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Gwen 10:Beyond the omniverse
Season 1, Episode 2
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Written by IfAiLaTlIfEmAtH (Scene 1)
Thequeenrj2 (Scene 2)
Directed by IfAiLaTlIfEmAtH(Scene 1)
Thequeenrj2 (Scene 2)
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Gwen 10: Beyond the Omniverse: Part 1
BTO Part 3: Ultimate Ghost Ripper

Scene 1

Ben:so we agree its Ghost ripper right

Kevin: Yep

Gwen:I guess

then a portal would open then an white haired Gwen with the shirt 01 Gwen would look confuse because that was her

Gwen:who are you

Person:am Albeda and am here to kill you Gwen Tennyson

Albeda would instantly transform as a cloth would surround her body as a grim ripper scythe would appear and she would grin

Gwen:what Kevin contact all the plumbers

Kevin: but I can-


Ben would take out his blaster and shoots at Albeda but she would dissapear and re appear behind gwen and grabs her arm as its starts to shock her as she destroys the ultimatrix the plumbers would just arrive and start shooting at her as she dissapears

Plumber 1:Gwendolyn are you alright

Gwen:yes but the ultimatrix

just then a portal from galvan prime open and azmuth would come with a new watch

Gwen: azmuth would brings you here

Azmuth:well the tracker on the ultimatrix was destroyed so I though it was the appropriate time to give you the demitrix

Gwen: It’s an Omnitrix

Azmuth: in time you will see its full potential

the watch would latch on to Gwens arm

At Plumber’s HQ

Gwen is looking through her aliens

Gwen: Wait a minute Azmuth only gave me 10 aliens

Ben:and those are

Gwen: Goops and A new alien and some other guys like atomix oh well have you guys seen “Albeda”

Ben: We just spotted her on galvin Prime

Kevin : Let’s go

When they arrived ultimate Humungousaur was trashing the planet

Gwen: time to transform

she would select an alien and slam her hand down and she would grow taller as she become a humoid Dinosaur

Gwen:Humungousaur really well I have to deal with it


Humungosaur and Ultimate Humungousaur clashes with ultimate Humungousaur winning Gwen Demitrix would start to glow and Gwen tap it and a purple helmet would appear with purple armor and a whip would also appear

D. Humungousau: woah this is cool now I know why this is call the Demitrix

Scene 1 end

Scene 2

Meanwhile at Plumber’s HQ

A portal would open and a younger Gwen with a cat shirt would walk out

Max:Gwen is that

Reboot Gwen (or R. Gwen):Grandpa Max why are you so old and where is Ben and who are those people Wait those are aliens they are trying to harm you not on my watch

Reboot Gwen would select a and alien then she would slam her hand down and get a lot taller and grow four arm as her skin turns red

R. Four Arms:Get away aliens

Reboot Four arms Would grab an alien and throw them into the big screen

Max: Wait don't they are my allies

The Omnitrix would time out

R. Gwen:They are sorry guys no hard feelings right

Max:hmm your not our gwen

R.Gwen:Well where is your gwen

Max:On Galvan prime

R.Gwen:Well let me help Her send me to her

Max:Are you sure

Gwen would nod her head

Max:ok but stay out of trouble

Max would put her in a space pod to galvan prime

Gwen:wait tell Ben Finds out I went to space

Mean while at Galvan Prime

D. Humungousaur: I out match you so don’t try

As both Albeda and Gwen time out a pod would crash’s

R.Gwen: *cough* wow this is a cool planet wait how am I breathing AHHHH


R.Gwen:Hmm so the White haired on is the I need to go after alright

Reboot Gwen would transform into Four arms and charge towards Albeda

Scene Ends




  • Albeda

Aliens Used