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BTFF: The Inside Journey (formerly BTFF 10) is an User based series by Reo 54. See This Blog for more info. It is now owned by Ben10fan3


Originaly 10 users get trapped inside Ben 10 fanfiction wikia. The users have to travel through the wikia pages (and Blog Posts, Pics and other stuff, except Chat). To get to the main series page, in which they can get out. Originally the users get sucked inside the wikia because they all edited the same page at the same page. The main villain is YJ (Lego or Ahmad told Reo, Reo thinks it was Lego). Well he tried to create evil clones of the users trapped inside, but there were some glitches and some good clones came out. When the users are progressing, YJ sucks in more users and tries to convince them so they would join him and his evil clones, some do, some don't. YJ has also hacked the wikia, thanks to his evil clones, he has turned almost every Character/Alien/Villain in the wikia against them. Will they Survive? Find out only in BTFF: The Inside Journey.


The Ten



Good Clones a.k.a Glitches

  • Skeil (Sklei's good clone)
  • Amad (Ahmad's good clone)
  • Kress (Kross's good clone)
  • Greenbloxx (Greenbox's good clone)



  • The Virus
  • Kross
  • Mon


  • YJ 

Evil Clones

  • Rao (Reo's evil clone)
  • ISN (ISM's evil clone)
  • Ahmed (Ahmad's evil clone)
  • Utli (Ulti's evil clone)
  • FH (HF's evil clone)
  • Ran (Ren's evil clone)
  • Altru (Ultra's evil clone)
  • Brai (Bry's evil clone)
  • Makr (Mark's evil clone)
  • Dimond (Diamond's evil clone)
  • Lz (Ls's evil clone)
  • Falme (Flame's evil clone)
  • BTH3 (BTF3's evil clone)
  • Bluewatch (Greenbox's evil clone)


BTFF 10/Episodes

Fan List


  • Reo got the idea from Chaturn 10: Fan Force
  • The Logo was made by Ren