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Ben 10 - Hero
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date June 1, 2020
Written by Lentus07 0
Directed by Lentus07 0
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S01E03 - Flight Mode
S01E05 - Seven Days



Jetray is outside a plumber ship, lazering some circuits with his eyes.

Jetray: “I think it’s ready, Rook.”

Rook: “It is. Come back in.”

Inside the ship are Blu, Rook and Gwen Tennyson. Blu and Gwen are talking to each other.

Gwen: “Forgot to say this, Blu; but it’s really nice to finally meet you.”

Blu: “You as well, Gwen. But I wish it was on better circumstances.”

Gwen: “Huh?”

Blu: “I knew about you before I got the powers. Was a big fan of yours and your magical ways. Even had a… Lucky Girl cosplay.”

Gwen [in an exited, happy tone]: “Oh my gosh, I have to see that at some point!”

Blu: “Sure! ...So what made you come on this quest?”

Gwen: “Well, me and Ben were planning to hang out for awhile now. I was free today, but he was gonna do this mission, so he just invited me to come along.”

Blu: “Well, Ben promised that this isn’t a ‘mission’. They’re just trying to bring me back to normal, is all.”

Rook is talking to his tablet.

Rook: “We’re on our way, Doctor. Are you sure you have the cure to get rid of Blu Summers’ Celestialsapien powers?”

Doctor Animo: “Yes, I’m positive I have it. But if it doesn’t work, it really shouldn’t have any negative affects anyway.”

Gwen: “Am I hallucinating, or are you talking to Doctor Animo on that tablet?”

Rook: “Sorry Gwen that I didn’t fill you in on this, thought you knew…”

“…Animo is a Plumber Asset now. It all started when a situation came where we had to take any help we could get, that’s where Animo applied and fixed the situation.”

Ben [as he comes into the ship and charges back to himself]: “Yeah. Animo’s cool now.”

Gwen: “You’re one to believe that.”

Ben: “Don’t be paranoid, Gwen. Animo comes in really handy… I always knew he had potential, and he’s finally putting it to good use.”

After an hour, they are on the location.

Rook: “We’re here, guys: Planet Nekozu.”

Meanwhile on the planet, in a hanger; a Methanosian (Swampfire’s race), a Lepidopterran (Stinkfly’s race) and an Atrocian (The Worst’s race) are planning Ben Tennyson’s demise.

Lepidopterran: “He’s here, should we initiate?”

Atrocian: “Yes. Bring the Doctor here.”


The Plumber ship lands on Nekozu’s surface. The crew get out.

Ben: “Welcome to Nekozu! Where a diverse population of all kinds of aliens live…”

“…It’s basically Undertown, but a planet.”

Gwen: “Ben, people are looking at us weird.”

Blu: “Yeah, have we done something wrong?”

Ben notices the disgusted reaction of citizens.

Ben: “It’s probably just them being fascinated by me.”

Ben turns into Fasttrack.

Fasttrack: “Welp, gotta go to Animo’s house.”

Fasttrack speeds away.

Blu: “Don’t bother giving us a lift, nuh!”

Gwen creates a teleportation field around her and the rest of the crew.

Gwen: “Don’t worry, I got us covered-- Abaeo Exorior!

They get teleported.

In Animo’s house, Fasttrack is wrecking the place.

Rook [as he is teleported by Gwen]: “Ben, what are you doing?”

Fasttrack [as he is looking into a drawer]: “Looking for Animo, he’s not here.”

Blu: “I can use my powers to find him, or to figure out if he has been kidnapped or something…”

Fasttrack: “Wait, I’ll handle it.” [Turns into Clockwork]

Clockwork: “CLOCKWORK!”

Clockwork displays a repeat of the past, shows Animo getting attacked and kidnapped by a Methanosian.

[Charges back to himself]Ben: “Clumsy as usual, Doc.”

Ben hands Gwen one of Animo’s possessions.

Ben: “Can you show us where he is now on the map?”

Gwen displays a map on the wall with the target pointed out, using Animo’s possession.

Ben: “Thanks. Gwen or Rook; one of you should stay here with Blu, while I go get Animo back with the other one of you.”

Gwen: “I’ll stay with him.”

Blu: “Wait, why should we stay here?”

Ben: “Precautions. You shouldn’t get into a situation, remember?”

Blu: “*Sigh* Fine.”

Gwen holds Blu’s shoulder: “It’s okay.”

Ben looks to Rook.

Ben: “Well partner, you ready to go?”

Rook: “Ready as always, Ben.”

Ben and Rook get out and close the door.

Gwen: “Just to clarify,… we are totally finding Animo for ourselves.”

Blu: “Cool.”

The Atrocian is watching Ben and Rook walk on Nekozu’s streets on his monitor.

Atrocian: “Did the Oryctini agree to the payment?”

Methanosian: “Yes.”

Atrocian: “Then send him to them.”

Ben and Rook as they’re walking;

Ben: “Okay Rook, I didn’t wanna ask this in front of Blu and Gwen, but why are the aliens here looking at us weird?”

Rook: “I don’t know. Maybe it’s the names you chose for your transformations. Some alien races don’t like or react nicely to that.”

Ben: “Wow, that was by far the most stupidest take I’ve ever heard from you. I mean, which alien race would care what a dumb human kid like me calls them?”

Rook: “You’re a universal icon, aren’t you?”

Ben: “My names aren’t even offensive, dude. Stop it.”

Suddenly an Oryctini (Eatle’s race) lands in front of them.

Rook: “Well, it’s more than just looking at us weird now.”

[Ben slams the Omnitrix and turns into Four Arms] Four Arms: “Come here, you stupid Rhino!...”

Rook facepalms.

Four Arms: “…LOOK HERE, ROOK! It doesn’t have anything to do with--”

Oryctini attacks Four Arms and pushes him to a building wall.

Four Arms punches him, Oryctini gets thrown away.

Four Arms: “You should’ve picked on someone on your own level!”

Oryctini leans and eats the ground, and shoots a beam from his horn.

Four Arms shields his arms and withstands the beam.

Four Arms: “That…hurt.”

Four Arms progresses towards the Oryctini intensely, until he charges back to Ben.

Ben: “WAIT. What?! This should not happen anymore!”

Oryctini prepares his beam, Rook rushes, holds Ben and gets themselves thrown away and dodges the beam.

Rook and Ben stand up.

Rook: “What’s wrong?!”


Rook: “Well, figure something out!”

Rook puts out his Proto-Tool and shoots the Oryctini with it. Oryctini roars and attacks Rook, Rook dodges it.

Rook: “Huh. I know what to do.”

He runs around the Oryctini and puts out a round lazer line with the Proto-Tool.

Rook: “BEN! Turn into a Sphoeroid!”

Ben: “A what?!”

Rook: “I don’t want to have to say the inappropriate name you chose for it!”



Ben turns into Spitter.

The Oryctini prepares another beam.

Spitter extracts toxic orange vomit under Oryctini’s feet. Oryctini slips on the vomit, shoots the beam to the ground and gets high up, and when the beam stops, falls on his head and breaks his horn.

Rook: “Who you think might’ve sent him?”

[Charges back to himself] Ben: “Probably the same people that kidnapped Animo. Come on, let’s go.”

Gwen and Blu are walking down the sewer lines in the underground.

Gwen: “Sorry we’re going down this way, wanted to do something unique to what’s Ben doing.”

Blu: “It’s okay, Gwen. Don’t take any pressure on yourself, especially on my account.”

Gwen: “So how it’s been, adventuring with Ben and the Plumbers and all?”

Blu: “It’s… very nice. Before this, I was just sleeping on my bed and watching TV. Part of me even doesn’t want my powers removed.”

Gwen: “Then keep ‘em! Why not?”

Blu: “A human with Celestialsapien powers is too dangerous, that’s what Ben tells me.”

Gwen: “Of course! Ben always is the looking at the negative side…”

Blu: “He’s right, I could end up hurting others, or myself. And I really don’t wanna hurt myself. I’m afraid of it… I’m…”

Blu falls on his knees, Gwen gets down and holds him.

Gwen: “Blu, are you okay?”

Blu: “I’m…I’m fine now. Thank you.”

They get up.

Gwen: “Don’t mention it, maybe it wasn’t a good idea going our own way towards Animo…”

Suddenly Blu gets shot at by a green goo, extracted from a Lepidopterran.

Lepidopterran: “This way is closed, human.”

Gwen: “Blu, I’ll handle this, you don’t have to do anything.”

Gwen shoots energy beams at the Lepidopterran, he dodges them.

Gwen: “Augh…fine. Exige Animus Omnivus!

Lepidopterran’s soul gets stripped away from him.

After that, Gwen frees Blu from the goo.

Gwen: “We should get back, who knows how many more we’re dealing with here.”

Blu: “Agreed.”

Gwen looks at the Lepidopterran’s dead body.

Gwen: “Aw, why did it have to be a Stinkfly? That was Kevin’s favorite alien…”

Ben and Rook kick into the door of the secret hanger where Animo is captured, and come in.

Ben: “Well, this place is awfully dark and empty.”

Methanosian comes: “Then let me light it up for you!”

Ben and Rook see the Methanosian with fireballs on his hands.

Ben: “How many we’re dealing with here, Rook?”

Rook: “My scanner only picks up two other life-forms. We should be good, considering one of them is probably Animo.”

Ben: “Cool.”

Methanosian: “Aren’t you gonna transform, Ben?”

Ben: “I am. Let’s fight fire with fire.

Ben slams the Omnitrix and turns into a new Alien, that is a worm like creature with a big head, later named Metavision.

Metavision: “What? Who’s this?!...Oh man, I really need to get this watch fixed!”

The Methanosian shoots fireballs at him; he gets thrown away and injured upon impact.

Metavision: “Ahhh…no…*cough* I can’t…move…*cough* *cough*”

The Methanosian progresses towards Metavision.

Metavision shoots a blue beam out of his exposed brain that is contained by blue glass; Methanosian gets thrown away and hits the wall.

Rook gets in front of the Methanosian’s fallen body, and points the Proto-Tool at him.

Rook: “Stand down, Methanosian. You are under arrest by the Plumbers for attacking…”

Metavision, by using telepathy, gets into Rook’s head.

Metavision: “Rook, dodge!”

Methanosian shoots a fireball, Rook dodges.

Rook: “Ben? You’re in my head?”

Metavision: “Yes, this alien stinks and is down. You have to take on the Swampfire alien on your own-- LOOK OUT!”

Methanosian shoots another fireball, Rook dodges again.

Rook: “Can’t you just turn into another alien?”

Metavision: “I can’t! The Master Control is busted, and I don’t know why!”

Rook: “Well, can you give any instructions on how I’m supposed to beat this thing?”

Metavision: “The black parts on his body. They seem to be his weak points.”

Rook: “Got it.”

Rook fires at the black parts of the Methanosian’s body, the alien falls down in agony. He seems to be remaining in that state.

Methanosian: “Oooooooooookhh…”

Rook: “Done!”

Metavision: “Good for you, now help me turn back to myself please!”

Rook sees an Atrocian running away, and shoots at him.

With the Atrocian and Methanosian hand cuffed to a wall pipe, Ben and Rook are interrogating them.

Ben: “Where is Dr. Animo?”

Atrocian: “We will never tell you, you degenerate!”

Methanosian: “Behind the wall in the box over there.”

Rook goes to get Animo.

Ben: “I don’t get it, what was your issue with me?”

Atrocian: “Our issue with you is that you’re a racist degenerate!”

Ben: “W…wait, what?”

Methanosian: “Yeah, why do you run around and call our people a swamp, Ben?!”

Rook starts laughing.

Atrocian: “And why do you call my race The Worst? That’s kinda discriminative, don’t you think?!”

Rook, while getting Animo out of the box: “Yeah, Ben, what do you have to say for yourself?”

Ben: “This:”

Ben holds a button and the aliens get teleported to a Plumber prison.

Ben: “Let’s take Animo and get back to the house.”

20 minutes later, in his house, Dr. Animo is preparing his Creative Pencil machine, with Ben, Rook, Blu and Gwen being there.

Ben: “So what is this machine, Doc?”

Animo: “It’s the Creative Pencil. It can alter reality and was first sighted on this planet’s moon.”

Gwen: “Maybe we should test this before…”

Ben: “We have no choice, Gwen. This could be the only thing that could get Blu rid of his overpowered abilities, or to at least lemmatize them to standard ground… Punch it, doc.”

Animo: “With pleasure!”

Animo activates the Pencil, and a beam comes out of it’s tip towards Blu.




Gwen shoots energy at the Pencil. Nothing happens.




Ben turns into Alien X, shows a thumbs up to Blu and proceeds to make a circle on the air. Blu does the same thing.

Alien X sends the circle to the Pencil, so does Blu.

The Pencil gets destroyed.

When the smoke clears, Ben charges back to himself and confronts Animo.

Animo: “Look, I didn’t have any idea it could--”

Ben: “You’re fired, Animo. Your badge, NOW.”

Rook: “Ben, he didn’t know. He just wanted to help--”

Animo: “No, he’s right; I almost killed your friend. Here’s the badge.”

Animo takes out his Plumber badge. Ben thinks to himself.

Ben: “Keep it, it was a miscalculation. You might still have fixed Blu.”

Blu, as he is standing up: “I do feel weaker. But how do we make sure?”

Gwen: “Teleport an Elephant here.”

Blu tries to teleport an Elephant from a Zoo on Earth.

Blu: “Can’t do it… I’m fixed!”

Ben takes a can out of the ground and throws it towards Blu.

Blu shoots it with a beam.

Ben: “Not entirely. After this, we should run a test on you.”

Blu: “Like… what kind of a test?”

Next Episode: SEVEN DAYS

Noteworthy Events

  • Fasttrack, Four Arms, Spitter and Metavision make their first debut.
  • Blu's powers get limited.
  • The Pencil of Creation (called the Creative Pencil mistakenly by Animo) is discovered and proven to mess with the Omnitrix, before getting disassembled by Alien X and Blu.


  • Ben
  • Blu
  • Rook
  • Gwen
  • Dr. Animo


The Anti-Ben Group:

  • The Methanosian (Antagonist)
  • The Lepidopterran (Antagonist)
  • The Atrocian (Antagonist)
  • The Hired Oryctini

Aliens Used

  • Jetray
  • Fasttrack (first apr.)
  • Clockwork
  • Four Arms (first apr.)
  • Spitter (first apr.)
  • Metavision (first apr.)
  • Alien X


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