Awesome Alien Arena is a series of matches between the most epic and awesome aliens!
Awesome Alien Arena


  • You can put in up to 10 aliens in the contest.
  • There are 10 attacks per alien.
  • It can be in any arena.
  • You can't evolve your alien.


  • Fire Arena- All fire aliens get stronger. All ice aliens get weaker.
  • Water Arena- All water and ice aliens get stronger. Fire aliens and electric aliens get weaker.
  • Ice Arena- All water and ice aliens get stronger. All fire aliens get weaker.
  • Wind Arena- Aliens can fly better and earth aliens get weaker.
  • Earth Arena- Earth aliens get stronger and air aliens get weaker.
  • Light Arena- Light aliens get stronger and darkness and ghost aliens get weaker.
  • Darkness Arena- Darkness and ghost aliens get stronger. Light aliens get weaker.
  • Electric Arena- Electric and energy aliens get stronger. All water and ice aliens get weaker.


Add an alien on a bullet point. When I get 30 aliens I will close it.


Round 1

  • Attractron VS Pyrology (Ice Arena)
  • ABC VS Airbug
  • Georock VS Lava Lamp
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