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Azmuth is a Galvan from Galvan Prime. He is the smartest being in the galaxy and is the creator of the Omnitrixes and the Omnitrix Disabler.


Azmuth wears a dark red robe with metal armor. He has dark green eyes that have flat, sideway pupils, 4 whiskers beside his eyes, and 6 whiskers on his chin that resemble a beard.


Azmuth tries to avoid having many friends because he wants to focus on his work.



Ben's Omnitrix

Azmuth created the Omnitrix so he could understand and communicate with other aliens around the galaxy. When he was finished with the Omnitrix, he was attacked many times by Vilgax so he decided to send the Omnitrix to Earth because he thought it would be safer there if a highly trained Plumber used it.

Gwen's Omnitrix

Azmuth created Gwen's Omnitrix a year after he was finished with Ben's Omnitrix. When he met Ben and Gwen, Azmuth wanted to create an Omnitrix for Gwen so she could defend herself much easier. It had all the features Ben's Omnitrix had but the colors and sounds were different and it did not have 55 aliens available at the start.