Azmuth's Pride is a 100 word poem created for the Summer 2016 Fanon Con Creative Writing Competition by Aaron, in which it placed first. It is a short autobiographical piece from the perspective of Azmuth as he thinks back over his career as an inventor.


I don’t like surprises.
Normally they mean something’s gone wrong or someone you didn’t expect has shown up.
But this surprise...

I’d never expected a science experiment to go wrong like this.
I’d never expected a science experiment to leave me with so many children to look after.
I’d never expected that a science experiment would leave me with so many wounds to heal.

Still, I wouldn’t trade them for the universe. They are my contribution to this galaxy. Not the Omnitrix. Not Primus. And certainly not Ascalon. It is the Galvanic Mechamorphs for which I hold the most pride.


  • This poem was always intended to be canon to Earth-1010, since this is how I headcanon Azmuth to think in Omniverse although he'd never admit it.
    • As a side effect, this episode canonises Primus after its existence was ignored by Omniverse. Which is helpful since an episode of Ben 10: Road Trip is set there.
  • BTW just cos this page is short, doesn't make it a stub. Bite me future admins.
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