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Home Planet:


Other Info
Crimes: Murder
Conquering planets
Goal: To become supreme ruler of the Universe
Abilities: Flame Crystals
Enhanced Strength
1st appearance:
Arch-enemy: Zero
Henchmen/Leader: Enslaved army

Azeire is a cold-hearted conquer and murderer.


Azeire is ruthless. He will kill anybody that gets in his way. He often makes dark jokes about his victims before he kills them. In fact, he kills people for fun most of the time.


He was originally a Petrosapiens, but when Petropia was destroyed by Vilgax, he went with it. Or did he? It turns out, he survived miraculously, though he was only a cracked head and a half chest. Someone found him one day and took him to a lab. He fused him with some DNA he obtained from a Pyronite and he became a Pytrosapinite. He killed the scientist that revived him and went on to become a killing machine. His Pyronite DNA corrupted his mind, turning him evil.


Being a fusion of a Pyronite and a Petrosapiens, he yields the powers of both, plus some new ones. Like Diamondhead, he has enhanced strength and enhanced durability. Like Heatblast, he has flight, limited terrakinesis, and fire manipulation. And because of his fusion, he has a new ability called Flame Crystals. They are crystals covered in fire that explode on contact.

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