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Azure Snow is a Human / Merlinisapien from Earth in Heart String; The Calypso Saga who acts as Calypso's "host".


Azusa has medium length, white coloured hair usually covered by a yellow beret. She has deep seagreen eyes. She wears a yellow and orange bolero overlapped by a simple white dress. The bottom has yellow lacing. Her shoes are brown. She is 5'4" in height and 95 lbs in weight. She keeps a ring with the omnitrix on it on her left hand's index finger. Her eyes turn golden when Calypso possesses her. Personality wise, Azure is known for being incredibly compassionate. She worries for others more than she does for herself. She doesn't know that she has the heart of a leader, therefore she follows when she herself should be leading. She is known to have a "True Being" which is unable to be accessed.


  • Enhanced Flexibility
  • Walking on walls
  • Enhanced Agility


  • An Alliance Is Born!
  • Missing?!
  • Departure to the new world
  • A Heart of Fire
  • Yin or Yang?