Axulo is a character in 3.10: The Last Generation.


Axulo has the appearance of a normal Galvan. He wears purple robes and has purple eyes. Unlike other Galvans, the stripes on his eyes are reversed. He also has no talons or plucks of hair, suggesting that he is younger than other Galvans. He also wears a golden ring with a red ruby on his middle finger on his right hand.


Not much is known about Axulo's earlier history. It is known, though, that Axulo went to the same college as Azmuth, and copied his plans for the Omnitrix, and created several designs for the DNAtrix. Although Azmuth came and destroyed most of the DNAtrix prototypes, the most horrible one survived. When Axulo threw it into the trash, he did not know it would eventually fall into the hands of Sem Foremin, who wields the DNAtrix to this day.

Powers and Weaknesses

Same as Grey Matter's. It is also confirmed by Ancy that the ring on his right hand also has several abilities of it's own.

3.10: The Last Generation

In 3.10, Axulo is revealed as the true creator of the DNAtrix. After explaining his history with it, he tells Sem about the upcoming end of the world, but he refuses and stays on Earth. Axulo saved himself, and it is currently unknown what happened to him.

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