The episode guide of BTFF: New Recruits.

Season 01

Episode 01:Newbie Beginnings Part 1

Pug is beheaded in the Batlle of Chaturn, forcing him to join a team of New Recruits.

Episode 02: Newbie Beginnings Part 2

When a mysterious alien captures Trout, it's up to the gang to save him.

Episode 03: Pug's Insanity

Pug goes insane. Nuff said.

Episode 04: Easter Puggy Fananabaganza

Easter Special.

Episode 05 & 06: The NegaTrout Saga

05: When the New Recruits are captured by a gang of pirates, they must face a barbaric Luma. 6: The Recruits escape Blubs and crash-land on Terrexcava- but then they see a figure that looks a lot like Nathan...

Episode 07: Reign of Fire

Kai turns to the dark side, and goes on a fiery rampage.

Episode 08: Blobfish

Pug drags everyone to the aquarium, which they soon learn is a gateway to another dimension.

Episode 09: A New World Part 1


Episode 10: A New World Part 2


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