Azmuth is the Leader of Galvans and creator of the Multitrix.


Azmuth is laid back and enjoys going to parties. He is braver than most Galvans. He can be serious when he finds it important, which is rare.

Azmuth does go into a super focused sate when working on a project. He also has a great love for his girlfriend Zennith.


Azmuth was the smartest Galvan even at a young age. With this, he became the youngest Leader of Galvans for generations.

In order to impress Zennith, Azmuth decided to make a weapon that was extremely impressive and powerful. Before he could think more about his creation, an Azmuth from another dimension contacted him. He gave Azmuth an opportunity to join an order of Azmuths from across the universe if he created a device that could change the user's DNA. Azmuth refused until Azmuth told him the real reason he wanted him to create this device. The reason was that if he created the Sword of Ascalon, Zennith would leave him and Galvan Prime would go into an era of depression until he created the Omnitrix which wouldn't even bring Zennith back, the reason the Omnitrix was originally created. Azmuth went a step further and created the Multitrix.

Zennith proposed to Azmuth, but Azmuth didn't accept. He wasn't ready. When the Multitrix was complete, the Order of Azmuths contacted him again and told him to send the Multitrix to Earth, more specifically to Ben Tennyson. Ben Tennyson didn't exist in this universe, so it crashed landed in Ruban City and was found by Sam Pixel.

Azmuth is now a member of the Order of Azmuths.


Azmuth is the smartest being in seven galaxies.

Azmuth also has many abilities above human level. His agility and flexibility is great. He can jump three times his height and can crawl almost any surface thanks to his sticky fingers. His teeth are incredibly sharp.

Azmuth can breathe underwater for up to three and a half hours.


Azmuth is 3.55 inches (9.017 cm) tall, which is short for a Galvan. He also can't fight. He is also reckless.


  • Azmuth enjoys travelling, hence why he is the smartest of more galaxies than most other Azmuths.
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