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The story starts off on Primus. Azmuth is complaining like he always does when all of the sudden BOOM!!! Albedo as Steam Roller slams through the wall! "Hello my former master! Time to die!" Steam Roller says.

"Oh No!!! Send me Galvanic Mechamorph Guards now!!!!" Azmuth shouts. Suddenly three Galvanic

185px-Mecromoph Galvanic Guard - UA

Mechamorph Guards appear and begin to fire energy beams at Steam Roller.

Steam Roller dodges the attack and creates blinding black smoke that fills the room. The Mechamorphs can't see. Steam Roller then speeds up to 200 mph and runs over the Mechmorphs, badly injuring them.

"Where are you Azmuth!" Steam Roller shouts. Azmuth calls Ben "Ben Tennyson! Albedo is trying to kill me! Help!!!!" Azmuth shouts. "I'm coming Azmuth!" Ben transforms into Jetray and flies to Galvan Prime.

"Stop Albedo!" Jetray shouts. "I might as well take you out too!" Steam Roller charges at Jetray and gets on top of him. "Get off of me!" Jetray shouts. Steam Roller starts to punch Jetray in the face over and over again. Jetray fires an energy beam at Steam Rollers face.

"You have to do better than that!" Steam Roller shouts. Jetray transforms "Swampfire!" Swa

Ben10 Alien Force Apperances - Swampfire

mpfire breathes fire at Steam Rollers face. Steam Roller gets off of Swampfire. Steam Roller transforms into Terraspin.

Swampfire throws fire balls at Terraspin. Terraspin creates a gust of wind that blocks the fire balls. Terraspin then withdraws himself into his shell and slams into Swampfire. "Oww that hurt!" Swampfire slams down on Terraspins shell with a fiery fi

185px-Azmuth season 2 ultimate alien 3

st. Terraspin then creates a whirlwind. Swampfire get blown away.

Swampfire transforms "Stinkfly!" Stinkfly fires goop at Terraspins air holes. Terraspin can't create gust of wind!

185px-Insec 3

Terraspin transforms into Fasttrack. Fasttrack begins to rapidly punch Stinkfly over and over again. "I've had enough of this!" Stinkfly says. Stinkfly shoots goop at the ground and Fasttrack becomes stuck! Stinkfly then slashs Fasttrack with his blade like tail. Fasttrack then becomes Albedo again.

"Thank you Ben Tennyson." Azmuth says. "Your welcome. Its always fun beating Albedo's butt!" Ben says. "He will be locked up in a prison here on Galvan Prime." Azmuth saud. "No not again!" Albedo shouts. The End



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