... 

(Suddenly, a giant purple portal appears and a man that looks similar to a human ghost steps out)

Time Death: Hello, Sif. time to die! 

(sif transforms into fireface and shoots flameballs)

sif: not today

time death: yes today

(time death absorbs it and shoots it back and sif falls but sif quickly transforms into goop)

goop: you cant hurt me now time lord! 

time death: yeah right

(Time Death stares at goop and he starts melting and time death shoots heat vision at the ufo and sif changes back)

Sif: theres gotta be a new alien...

(sif transforms into Ghostfreak)

sif: there we go! 

(sif possesses time death and he screams in agony)

Time Death: WHY FATHER! 

(suddenly everything flashes white and we go back to the present and time death turns into mayson)

ghostfreak: so you're time death... 

Mayson: who?

1 day later

Sif (N): Mayson has been defeated and kept in prison, and i'm just waiting for some new awesome villains to come at me! until next time, bye



  • Sif
  • Sif (10 year old self)


  • Time Death
  • Mayson

Aliens Used[]

  • Fire face
  • Ghostfreak
  • Goop
  • SifEon (Accidental transformation selected alien was Way Big)


  • This episode was requested by Migster7.