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Season 1 will have five episodes and will introduce the plot.

Pilot: Ben Tennyson's life is changed forever when he finds a mysterious watch called the Omnitrix. This is complicated even further when a mysterious superhero shows up and demands it so he can defeat a familiar enemy.

The Paradox
A box crash-lands in downtown Bellwood, and a time-traveler shows up offering to give Ben his sought-after answers. Coincidence? I think not!

Team Tennyson is kidnapped by Azmuth and the Plumbers, who demand the Omnitrix back since Ben shouldn't have gotten it. Naturally, Vilgax shows up and throws a wrench in the works.

Null and Void
A mad scientist named Dr. Animo tries to cross over into the Null Void, a mysterious alternate dimension, to control the creatures there and take over the world. Only a huge sacrifice can stop him and save the gang.

Plan B
Season finale: Vilgax is back yet again, this time unleashing his Plan B on the team.