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General Information
Species Quetzalcorian
Home World Kukulius
DNA source Digital Icon
Body Humanoid/Serpentine
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Technopathy/Signal sensing/Radiation manipulation
Voice Actor Grey Delisle

Aztech is the Metamatrix's DNA sample from a Quetzalcorian from the planet Kukulius. She has two different forms, making him Juno Wright's first alien with transformations.


Aztech's first form resembles a robotic female with a greenish-blue color with some sort of armor containing eagles on both sides of her shoulders, she has a headdress connected to her body and long claw like feet. The Omnitrix symbol is replicated here being on both her palms.

Aztech's second form resembles a large dragonoid being with feathers on its tail and wings. She has small claw like hands with blades and has two different cannons connected to her head, her tail is long and her body is very similar to a serpent. Aztech's form adds red to the color.

Powers and Weakness

Aztech's first form has the power to control all technology through touching it. She can also fuse with this technology to gain several different capabilities and several new powers. By controlling the technology, she'll gain instant notice on how it all works.

Aztech's second form has the ability to generate powerful masses of radiation, capable of causing explosions which can damage enemies. This radiation is dangerous enough to cause large enough explosions.

Species and Planet Information

Aztech is a Quetzalcorian coming from Kukulius, a planet based off of Mayan/Aztec mythology. Her planet is filled with different Quetzalcorians, all of which turn into giant radiation-breathing dragons. They are also all Amazonian, referring to the fact that their race is female.

Quetzalcorians are quite hostile, having come from a world which enjoys different gods of war. Due to this, they only listen to their gods and are quite ignorant to all other races. This has also let them ravage thousands of other worlds. Most other worlds are afraid of Quetzalcorians.

Due to their barbaric and bloodthirsty urges, the Galvans had started an alliance with Cerebrocrustaceans to use a tractor beam to try and move their planets. Quetzalcorians have a liking for Khoros and a love for Tetramands, who they tend to befriend.


  • Aztech's first form is based off certain queens. Her second form and species name is based off Quetzalcoatl and Kukulkan.
  • Aztech's abilities may or may not collide with his appearance.
  • Like Killing Kold, Aztech's appearance was kind of hard to make.