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Ben 10 - Hero
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date May 20, 2020
Written by Lentus07 0
Directed by Lentus07 0
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S01E01 - A New Friend
S01E03 - Flight Mode

Enforced Mission


In the training room of the Plumber space base, Ben is talking to Rook on a tablet. The date on the transmission says April 13, 2013.

Ben: “Relax, Rook. I’m just going to take him under my wings until we find a way to get him rid of his powers. He isn’t an actual Plumber Trainee…”

Rook: “I know. You told me that. But letting him loose with you? That’s not something Magister Tennyson would…”

Ben: “Okay Rook, talk to you later.”

Ben ends the transmission. Blu is also in the training room, and is wearing his socks.

Ben: “Are you ready?”

Blu: “Are you? How well did that went?”

Ben: “Don’t worry! My partner Rook is just a little paranoid, is all.”

Blu: “You sure?... I don’t want to be someone who ruins people’s relationships, especially Ben Ten’s.”

Ben laughs: “Not THAT KIND of partner, genius!”

Blu: “Oh.”

Ben: “C’mon. Let’s start the training!”

Three wooden target boards pop out of the ground. Ben turns into Swampfire: “Now look, this is one way of doing it…”

Swampfire hits one of the targets with fire balls, it gets thrown away upon impact.

Swampfire: “…And this is another;”

For the two other targets, Swampfire hits the ground, and sharp vines come out of the ground that destroy the targets.

Blu, in a sarcastic tone: “Wow. That’s great. Where did you learn to do that?”

Swampfire: “Oh, well, I was fighting the Forever Knight when…”

Blu: “I was being sarcastic. I think this is all futile.”

Swampfire: “Look, your powers are too much. For it to be put on check, you have to only simulate the unique powers of some of my more… predictable aliens.”

Blu: “That’s the best idea you have?”

Swampfire: “…Yes.”

[Ben turns into Clockwork and resets the targets by time manipulation] Clockwork: “Okay, now you do it.”

Blu shoots fireballs at one of the targets; it gets thrown away by impact. For the two other targets; Blu hits the ground, and sharp vines come out of the ground that destroys them.

[Charges back to himself] Ben: “See?! Didn’t that feel better than just… obliterating them from reality?”

Blu: “To be honest, it did feel kinda good.”

Ben: “Now that’s what I’m talking about! Let’s--”

Ben receives an important plumber message thru the Omnitrix. Plumber on the message: “Sergeant Tennyson, we have a situation on Florida. I pointed out the exact location on your map.”

Blu: “I’m coming with you…”

Ben: “No. it’s too risky. Stay here.”

Ben goes to scene via Jetray, when landing he charges back to himself.

It’s night, and a gigantic dinosaur-like alien has landed on two houses.

Ben: “Was anyone hurt?”

Plumber: “Yes. 14 dead, 2 injured, and counting.”

Ben hears Blu.

Blu: “Wow.”

Ben turns back and sees him: “I thought I told you to stay on the base!”

Blu: “Yea.”

Ben: “*SIGH*”

The gigantic alien opens his eyes. Ben: “Everybody, STAY BACK!”

Alien: “It’s… fine…I’m not here to hurt…you…”

“…Ben…our…planet…is dying…WE NEED YOUR HELP…please…we need your help.”

The alien dies. A cold feeling hits Ben, and his face shows it.


Back on the Plumber base, a Plumber agent is explaining the species of the Alien that fell, to Ben and Blu, with the picture of it on the background monitor:

"He's a Kakken, from the planet Kakkenia... There are many reports that have came from that place recently. We can send a squad there to investigate the climate."

Ben: "Good, do that."

Blu: "Wait, you're not going there?"

Ben: "No."

Blu: "Why?"

Ben: "Look, you might not know this, but I can't just come and fix the state of a planet."

Blu: "What are you saying?! There's an alien that can pretty much do anything in that wa--"

Ben: "Exactly, but that's it. Only that one alien. Ever since I got control over Alien X, people expect me to do everything for them, they try to leech off of me, and they even sometimes take it to disastrous extents...”

", for instance, this occasion. That alien wanted to ask for my help, and killed himself and 14 people by trying to do it. That's why I can't just go to a planet, Alien X everything, and come back. I don't want the responsibility of a god. It's NOT my place.”

Blu: "Wow...that... But you just used Alien X a few days ago in front of me?"

Ben: "Vilgax had a Celestialsapien body, you expect me to punch him with Swampfire?!..."

Blu: "No, but that contradicts your whole point. You say you don't want the responsibility of a god, but--"


Ben turns his back on Blu, and grunts quietly.

Blu: "Ben, I--"

Ben turns back: "Look, I’m sorry. I’m just a bit on edge about this. 14 people died, and their blood is on my hands…”

Blu: “Ben, don’t say that.”

Ben: "This is gonna be your first mission; We’re going to Kakkenia."

Blu is shocked. Ben (as he walks away): “Get your stuff ready, I’ll see you on the transport.”

1 Day and 2 Hours Later, Plumber Transport Ship.

Ben and Blu are sitting on the ground leaned on the wall. Ben is throwing a ball.

Blu: “Uhhh…Ben?”

Ben: “Yes?”

Blu: “Why is it taking so long for us to be there?”

Ben: “I dunno… maybe because this isn’t freakin’ STAR WARS AND WE CAN’T TRAVEL TO A PLANET IN 2 SECONDS?!”

Blu: “Look at that attitude.”

Ben: “Sorry. I’m bored too.”

Blu: “It’s okay.”

Blu leans his head on Ben’s shoulder. Blu: “I didn’t even want to be on this whole ‘Mission’, I wanted you to be on it. So I don’t know why I’m even bothering myself with this.”

Ben: “You forced me to go on this mission, I forced you to come with me. This is our enforced mission.”

Blu: “Y’know…considering how powerful I’ve gotten recently, I could just teleport us--”

Ben: “No, too risky. We could end up in the vacuum of space.”

Blu: “You’re right.”

A few seconds pass.

Blu: “Let’s do something fun.”

Ben: “Like what?”

Blu kisses Ben on the lips. Ben flinches back: “WHOAH! Wait a second…”

Blu: “It’s fine! I didn’t stab you or anything! I just needed a little…refreshment.”

Ben: “Umm…okay. It’s fine, really.”

Blu: “…Well, how was it?”

Ben: “Yeah…I kinda liked it. It--”

Plumber transport: “APPROACHING: LANDING ZONE.”

Ben: “Well, that’s a conversation for another time. We’re here.”

Blu: “How convenient…”

They step out of the transport, onto the green jungle planet with a bright-orange sky. Ben sees a long river.

Ben: “Wait, let me see what’s ahead of us.”

He turns into Ripjaws and jumps on the river, swims forward.

After a couple of seconds of waiting, Blu sees Ripjaws coming back and stepping out of the river.

[Charges back to himself] Ben: “Clear!”

Blu: “No giant predator dinosaurs?”

Ben: “None that I could see. Let’s follow this path.”

In the jungle, as they’re walking.

Ben: “Omnitrix is picking up something weird in this planet’s atmosphere. It’s like the air molecules are being…mind controlled.”


Ben: “Look, I’ve dealt with a lot of mind controlling. I know what it’s like.”

Blu: “Can you elaborate on that more?”

Ben: “It’s as if… the things on this planet aren’t acting naturally. Something’s weird, and I bet it’s what’s killing it.”

The ground under their feet suddenly gets demolished, and they fall.


They land on a big bed, created by Blu.

Ben: “Thanks.”

They get off the bed.

Blu: “So this planet has a second layer with less greens. Great, now it all looks orange.”

Ben: “Well, I didn’t pick this up while investigating as Ripjaws.”

They hear a loud noise behind them. It’s a Kakken, with a Nemetrix symbol on it’s head.

Ben: “No…Nemetrix.”

The Kakken, roaring, progresses towards them. Ben: “Blu! Become transparent!”

Ben slams the Omnitrix and turns into Crashhopper;


He jumps behind the Kakken when it gets close.

Kakken goes thru Blu, because he is transparent.

Crashhopper: “Come here, you dumb Dino!”

Kakken progresses towards Crashhopper, but he jumps back behind it again.

Kakken roars, Crashhopper pretends that he has a red cloth: “Oley! Oley!”

Kakken tries to hit him again, and Crashhopper jumps behind him once more.

Crashhopper: “Blu, create a giant banana peel in front of me!”

Blu: “OK!”

A giant banana peel appears in front of Crashhopper, and he jumps backwards.

The Kakken steps on the peel and falls on his head, gets unconscious, and smashes the Nemetrix.

[Charges back to himself and leans] Ben: “A Nemetrix, repurposed to mind-control…See?! I told you!”

Blu: “You know what this is? Any idea who’s behind it?”

Ben: “Oh, I got a pretty good idea…”

An army of Kakkens appear rushing towards them.

Blu: “Oh, no.”

Ben: “Follow me!” Ben turns into Jetray and flies forward like a jet, Blu simulates his actions.

Jetray: “There’s a cave there, let’s go!”

They get into the cave, Ben transforms back to himself.

Blu: “What’s that noise?”

Ben: “NOISE? Probably it’s the noise from the horde of T-Rexes rushing towards us; at least we’re safe here.”

Blu: “No, there’s another noise, coming from this cave…”

They see a giant Nemetrix machine behind them.

Unknown voice: “I see you have destroyed one of the Nemetrixes on one of my Kakkens. It will regenerate again shortly, because of the Nemetrix Prime.”

Ben: “Show yourself, Khyber!”

Khyber the Huntsman steps out of the shadows: “Ben Tennyson, what are you doing on my hunt?”

Ben: “You repurposed the Nemetrix, to hunt an entire PLANET?”

Khyber: “Yes, I figured an altered Omnitrix like my Nemetrix could do that for me. It is, without a doubt, the most powerful weapon in universe. Is it not?”

Ben turns into Bizzelhead.

Bizzelhead: “This is the end-game for you, Khyber. You got 14 people killed. Entire families… Today; you either get taken in forever, or you get taken out.”

Blu: “Huh?”

Khyber: “I see time hasn’t been kind to you Tennyson. You’ve gotten much more aggressive, understandable.”

Bizzelhead starts shooting beams out of his eyes and hands, Khyber dodges them.

Khyber: “A Sumnio-Rainbea-en, very lethal creatures, very good for making a mess like you did right now. But predictable.”

Bizzelhead attacks Khyber, Khyber dodges and kicks him in the hip. Bizzelhead gets thrown to the wall.

Blu: “Ok, that’s enough.”

Blu brings Khyber up mid-air.

Khyber: “You seem to have Celestialsapien powers, but it’s not quite there.”

Khyber gets out an electric rope and throws it at Blu. It electrocutes him.


Blu becomes unconscious. Khyber: “See?”

Bizzelhead turns into Kickin Hawk.

Kickin Hawk: “That was a BAD move, Khyber…Now you’re going to have to deal with KICK…KICK…HAWK…HWAAWK!!!”

KH and Khyber get into a fist holding position, keeping each other at a distance.

KH: “This is my best hand-to-hand combat fighter, Khyber! Think you can beat it?!”

Khyber: “Well, I am the best Huntsman, not the best hand-to-h…”

KH jumps and kicks in Khyber's face with his foot.

KH: “Yeah, You’re not!”

Khyber, now with a scar on his face, rushes towards Ben with vendetta.

KH punches him with his foot again, then a right hook punch with fist, then a punch to the chin.

Khyber holds KH’s fist, then applies a shot on the tummy with his knee.

Kickin Hawk gets back, spins, which distracts Khyber with his feathers, moves forward and applies two-at-the-same-time slaps on the face.

Khyber gets discombobulated, and then KH grabs Khyber's face with his foot and slams it to the ground.

Khyber loses consciousness. KH repeats the ground slam with his foot, again, and again. Blood gets everywhere.

Blu wakes up: “STOP! He’s down.”

KH: “…Fine.”

KH leaves Khyber’s face, goes to the Nemetrix Prime. With an angry look, he kicks into machine, destroying it.

KH transforms back to Ben.

Ben, while looking down to the Omnitrix: “Well, Omnitrix doesn’t read any weird signatures in the air anymore, so we’re good to go.”

Blu: “Did we just…save an entire planet?”

Ben: “Let’s go to the ship, and we’re bringing Khyber with us. Once and for all.”


Plumber Transport Ship.

Ben is piloting the ship: “Well, what did you learn today?”

Blu is feeling dizzy, down.

Blu: “I dunno, the way Khyber electrocuted me with that rope, I…”

Ben: “I didn’t take that into account, I’m sorry.”

Blu: “Ben, I don’t want these powers. I don’t want to get hurt,…I mean I’m scared of getting hurt. It’s…”

“…when will you fix me?”

Ben saddened, doesn’t have an answer.

We see the ship, vanish into the abyss of space while progressing.

Next Episode: FLIGHT MODE

Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Swampfire, Clockwork, Jetray, Ripjaws, Crashhopper and Kickin Hawk make their first debut.
  • It is revealed that Blu's powers comes with weaknesses.

Minor Events

  • Ben develops an interest on Blu.


  • Ben Tennyson
  • Rook Blonko
  • Blu Summers
  • Plumbers


  • Khyber the Huntsman
  • Kakkens

Aliens Used

  • Swampfire (first apr.)
  • Clockwork (first apr.)
  • Jetray (2x) (first apr.)
  • Ripjaws (first apr.)
  • Crashhopper (first apr.)
  • Bizzelhead
  • Kickin Hawk (first apr.)


  • This episode takes place on April 13, 2013, which is one week after the airdate of Ben 10 Omniverse's final episode of Season 3. That is the last episode of Ben 10 that Lentus07 0 (writer of this series) saw before boycotting it.
  • There's at least one alien present that has debuted on each canon show on this episode: Ripjaws (Original Series), Swampfire and Jetray (Alien Force), Clockwork (Ultimate Alien), Crashhopper and Kickin Hawk (Omniverse) and Bizzelhead (Hero)
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