This game has been cancelled by CaT due to high investment, low reward. It may return at some point, but for the foreseeable future, it will no longer be worked on.


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BTFF RPG: The Next Evolution
Series BTFF RPG (Canonically)
CaT's RPGs (Technically)
Genre RPG
Release Date 2017
Platforms PC/Mac
Created By CaT
Game Guide
Spooktober RPG

BTFF RPG: The Next Evolution is the upcoming third installment in the BTFF RPG franchise, acting as a sequel to the first BTFF RPG and the Spooktober RPG.

It is planned to replace the cancelled BTFF RPG X2: Evolution, as the first BTFF RPG X game was never made and much of X2's planned content was rendered null and void by various community issues.


Over a year after the events of the original BTFF RPG and some months since the events of the Spooktober RPG, CaT has been investigating the presence of a supposed anomaly seemingly connected to the origins of BTFF's metaphysical realm. Things start to go wrong, however, as villains are once again brought to life and unleashed upon the wiki by an unknown force.

Unable to fight this new threat alone, CaT brings in a team of users to defeat these villains and reveal the morbid story behind the wiki's manifestation, both of which would be much easier if there didn't seem to be some enigmatic force working against them...


BTFF RPG: The Next Evolution will carry over most of the mechanics from the first game, along with mechanics originally intended for X2.

  • Evolution: Most playable aliens will have the ability to Evolve into a new form during battle when their Tech Points have reached maximum capacity. These Evolutions will wear off at the end of each battle, so use them wisely!
  • Resonant Soul Attacks: If two users who have a connection of some sort are in the party together, they will gain the option to use a 'Resonant Soul' attack, which involves both of them cooperating to perform a powerful move. These moves are undodgeable and are immune to most damage modifiers.
  • Character Badges: Various Badges featuring various things from around the wiki can be collected in game, with one on each level. You'll probably need to go through each level twice to find them all, but it's worth it, as they have a variety of effects that can make the game much easier.

Playable Characters

New Users

User Alien
Ulti Glitch
Alan Lavalamp/Ultimate Lavalamp
Steve Loch Ness/Ultimate Loch Ness
Reo Smallarge/Ultimate Smallarge
Ultra Viris (Tech 10: Rebooted)/Ultimate Viris (Tech 10: Rebooted)
Aaron MindMatter

Returning Users

User Alien
CaT Electrolite (Tech 10: Rebooted)/Ultimate Electrolite
Mig Bomb 2 Hell/Ultimate Bomb 2 Hell
Yopo Silver Mt. Zion


  1. Undecided
  2. Snyder Prison from Hean 10
  3. Soledad Medical Center from Mig X: Revolution
  4. Esoterica Castle from John Smith 10
  5. Undecided

Resonant Soul Attacks

Users Name Description
Migster7 and Yoponot Centipede Strike Migster7 and Yoponot weave around their target in a centipede-like pattern, then unleash an all-out attack.
Migster7 and Alanomaly/ZeVikingSif Wolfpack Rush Migster7 and Alan release the dogs of war. Literally. Wolves. All over the place. It's a mess.


If you were disappointed about X2 getting cancelled, or just think this game is a cool idea, go ahead and sign away!


  • This game was created to replace BTFF RPG X2 when the latter fell apart due to various problems.
  • This game will be developed on RPG Maker MV instead of RPG Maker VX Ace, making it more modern than the two preceding games.
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