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Sensing opponents heart rate, lie detection, fast thinking

First Used In:

Gut of the Problem

BPMamba is an alien available to Kristen in the show KrisTen.


  • Extremely fast mental and physical reaction time due to enhanced nervous system.
  • Has a “sixth sense” that allows it to track the heart rate of those around it
  • Can use the aforementioned sense to read people’s reactions and emotions, detect lies, and predict when they’re about to make a risky maneuver of some sort.
  • All of these powers combined make it one of the smoothest talkers in the whole galaxy, able to manipulate others easily through speech.
  • Very fast moving, and has a powerful jaw. It can also constrict people.
  • Bite can deliver a small electric shock, no more than enough to paralyze a person. It is enough, however, to interfere with electrical currents in machinary (not like chomping on the wires wouldn't break the thing anyway...)


  • Its brain is spread out through its entire spinal column, so any strong enough blow to anywhere on his body can result in brain damage.
  • Although it can think faster naturally than others, it sometimes thinks a little too fast and ends up making stupid mistakes that defy common sense.
  • It is way to opportunistic for its own good, and tends to struggle with morality.
  • It has no grasping mechanisms- not even the tail is good for fine motor manipulation thanks to the bulb at the end- which can be problematic.
  • Although this isn't a fault of the alien, Kristen does not know how to speak very well at the beginning of the series, so the fast talking becomes much more difficult.


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