Season 1


Six months after defeating the Faction a new threat has risen, Improbe, and has a more dangerous power then any other villain. He is a Chronosapien mutated into a fourth Appoplexian for strength, Citrakayah for speed, Ectornite for intagibility, invisiblity and flight and Arachnichimp for agility. He has no weaknesses and he is unstoppable. Ben, now 17, has to fight this mutated Chronosapien to save the Ultiverse.

  1. Pilot 
  2. Chronoplexkaynite
  3. The Ultimate Return
  4. Bounty Camp
  5. When They Coming Around the Mountain...
  6. The Mechanical Man
  7. A Head Start
  8. When There's Trouble
  9. Ten Seconds
  10. 10 Against 10

Season 2



  1. The Lord of Wars
  2. His Brave Princess
  3. The Battle on Khoros
  4. The Galatic Enforcers Return
  5. Fight Fire With Stronger Fire
  6. Meet the Parents
  7. A Rodent Like Creature
  8. Of Predators And Days Go By
  9. The Double Duel
  10. Four!
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