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The following is a list of episodes for Ben 10: Hero of All Ages . A total of 118 episodes have been confirmed.

Season 1[]

Written by Title Number Overall Number Original Airdate
Jack Ben Tennyson, Dead! 1 1 December 21, 2011
When Jadan kills all Ben Tennysons there is no one to stop him.
Jadan Make Earth Go KABOOM 2 2 January 9, 2012
Vilgax has to kill Psypon and Eon and his entire race to stay loyal to Jadan.
Paradox Restoring It 3 3 Feburary 1st, 2012
Paradox investagates the no Bens alive situation and brings them all back to life and then merges them into one final Ben.
Wait! I Am the Only Ben In Existence? 4 4 Feburary 25, 2012
After finding Gwen dead Ben seeks revenge after Jadan but gets badly injured. His old friends take him in but are afraid he might not survive the next few hours. Meanwhile Jadan becomes more ruthless and hunts down his enemies one by one.
Jadan Will Destroy All! 5 5 March 3, 2012
Jadan breaks in the base and kills a lot of people. But in another room Vilgax breaks Ben from his healing tank which can kill him. It is up to Kevin, Rook and Flive to save Ben before Jadan puts him to sleep.........................................for good this time.
Jack Petrosapien vs. Petrosapien 6 6 March 28, 2012
Hope, Ben and Kevin go to Ledger Domain and revive Tetrax and Max. Ben, Tetrax and Max go to invade Jadan but Adwaita shot Hope in Ledger Domain and she is badly injured. With a dying breath she calls them. Will the trio defeat their worst enemy or help their best ally?
Jack Fight Fire With Fire 7 7 April 5, 2012
After shooting Charmcaster in the head, Aggregor attacks with Jadan and Vilgax he absorbs then kills a lot of the remainning team. Ben, a little mental from killing Hope must kill him. Is he up for some more killing?
Jack Thinking About Our Future 8 8 May 15, 2012
After the big funeral and very little people left. Ben, Kevin, Shipey,Rook and Tetrax seek out for a new home. Although when they reach Los Soledad and they think it will be a cozy fit there is a very big suprise for them when they arrive.
Jack Awaken In the Darkness 9 9 June 4, 2012
Zs'Skayr's minions realize that Jadan killed their mastered and wants revenge. It's up to Vilgax to kill them but when Ben comes he doesn't know who he should help.
Jack A Storm Is Brewing 10 10 June 7, 2012
Ben has to fight Vilgax when he tries to attack a sick Kevin but Ben gets stuck in his Stormfron form. When Vilgax captures him and brings him to Jadan, Stormfront makes a very large sacrifice.

Jadgax Part 1

11 11 June 30, 2012
When Vilgax decides to rebel against Jadan there is major consequenses.
Jack Jadgax Part 2 12 12 July 6, 2012
After Jadan absorbed Vilgax and Aggregor (killing them) he sets himself after Ben and co. seeking to kill them to with all of his new power. When Ben's Alientrix goes Haywire and blast Jadgax Ben wonders if he is going crazy.
Jack Vegence With A Hint of Revenge 13 13 July 8, 2012
Since Jadgax is gone Ben thinks all is well but Albedo, Addwaita, Ignitus and the Yelandooshi invade with an army of Scrutins and Palorfaygs.

Ben's Mistake

14 14 TBA
With some very dark magic, Ben is able to revive Gwen but she is...different.
Jack The Evil Anodite 15 15 TBA
A rogue Gwen continues to roam through the galaxy desperate for power but when see comes across an old enemy who makes a deal with her, she doesn't know what she has gotten into.
Jack The Last Straw 16 16 TBA
When Gwen murders an innocent human baby, Ben thinks she has crossed the line. So Ben retrieves Ascalon from Jadan's old labratory to attack Gwen but finds someone there is unexpected, very unexpected.
Jack An Old Enemy 17 17 TBA
When an old, unexpected enemy returns Ben must figure out whether he is telling the truth and wants to reform or just another spy for Jadan.
Jack Prepare For the Worst 18 18 TBA
Hurricane Jack goes up to a category five when strikes and to make matters worse Jadan invaded Los Soledad.
Jack Jadan's Final Stand Part 1 19 19 TBA
The hurricane gone. Soledad left in Ruins. Ben has to put an end to Jadan with an alien that is impossible to control.
Jack Jadan's Final Stand Part 2 20 20 TBA
Still stuck inside the alien Jadan attacks again with Ben frozen who can save them?

Season 1 Specials[]

Jack Gwen-Kevin: Hiding Or Hunted 1 1 TBA
A story of how Gwen and Kevin lived after Ben died before they died when Jadan blew up the Earth.
Jack Jadan: The Hunt For Ascalon 2 2 TBA
A story of how Jadan how he got the power to make Ascalon appear out of thin air.
Jack Meet the Parents 3 3 TBA
A movie of right after Jadan was born and his life as a child.
Ben 10,000: Hero to All 4 4 TBA
Ben's, Gwen's, Kevin's and Rook's lives before Jadan became a threat.
A Dirty Slave 5 5 TBA
A story of how Vilgax lost to Jadan.
Look For Your Heroes

Crossover with Look For Your Mana

6 6 Jack and Chrono

Season 2[]

"I Need A Utility" 1 21 Jack
A new threat name Utilty arrives. He is a fusion of all species! Can he be even more powerful than Jadan? Will Ben and co. be able to stop him? Well, welcome to season 2.

Ben reciedves word that Utility is full of dark blood, a posion so deadly that a whole planet can die within minutes from it.

"Dark Blood" 2 22 Jack

When Ben regains Upchuck he gets corrupted in an eating habit then barfing. Utilty arrives and Kevin has no idea what to do.

"Upchucked" 3 23 Jack

Ben is sick and tries to defeat Utility with a new hot fiesty hot alien. A new blue alien. Can he master this aliens powers?

"Blue Hot" 4 24 Jack

Ben shows true love to Shipey when he sacrifices his right hand to save her life.

"True Love" 5 25 Jack

Utility starts taking over the galaxy and he start with Vulpin.

"Journey To Vulpin" 6 26 Jack
Ben discovers an evolutionary feature called "Super Forms". "Super Charged" 7 27 Jack
When Vilgax returns he goes back in time and absorbs Vilcugon so now he teams up with Utility to conquer the Galaxy. "Vilcugon Returns" 8 28 Jack
Rook has been acting strange. Ben thinks he is a spy. But really he is just upset about his species becoming extinct. Ben goes after him. Can Rook convince him in time? "'Rook, A Traitor?'''' " 8.5 28.5 Jack
A Rook clone joins the Forever Knights and rules them. Ben is devastated and regretting killing the real Rook. "Forever King Rook" 9 29 Jack
Vilcugon's time machine goes haywire and blasts dinosaurs to the present. "Terra Nova" 9.5 29.5 Jack
Ben is attacked by his super forms! He must go beg to OmniEye for help since he is upset with Ben. "Super Natraul" 10 30 Jack
Forever Kinght Rook-bot returns with his Forever Knights and are after Tetrax. "Death By A Blue Alien" 11 31 Jack
"Invaders On Chronia" TBA 12 32 Jack
Utility and Vilcugon go to Chronia and attempt to rule that planet too.
"Ax Attack" TBA 13 33 Jack
Myaxx returns from the dead mysteriously and has some new sweet powers.
"Going Into Labor" TBA 14 34 Jack
Julie is going into labor with her baby.
"Green Lava" TBA 15 35 Jack
Ben returns to Vulpin for an antodyte to save Julie from dying of giving birth. Since Vilcugon rules this planet it will be a little bit harder.
"Tools, Utilities," TBA 16 36 Jack
Utility betrays Vilcugon and removes him from the timestream and he reappears as normal Vilgax.
"Attack On Augustaka" TBA 17 37 Jack
Utilitiy attacks the Highbreed.
"The Exterminator" TBA 18 38 Jack
Utility goes and tries to conquer the Hive Planets
"Wet Wars" TBA 19 39 Jack
On Pisciss Utiity kills Pyke and Patelday. Ben must save the remaining inhabitats.
"A Deadly Duel" TBA 20 40 Jack
On Khoros Utility has a new strategy to conquer this planet.
"Put the Pieces In the Puzzle" TBA 21 41 Jack
Somehow Perplexahedron is back and inhabitated with the guards. The Sentinel's family try to help Ben but end up getting in the way.
"The Opposite Forces" TBA 22 42 Jack
On Gourmand Ben decides to team up with someone equal to him to defeat Utility. Albedo.
"10 Of A Kind" TBA 23 43 Jack
After betraying Ben, Albedo starts the new Negative 10.
"The Super Attack" TBA 24 44 Jack
Ben unlocks a whole batch of Super Forms and goes after Utility on Pyros.
"Ben 1,000,000" TBA 25 45 Jack
Ben travels to the future and meets his future self 20 years from now.
"Ultimate Gax Part 1" TBA 26 46 Jack
Vilgax is healthy again and absorbs some sort of power so big that he is invincible. The Codon Stream.
"Ultimate Gax Part 2" TBA 27 47 Jack
Utilty conquers Ultimate Vigax and Primus for his own.
"No Thanks Given" TBA 28 48 Jack
Julie prays and prays for safety then she is captured by Utlity.
"Festival of Death" TBA 29 49 Jack
On Coleop Terra Utilty kills the inhabitats and conquers it. Ben arrived to late. How can he help the,?
"Race to Kinet" TBA 30 50 Jack
Utility and Ben race to Kinet through space. Who will get there first and even more important, alive?
"Blast to the Past" TBA 31 51 Jack
Ben travels to the past and see how childish he really was.
"Sonic Boom" TBA 32 52 Jack
On Sonoriscia Ben gets a major headache and almost dies. To make matters worse he still can't find Julie.
"Utility In Court" TBA 33 53 Jack
Ben takes Utility to the high court but the trial isn't very fond of him.
"War On Viscosia" TBA 34 54 Jack
The inhabitats attack Utlity. Both are invicible. Who will win?
"Hathor's Defeat" TBA 35 55 Jack
Ben arrives to late. Way to late. The planet burnt and in ruins. He has an alien that can revive it but is it worth the risk?
"A Ghost Story" TBA 36 56 Jack
On Anur Phantos Zs'Skayr posesses Utility. Can Ben defeat two-in-one?
"Necrofriggans Attack" TBA 37 57 Jack
On Necrofrigga Ben is stuck as Big Chill and he visits his offsprings. Unfortuneatly Utility kills them. Great.
"Welcome to Osmos V" TBA 38 58 Jack
On Osmos V Ben finally rescues Julie but has his life drained from Aggregor. Utility then absorbs Aggregor.
"Galvan Mark 3" TBA 39 59 Jack
Utility destroy Galvan Prime so Ben must help with the rebuilding .
"Methanosians Hate Snow" TBA 40 60 Jack
On Methanosia Utility causes it to snow. That kills the inhabitats. Can Ben save them?
"Return to the Forge" TBA 41 61 Jack
Utility goes after the Forge. Ben can't lose this time.Even though he has lost everytime. He asks help from a certain Celestialsapien who owes him a debt.
"Energy For Energia" TBA 42 62 Jack
Utility X goes to Energia to absorb more power. With Ben dead who can stop him?
"Ledger Domain Dead" TBA 43 63 Jack
Utility X goes to Ledger Domain and absorbs everything there. Still, Ben is dead. How can he be stopped?
"Diagons Dimension Conquered" TBA 44 64 Jack
Utility X Domain goes to another dimension and absorbs the power. Kevin and the Lucubras go after him. Will that be enough?
"Top Dog" TBA 45 65 Jack
Utility conquers Earth and starts to terroize people. What can Kevin and co. do?
"Castaway" TBA 46 66 Jack
Ben is alive, but floating somewhere in space. Somewhere.
"Revenge Of A Dead Slave" TBA 47 67 Jack
Ben returns and is after Utility. It all ends here. All or nothing. Unfortuneatly, Utility has all and Ben has nothing.
"Burnt To a Crisp" TBA 48 68 Jack
Utility has mastered pyrokinesis and tries it during round two of this battle.
"Triple Agent" TBA 49 69 Jack
Ben has trainer who is also a bartender and a spy.
"The Howl" TBA 50 70 Jack
Ben gets stuck as Benwolf as the battle for the galaxy continues.
"Upgrade-ed" TBA 51 71 Jack
Upgrade gets Upgraded by Azmuth turning him into Epik Upgrade!
"Super Grade" TBA 52 72 Jack
Ben gets corrupted as Super Grade and finally kills Utility.
"A New Battle" TBA 53 73 Jack
Myaxx is revealed to be Vilgax's wife, Vyaxx. She tries to assassinate Ben.
"Rouge-Adon" TBA 54 74 Jack
A Techadon goes rogue and learns to kill without mercy.
"Ben Vs. Predator" TBA 55 75 Jack
A Predator alien comes and is after Ben.
"Kenny's First Word" TBA 56 76 Jack
Kenny's first word is Murder. Ben is scared now. Only a murderer would teach Kenny that word.
"Dead" TBA 57 77 Jack
Ben is very upset to find his cousin (Not Gwen) slaughtered in front of Kenny's eyes.
"A Deadly Return" TBA 58 78 Jack
An old enemy returns and joins the Negative 10.
"10 Against 10" TBA 59 79 Jack
Jadan, Albedo, Yelandooshi, Adwaita, Clancy, Vyaxx, Forever King Rook-Bot, Trumbipulor, Inspector #13 and Predator (Negative 10) attack Los Soledad with a weak Stanly twin dying.
"Great Power" TBA 60 80 Jack
Ben learns the true meaning of power.
"Smaller Than Tiny" TBA 61 81 Jack
The Nanochip return without Elena. They are wild and they are murderers.
"Mission: Possible" TBA 62 82 Jack
Ben tries to make the Negative 10 and Nanochips kill each other out.
"Life Equals Frenzy" TBA 63 83 Jack
The Nanochips are in a frenzy. Barely any Negative 10 members survived and they scattered and ran.
"Fresh Blood" TBA 64 84 Jack

Ben uses Alien X and restores everything from Utility's harm but the Yelandooshi returns while he is frozen.

"A Miserable Death" TBA 65 85


As Ben called it Kevin's death was miserable and he is out to find out who murdered him.

Season 2 Specials[]

Jack TBA 1 TBA
Jack TBA 2 TBA

Season 3[]

On July 6, 2012 Jack confirmed a third season with at least thirty three episodes in it. It is confirmed that Jadan's army fleet finally makes it to Earth with Roar and attack.

Season 4[]

From July 8, 2012 there has been rumour of a fourth and fifth season but no info has been released.

Season 5[]

From July 8, 2012 there has been rumour of a fourth and fifth season but no info has been released.

Unknown Season Episode Names[]

  • Agree To Disagree
  • Rip Current
  • Flotation
  • Omnitrix City (Episode)
  • Inspector Number 10
  • Flashforwards
  • The Dwarf Man
  • Reptile Slime
  • The Death Ball
  • Independence Day
  • The Day the Ben Stood Still
  • Ben-Rex Vs. The League of Blood (Triology)
  • Stare Down
  • The Wedding
  • All Grown Up