Azlin Jones
Azlin Jones (close up)
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence Keysville
Age 10-11
Affiliations Jones Family
Occupation(s) Hero
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Drawing
Equipment Magitrix
Relatives Emilia Rose Jones(sister)
Little Cousin
Older Cousin
family Cat
Arthur L. Jones(grandfather)
Alias Az
Voice Actor Annasophia Robb

Azlin Jones is a strange and energetic heroine of A Hero of 10; Rebooted and must face certain trouble and wacky villains in order to save the day and the universe.


Azlin has long brown hair that is half-dyed pink, that some might think is her natural color cause it never changes, but as far as her day to day clothes goes, she sports a simple white dress with grey short-sleeves and with grey and pink slip-on shoes. Sometimes, she has a red panda belt on.

Her Swimwear is a tankini with high waisted bottoms the top is a light purple with pink frill and white straps, the bottoms are blue.


She has much energy and positivity that it could make you barf rainbows and glitter. Sometimes, it is just a ruse to hide how she really feels with her tragic day-to-day life.

Powers and Abilities

From years of constant abuse and bullying, she has quite the endurance and stamina for taking a beating.

Despite her childish behavior and mindset, she is pretty smart for her age and wise as well.

Azlin has a knack for art and is happy to show off her talent of it.


She has a bit of a memory problem with a trauma triggering amnesia, the source of it is still unknown but causes many problems for her.

Her will to protect her friends and family might push her over the deep end and she will put herself in harm's way to protect them even if it means death.

She has a bit of a cute complex that can get out of hand.


Her life was... well it wasn't ordinary, to begin with, but it got more crazy after she got the Magitrix one cold January night she instantly became a hero overnight literally.

Eventually, her tutor Ryan becomes her mentor on how to be a hero. Turns out, he wasn't just a sci-fi alien nerd. Her sister seemed to give her more attention than normal but in her normal way at so it was dismissed as family bonding.

All this happened in the course of six months, but at the start of summer vacation, things will go from crazy to completely insane.



  • Emilia Rose Jones, her little sister that finds joy in being a bit of a sociopath.
  • Arthur L. Jones, her grandfather that always looking out for her well being.


  • Ryan McCrimmon, her tutor turns mentor on how to be an alien shapeshifting hero.
  • Ben Tennyson, her best friend and classmate.
  • Gwen Tennyson, a friend that tends to mediate trouble between her and her friends.
  • Theodore Leclair, her best friend and classmate with a magical secret.


  • James Dalton, better known as J.D. and the big-time bully of Keysville.
  • Miguel Blackheart, a Rockstar poser wannabe that confuses a greaser for a punk rocker.
  • Charlotte Leclair, witch apprentice who seems to be more trouble than she might be worth.
  • Kevin E. Levin, a bully at school that is good friends with JD.


  • Her story was simultaneously happening when the Original Azlin's was happening.


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