Axylus is the foster-father of Etoile and a Cerebrocrustacean.


He was one of the Cerebrocrustaceans who created Etoile and also the one who trained Etoile on Khoros, Sightra and Xenon. He tried to Etoile, the protector of some planet but fails. After a trial, he succeeded. Etoile later retired. Axylus and Etoile part ways. In next eight years, Axylus was killed by Ragnorok who was finding the key. Etoile was shocked and went demented.


Axylus, unlike the rest of the creators of Etoile, was a caring and protective towards people he love. Also, unlike other creators who abandoned Etoile after their invention was dejected, he took him and made him stronger in both ways. He is very protective to Etoile.

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