BTFF: New Recruits: Quest of Derp
Series BTFF: New Recruits
Genre Action, Adventure
Platforms Wii U




Playstaion Whatevers

Created By Pug
Game Guide

BTFF: New Recruits: Quest of Derp is a video game in BTFFNR.


I dont know.

Playable Characters

Battle Arena (BA) Only Characters

  • Diamondface (Unlocked, with BA Mode, when the Final Level is completed)
  • Ben 10,000 (Unlocked with 30 battles in BA)
  • Kross Kothen (Unlocked with all members of Pug's Army are found)

Non-Playable Characters

Story Mode

In Story Mode, the player can play as two New Recruits, to complete wesomesauce levels. In each level, there is a member of Pug's Army that can be found.

Level 01: The Sands of Terrexcava

Dark sends Pug and Bloxx to Terrexcava, where they find Kross. [Enemies: Talpaedans, Desawks] [Boss: Kross as Slamworm]

Level 02: The Ship from Terradino

Finding a ship in the desert, Pug and Bloxx decide to investigate. [Enemies: Vaxasuarians, Drones] [Boss: Evax]

Level 03: H20 Outbreak

Back at the Plumber Headquarters, Water floods the Base, will Ben 10 Fan and Trout survive? [Enemies: Anti-Gravity Projectors] [Boss: H20 Guy]

Level 04: Together Again

Dark, Trout, and Ben 10 Fan pick up Pug and Bloxx, and zoom of into the jungles of Saltalta. [Enemies: Saltanoids, Saltanoid Warriors, Altabirs] [Boss: Kross as Mucilator]

Level 05: Dungeon Crawl!

Discovering a dungeon on Saltalta, the New Recruits investigate. [Enemies: Saltanoid Statues, Saltalta Spiders, Giant Saltanoid Foot, Fire Saltanoid Statues] [Boss: Giant Saltanoid-Pyronite Statue]

Level 06: Bigger Than we Thought

Discovering a civilzation of Pyronites deep in the dungeon, the New Recruits must kick them out! [Enemies: Pyronites, Perrocoal's Species, Lava Fish] [Boss: Evolved Pyronite Leader, Zum]

Battle Arena

In the Battle Arena Game Mode, up to four players compete in battle, in a SSBB style.

Arena 01: Terrexcava

The stage moves right, and the players must keep up the place... or die! It starts out in a desert, then moves into a dungeon. After a while sand blows at the screen, and the players are back at the beginning.

Arena 02: Pyros

The stage has lava on the edges of the screen and a lavafall in the background. Occasionally, the lavafall overflows, where the stage turns into a three platform falling-thingy. The players fall down to a volcano, where it soon blasts them up, three platform-thingy, and back to the start.

Four More Arenas to be Done!

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