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"I created the Omnitrix to help all the beings of the universe grow closer together. If an Earthling can make that happen, then I see no reason why you shouldn't have it."


Azmuth is the smartest being in three, possibly five, galaxies. He created the Omnimatrix, or Omnitrix for short, the most powerful device in the universe with 1,000,912 samples of DNA the user may turn into at will.


Azmuth is an elderly Galvan, 6 inches tall. He resembles an anthropomorphic grey frog, with gills and sticky skin. He has bulbous eyes with rectangular black pupils and eyelids that open and close horizontally. Four thin tendrils grow out of his lower jaw, while two longer ones grow out of his upper jaw, giving him the appearance of having a beard.

Powers and Abilities

  • Enhanced Intelligence: He is considered the smartest being 3, arguably 5, galaxies.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: He is flexible.
  • Enhanced Jumping: He can leap a few feet in the air.
  • Enhanced Language Understanding: He can understand incomprehensible languages.
  • Computer Perception: He is a natural hacker.
  • Wall Crawling: He can stick to walls.
  • Sharp Teeth: His teeth can brake strong skin.
  • Underwater Breathing: He has gills.


  • Small Size: His small size is exploitable.


  • Robotic Suit: He uses a robotic suit for heavy lifting jobs.



He falls in love with Zennith.


After being inspired by a planetary alignment, he creates a reality altering sword know as, Ascalon. Zennith thought the sword was to irresponsible and left him, but Azmuth did not care.


The sword of Ascalon is completed and then stolen by a warrior from Incarseon trying to stop the war on his planet. He accidentally destroys his planet along with his species, but the Incursions get out safely. Azmuth retrieves the sword and heads to Earth to prove that the creation of the sword was valid. He gives it to Sir George to defeat the Dagon. He cuts out the Dagon's heart and locks the creature within a seal.

Azmuth tries to think of something to create, to use his intelligence for peace and make up for his mistakes. While on Earth he studies Human philosophy and reads the story of Noah's Ark and gets inspired to create the Omnitrix hoping that Zennith would come back to him.

He recruits the help of Myaxx and Albedo to help him with the creation of the Omnitrix. Shortly after, he recruits his old friend Shyo, an adventurer that visits other planets for research, to collect DNA samples from every sapient species in the Milky Way Galaxy.


Azmuth goes into isolation on Xenon to work on the Omnitrix alone.


Azmuth comes to Shyo with the first functioning Omnimatrix. He wants Shyo to be the first one to try it. He turns into a Slig and it works flawlessly


He creates the Voliticus Biopsis to get the DNA faster and to extend his reach to the Andromeda Galaxy and beyond.


  • His favorite color is green.
  • The 3 galaxies he is considered to be the smartest being in are the Milky Way, Andromeda, and Triangulum Galaxies.
  • The 2 galaxies he arguably could be considered to be the smartest being in are the Centaurus A and Sculptor Galaxies.