The Awesomatrix is a device used in the show, Ren 10.


It uncannily resembles the Ultimatrix, except it is blue instead of green


Current History

Ren obtained in the Awsomatrix had a watch store in Who Watches The Watchman?. In Attack of the Giant Frogs, the Awesomatrix absorbs the radiation out of a Mutants scientist which unlocks Swampfire's Ultimate form. In My Son, Diamondhead, Ren damaged the Awesomatrix by slamming the device against a tree. The damage caused Ren to stay in the Diamondhead form longer than usual. However, this was only temporary as it never happened again and Ren could transform for the regular 10 minutes.


The Awesomatrix is a combination of the Omnitrix and the Ultimatrix. It can only hold 10 aliens (until the others are unlocked), and you can only have the alien for 10 minutes, like the Omnitrix. However, you can turn the alien into an Ultimate form, like the Ultimatrix. It also shows holograms of the aliens you’ll choose instead of silhouettes.


Original Ten

  1. Swampfire
  2. Wildmutt
  3. Humongousaur
  4. Echo Echo
  5. Cannonbolt
  6. Big Chill
  7. Diamondhead
  8. Grey Matter
  9. Eye Guy
  10. Goop

Unlocked Aliens

  1. Ultimate Swampfire (Unlocked in "Attack of the Giant Frogs")
  2. Ultimate Big Chill (Unlocked in "Motorcycle Love")
  3. Ultimate Humongousaur (Unlocked in "Squidface Becomes A Threat (Part 2)")
  4. Fourarms (Unlocked in "Inside the Null Void")
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