Azeroth is an Osmosian and a villain in the series 40: The Last Splixson. He is Demonstar's nephew, Inbenton's twin brother, and Necropolix's cousin. He is significantly less intelligent and more direct and fearless to the point of recklessness.

General Information


Home Planet:

Osmos V

Other Info
Crimes: Capturing Fred and Necropolix



Goal: Ruling over the Osmosian Empire
Abilities: Power Absorption

Enhanced Strength

Enhanced Durability

1st appearance: Invasion of Galvan, Part 2: The Invasion
Arch-enemy: Necropolix, Fred
Henchmen/Leader: Necropolix (leader) (formerly)

Deusolbert (elite agent)


In Invasion of Galvan, Part 2: The Invasion, he is described as having a somewhat skinny and frail body structure, same as his brother.


  • Being an Osmosian, Azeroth has the ability to absorb matter or energy from anything in order to use it in various ways.
  • Azeroth is stronger than his brother, which makes him perfect for heavy lifting and brute force.


  • Being the dumber of the pair, his actions led to his defeat and death.


40: The Last Splixson

He and his brother are tasked by Necropolix to search for and capture Fred, to satisfy his need for revenge against the one who killed his father.

He and his brother had been investigating the Splixson's last location, the Anur System, and teleport Van Helsing to Necropolix for questioning.

He and his brother hire a mercenary organization to hunt down and capture Necropolix and Fred.

The mercenaries deliver Necropolix and Fred to the two Osmosian Warlords. Azeroth slices the Novatrix off of Fred's wrist and proceeds to kill him.

He and his brother are battled by a revived Fred who, possessed by Apophis, pulverizes him into a thick mist of blood.

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