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Awakening an Ocean's Fury
General Information
Original broadcast March 8, 2019
Season 1
Episode number 14
Overall episode number 14
Written by Ebomnitrix & Kakapokid5
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Awakening an Ocean's Fury is the fourteenth episode of E-10: Horizons.


When Ethan and co. go to the beach during their Spring Break, the king of Pacificus, known as Nidarian the Tideslayer threatens to take over the western coast.


Friends of Horizon (Episode 14)

[We open up to the sun shining brightly on the screen. Everything zoomed down to the setting taking place at the beach. Kids were playing around in the sea and the sand. Some were even playing volleyball. Nearby, Alice and Nikki were in their bikinis with shots of droplets of water. The two were splashing water at each other as they were standing in the water.]

Alice: Agh, hey!

[Alice splashed back.]

Nikki: Oh no you don’t, girl!

[She splashed and she screamed back.]

Hannibal: Eat this!

[Hannibal jumped out of the ocean and splashed the both of them. The two girls screamed and turned over to start yelling at Hannibal.]

Nikki: Hanny! Are you crazy?!

Alice: Yeah, what’s your deal?!

Hannibal: Hey, it was the perfect opportunity for a surprise attack!

Alice: Surprise attack?! I swear the next time you do that, I will-

[We zoom out of the two bickering at Hannibal and the scene moved over to Ethan and Terence as they were laying under an umbrella, wearing their sunglasses and getting their tan on.]

Terence: What do you think they’re arguing about?

Ethan: I don’t know, probably not anything we should get involved in.

Terence: You said it.

Ethan: I gotta say dude, taking us out to San Diego was a pretty good idea.

Terence: What can I say? My mind is a miracle of nature.

Ethan: Speaking of nature, how is it so warm out? I thought it was supposed to be stay cold out until around midway into April.

Terence: Yeah, well you’re in California, ‘member? You ‘member!

Ethan: Hey!

Terence: Look, down here, it’s always going to get hot out at this time of year, so you might as well embrace it instead of bitching about it. In the meantime, I’m gonna dip my toes in and join the ladies.

Ethan: [Raises sunglasses] Really?

Terence: Not Alice and Nikki, the ones who were sitting right by us.

[The scene glanced over to two ladies playing in the ocean and then shifts back to Ethan and Terence.]

Terence: You coming?

Ethan: Nah, I think I’m just gonna lay here and get my E-tan going. Besides, they’re not my type.

Terence: Alright, but make sure you put some of that sunscreen on your nose, Otherwise, you’re gonna end up looking like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer again.

Ethan: Hey, I can’t control the color of my nose when it comes to weather!

Terence: Whatever, man.

[Terence walked away and Ethan gave out a sigh of relief. Ethan laid his arms behind his head as he enjoyed a moment of silence.]

Ethan: Ah, peace and quiet...

[Suddenly, everything shook around him, and Ethan sunglasses fell off.]

Ethan: I just had to jinx it, didn’t I?!

Enter the Tideslayer!

[The innocent bystanders that were playing in the sand and sea took a notice to the shaking. Soon, a large black ship with tank treads appeared from out of the ocean and the people out at sea became terrified and rushed toward shore.]

Nikki: What’s everyone going on about?

[Alice, Hannibal and Nikki turned around to notice the ship was coming and they moved as fast as they could to shore. Ethan and Terence ran towards the others as many ships made it to land.]

Nikki: Aw, come on! Can’t a girl get a day off for once in her life?!

Hannibal: Ethan, you better suit up!

Ethan: Right…

[A small group of terrestrial submarines made it to shore. Many soldiers ran out and stood aligned as a page stepped forward, holding a note in his hand.]

Page: Hear ye, hear ye! Make way for the Lord of the Leviathans, the king of conquest, the senate of strategy, and the potentate of the Pacific! The ruler of the sovereign land of Pacificus, I introduce you lucky surface dwellers to…

[A mysterious black figure jumped from the top area of his submarine to land. The figure stood up revealing to be wearing a black jumpsuit, a mask with coral growths, a cape and a sash, and a pair of metal gauntlets.]

Page: ....King Nidarian, the Tideslayer!

Ethan: I really could’ve used that day off…


E-10 OP 1 - Spiky Seeds - The Pillows
The Echoing Distraction - Episode 14 (Beach Fight)

[King Nidarian stood before the beach crowd. Some of the audience stood in shock and disbelief, while others pulled out their phones and were either texting or recording about the situation.]

King Nidarian: Ah, the surface world of the west! If I am not mistaken, it appears this land is known to be the United States. This is a great place to expand my empire. This place has won its fair share of wars, and it rarely loses. Although, they will lose this one.

[Ethan turned the dial on the Omnitrix.]

Ethan: This looks like the job for AmpFibian!

[Ethan eyed at the others, and they nodded back in agreement. The four surrounded Ethan and he slammed down to transform. A green light flashed in the small circle and they stepped away as Ethan finished transforming.]

Echo Echo: Echo Echo?! Well if you’re bringing an army to a fight, then I might as well bring mine!

[Echo Echo walked over toward King Nidarian.]

Echo Echo: Hey, so what’s the deal with you trying to take over our land and everything?

Page: How dare you approach our king that way! For that you will...!

King Nidarian: At ease, page! He has the right to know. I am King Nidarian, and I have decided to take this land for my own.

Echo Echo: What?!

King Nidarian: This country is one of the world’s finest superpowers, and it has plenty of resources that are useful to us. As the king of Pacificus, it is my duty to supply my subjects with the best land possible, which this place certainly qualifies for.

Echo Echo: Sorry, your highness, but that’s not gonna happen!

[Echo Echo screamed out a soundwave, and it shattered King Nidarian’s mask. Kind Nidarian was revealed to be a black man with pointy ears, red goggles, and a beard fashioned into dreadlocks.]

King Nidarian: How dare you! Στρατιώτης! Επίθεση!

[Many of the soldiers ran over toward Echo Echo, holding electrical staffs. Echo Echo duplicated 14 of his clones in rows of three.]

Left Echo’s: Wall…

Middle Echo’s: Of…

Right Echo’s: Sound!

[The Echo Echo’s unleashed their Wall of Sound attack and it threw Nidarian’s soldiers backwards. More soldiers attempted to strike the Echo Echo clones and they continued to fight by scattering and unleashing their other sonic attacks. One of the Echo Echo’s approached his friends.]

Echo Echo: Would you mind evacuating the area?

Alice: Right.

Nikki: Hey! Everyone! Unless you want to get stabbed by the hands of King Idiot over here, you better start running! Go! Move! Now!

[The civilians made a run for it, while Alice, Hannibal, Terence, Nikki and some lifeguards each ran to help evacuate the others. The Echo Echo clone that was standing by them before had one of Nidarian’s soldiers approach him, trying to strike him.]

Echo Echo: Whoa!

[Echo Echo jumped back and launched a soundwave. Two more clones showed up and launched the same attack at Nidarian’s soldiers. Soldiers were thrown back as they passed by King Nidarian. A group of Echo Echo clones stood toward them. They took a deep breath and launched another sound attack. King Nidarian tried blocking the attack with his arms above him.]

King Nidarian: I’ve had enough with this nonsense!

[King Nidarian and a few members of his standing members took a step forward. They blasted a sonic frequency from their heads. Electricity started coming out of the Omnitrix, and it shocked all the clones, as each clone screamed and exploded one by one. The final Echo Echo clone was hit, and it forced Echo Echo to change back into Ethan. Ethan dropped to the ground and took deep breaths. King Nidarian and a couple other soldiers witnessed his transformation, they gasped and froze for a moment.]

Ethan: What did you...?

Pacificus Soldier: Quick! Let’s get him while he’s down.

King Nidarian: Wait! Let him run.

Pacificus Soldier: But, my king?!

King Nidarian: We have other matters to attend to.

[Ethan heard a rumbling noise coming from nearby and he stood up to ran towards where it was coming from.]

King Nidarian: Besides it wouldn’t hurt to watch him now, would it?

[The soldier smirks and whistled out to a couple soldiers, signaling them to follow Ethan. The soldiers turned to Ethan’s direction and followed him. The song ended. Meanwhile, miles away from the beach, Alice, Terence, Nikki and Hannibal finished evacuating the citizens to a safer spot, on top of the hill, just over a few miles away from the beach. Ethan ran towards them and took deep breaths. The others noticed Ethan and turned to him.]

Alice: Everybody’s safe.

Ethan: Good.

Nikki: Doesn’t anybody think this is crazy that it’s only taken them just now to realize our world existed?

Hannibal: Maybe, but who knows. Maybe they were so set in the dark all this time they only just found out about it a few months ago. That way they had all this time to plan out and set their invasion.

Alice: Maybe.

Terence: Did you manage to defeat the Royal Sea-tard yet?

Ethan: Not yet. But-

Nidarian Invades (Post-Beach)

[The same large rumbling noise Ethan heard moments ago, started appearing again. Everyone turned to the other direction and the citizens panicked as soon as they saw giant tanks rolling onto the streets. The soldiers stepped out and they went scouting the area. Police cars then arrived on the scene. The Police Chief signaled to his men, and they fired at the Pacificus soldiers. The bullets bounced off the soldiers’ armor. The soldiers retaliated by firing harpoon guns at the cops. Soon, an all-out gun war erupted between the cops and the soldiers, turning the street into a place of pure chaos. Civilians scattered in every direction, terrified for their lives.]

Ethan: We need to stop this before they destroy the entire city.

Terence: Or what’s left of it. If my hunch is correct, they’ve already set up shop in other parts of Southern California.

Nikki: Wow, you really know how to make the situation sound better, don’t you?

Alice: Focus please, people are in danger.

Terence: Ri~ight, so what do you suppose we do?

Hannibal: I don’t mean to change the subject, but does anybody else find it strange that the king isn’t here, conquering his land?

Terence: What?

Hannibal: Look!

[Hannibal pointed toward the invasion’s direction and they noticed the king was nowhere in sight.]

Nikki: That’s odd. Why would the king not want to “watch this land become his” or whatever?

To Adventure!

Ethan: That definitely would need some investigating. Nikki, contact Lieutenant Steel, I’m gonna head back down and see what’s going on from behind the scenes. Since they’re coming from the forest, that would be the best path to go and get results.

Alice: I’m going. Brains and brawn remember?

Hannibal: And you’ll definitely need my brawn.

Ethan: Fine, but I don’t want you going anywhere near the warfleet, this is dangerous.

Alice: Don’t worry, we’ve tackled worse.

Hannibal: And I never get to be in on the action.

Ethan: Fine. But no one else, I need people here to evacuate the area and make sure everybody stays safe from the soldiers.

Terence: Hey, you do you. I’ll be sitting and hiding from the troops.

[Nikki grabbed Terence’s left ear.]

Terence: Ah! Alright, alright! I’ll help.

[Nikki let go of Terence’s ear and turned to Hannibal.]

Nikki: Good luck, Hanny.

Hannibal: No sweat, there’s nothing I can’t handle.

Ethan: Let’s go!

[Ethan, Alice and Hannibal ran back down the forest path that lead toward the beach.]

Sneaking Around - Episode 14

[Ethan, Alice, and Hannibal arrived at the edge of the forest. They each hid behind one tree and spotted soldiers scouting the area.]

Hannibal: There sure is a lot of them.

Ethan: I’ll say.

Hannibal: They must have soldiers scattered around every corner of the area, it’ll be impossible to get around them without getting spotted.

Ethan: If only it were easier to knock them out without getting spotted. Alright, brains, whatcha got? [Turns to Alice]

Alice: Let’s see if we can gather any information from these guys.

[Alice noticed some of Pacificus workers heading their way.]

Alice: Hide!

[The three quickly ran for a place to hide. Hannibal and Alice hid in some shrubbery, and Ethan hid behind a tree. They then spotted the soldiers looking at nature-like environments.]

Pacificus Commander: This vegetation is quite marvelous. Much more than what we have underwater and on our islands. I can’t wait until this land is ours.

Pacificus Soldier: Sir, I have received word that there is a large fight between our troops and this land’s troops taking place in the city.

[The commander perked his ears and listened to the dull sounds of chaos coming from the distance.]

Pacificus Commander: Yes, I can hear that. Any word about the machines?

Pacificus Soldier 2: I have received word that all the machines are set up for your takeover strategy.

Pacificus Commander: Well, at least there’s good news.

[Behind the trees, Ethan, Alice and Hannibal we’re popping their heads, trying to listen in on the conversation.]

Alice: I can’t hear anything.

Ethan: I’m going to go take a closer look, you guys stay here.

[Ethan snuck up on the soldiers and he hid behind another tree.]

Pacificus Soldier: What should we do about the large skirmish?

Pacificus Commander: Let it happen. It’ll have this land’s authorities distracted from our king’s true plan.

Pacificus Soldier: Very well, sir.

[Ethan, intrigued, leaned closer to listen. He then took a step closer, and he had stepped on a branch. It attracted the attention of the soldiers and they looked over to spot Ethan only a few steps away.]

Pacificus Commander: [Under his breath] Γαμώτο! Why was I speaking the natives’ tongue? [Clears throat] Why, hello there, native. What brings you to this particular area?

Ethan: Uhhh… Just wanted to check out the view, ya know? Nature, what a pretty sight, right?

[The soldier shook his head.]

Pacificus Commander: Well, to me it looked like you were spying. And it doesn’t help that you opposed us earlier. Take them to the king’s ship, they shall be punished for listening to our master’s plans!

[Ethan sighed and turned the dial on the Omnitrix and raised up his arm above it.]

Ethan: Well, it looks like I’m having fried fish for lunch!

[Heatblast was selected and Ethan slammed down as the two soldiers were blinded by a green light. They looked down to see Ethan had become a familiar figure. He took a look at himself and realized, he got the wrong alien.]

Echo Echo: Echo Echo? AGAIN?!

[The soldiers laughed at him as Echo Echo was irritated. The song ended.]

Pacificus Soldier: Big talk from such a pathetic creature.

Initial Intrusion

[Echo Echo screamed a soundwave and it threw the soldier back. The other Pacificus soldiers held up their weapons and fired small harpoons at him. Echo Echo ran from the blasts and he created a small army of clones. They turned over and screamed out more sonic waves, throwing the soldiers backwards. A soldier jumped over with his harpoon gun, to try and smack the clone with it. The Echo Echo clone hoped backwards to dodge the attack. Then, when he had the chance, he launched his sonic scream attack and the soldier flew backwards. While the soldier was laying on the ground, he tried to grab his harpoon gun but Echo Echo crushed his arm with his foot.]

Echo Echo: Why don’t you tell me what your king’s plan is and I’ll let you off easy!

Pacificus Commander: I don’t think you have any room to talk in the matter.

Echo Echo: Oh yeah? And how do you figure that?

[The Pacificus soldier eyed the other direction, and Echo Echo turned to the direction he was looking at. His eyes widened as a few more soldiers came out from the trees. They had their guns pointed behind Alice and Hannibal’s backs as they stepped forward with their hands up in the air.]

Pacificus Commander: Now, you have a choice. Surrender or watch your friends die.

Alice: Don’t do it, Ethan!

Hannibal: Yeah! Take ‘em out, man!

Pacificus Commander: Your choice.

[Echo Echo sighed, hit the badge on his chest, and changed back into Ethan. Ethan put his hands in the air, annoyed. King Nidarian walked into the scene with his guards. They took a look around the situation.]

King Nidarian: What is this?

Commander: These three were eavesdropping on us discussing important matters, and look who decided to come back.

[The commander pushed Ethan toward King Nidarian.]

King Nidarian: Ah, the Changesman, or do you perhaps have a name I could give you?

Ethan: E-10.

King Nidarian: Ah, yes. E-10. It is a shame to see you and your friends such at arms length, but I have matters to attend to. And the fact that you continue to attempt getting in the way of our matters, makes this rather troublesome.

Ethan: So wh-

[King Nidarian pointed his finger at Ethan and shot a dart at him. Ethan stuttered for a moment, and his vision blurred around him.]

Ethan: What did you-

[Ethan screamed in agony and his limbs went limp. Ethan fell to the ground. A few soldiers came over and picked him up.]

Alice: Ethan!

Hannibal: What did you do to him?

King Nidarian: Oh, I just gave him a dosage of venom from a sea jelly you land dwellers have yet to document. Don’t worry, it’ll wear off as soon as my commander here drags you back to my ship. If you wouldn’t mind?

Pacificus Commander: Of course, my lord.

[Alice and Hannibal struggled to break free.]

King Nidarian: Now behave yourselves or I shall show you my more deadlier venoms.

[Alice and Hannibal stopped as turned to each other with worried looks on their faces. The commander nodded and the soldiers carried them off. Meanwhile, in the city streets, the Pacifius soldiers were shooting at the police officers as each officer was being thrown backwards by their harpoons. A few SACT vehicles appeared on the streets, and the SACT soldiers stepped out and shot the Pacifius soldiers with laser guns. Blood spilled everywhere from both the cops and the Pacifius soldiers. The scene shifted into one of the alleyway’s where a little girl was hiding behind a dumpster. She heard footsteps come this way. Slowly, the shadow of what appears to be a Pacificus-like figure step toward her, and she screamed.]


Voice: Relax, okay? I gotcha.

[She opened her eyes and the figure standing before her was revealed to be Nikki.]

Nikki: Everything’s going to be alright.

[Eyes started to tear down her face and she hugged Nikki. The song ended. Meanwhile, the SACT soldiers continued firing at the Pacificus soldiers. A SACT soldier threw small marbles, and they exploded into gases. One Pacificus soldier fell down, but another strike and tried taring it’s arm off. He screamed. Other Pacificus soldiers fought with their staffs while the SACT soldiers countered with their sabers and shields. Meanwhile nearby, Terence was turning people to the direction into a store.]

Terence: Move it people, move it! Come on, let’s go!

[The bystanders finished running into the building. Before Terence could close the door, Nikki appeared with a child.]

Nikki: Wait, we have one more. She must’ve gotten lost in the middle of the crossfire.

Little Girl: Excuse me, when will the stinky fish people going to go away?

Terence: Don’t worry, kid, we got a friend nearby who’s going to make this mess all go away.

[The little girl smiled and hugged Terence. She went into the building and Terence closed the door.]

The Death Wing - E-10 Cut

[Nearby, Lieutenant Steel’s truck arrived on the streets, and he stepped out as a Pacificus soldier tried to strike him. Lieutenant Steel stabbed him with an energy saber and the soldier fell down, dead.]

Nikki: Thank goodness you got my message, Lieutenant.

Lieutenant Steel: And it’s a lucky thing we’re here. Sea creatures, huh?

[Lieutenant Steel took a notice to the crossfire happening a few blocks away.]

Lieutenant Steel: This looks like something out of a comic book.

[An SACT soldier went flying nearby, and screamed.]

Soldier: Help, I can’t move my arm!

Terence: We could use a medic over here!

Nikki: Lieutenant, do you have any bandages?

Lieutenant Steel: Yes, they’re in my truck.

[Nikki ran over and grabbed the bandages out of Lieutenant Steel’s truck. She ran over towards the injured soldier and she wrapped the bandages around the soldier’s arm.]

Nikki: There that should help you move it with ease.

[The SACT soldier moved his arm a little.]

SACT Soldier: Thanks...

Nikki: [Turns to Lieutenant Steel] We can’t let this go on any longer.

Lieutenant Steel: I agree, but for now, the SACT and I are our best line of defense against these monsters. And I can’t wait to crush these monsters and gut them like a real fish.

[Terence and Nikki paused at him for a moment, but then Terence saw King Nidarian and his soldiers dragging Ethan, Alice and Hannibal down to the beach.]

Terence: Well, I guess Ethan found the Tideslayer.

[Terence pointed at their direction and the other two noticed.]

Nikki: Wait, he’s taking them in their ship! Why isn’t anybody doing anything! C’mon Terence, we have to save them!

Terence: What?!

[She grabbed Terence’s wrist and took a few steps toward them, Lieutenant Steel stood in front of them to stop them.]

Lieutenant Steel: Wait! You don’t wanna end up like what happened to them. If you ran over there, you could be faced in the same situation they’re in.

Nikki: But Lieutenant!

Lieutenant Steel: The most important thing we can do right now is to protect the citizens who are caught in the crossfire and get them to safety. We don’t want to risk the lives of any others. And you don’t wanna get yourself hurt.

[Nikki sighed and turned over, staring at their direction.]

Nikki: Please be safe guys...

[The song shifted.]

Under the Villain's Lair

[The soldiers carried Ethan, Alice and Hannibal into the ship, and they soon made their way towards a large white room. Before their eyes, was large containment tubes about twice their size, surrounding the walls. The three looked around with shocked looks on their faces.]

Alice: What is this?

King Nidarian: Oh, you’ll see. You will love for what I have planned… [Turns to soldiers.] Put them in the stasis pods!

[The soldiers placed the struggling three into their pods.]

Hannibal: Hey, let go!

Alice: Get your hands off me!

Ethan: Erghhh!

[They placed them inside, and closed the top surface.]

Ethan: What do you want with us?!

King Nidarian: You see, you three tried to interfere with my plans. That makes you three rebels, and I shall punish you as such. Luckily, I anticipated some rebellion, and I had my subjects bring the proper materials.

Ethan: That still doesn’t answer my question!

King Nidarian: Fine, but only because you won’t be around to stop me. I plan on using a weapon to kill thousands of your kind unless your government hands this country over to me.

Ethan: And how are you going to do that?

King Nidarian: If you ever manage to get out early, then you will see for yourselves. But I’ll probably be ruling this country by then.

Hannibal: You’ll never get away this!

King Nidarian: But I already have everything in motion, so it’s safe to say that I have. Now, I sentence you three to 100 years in suspended animation. It won’t kill you, but by the time your punishment’s up, your friends will be dead, and your world will change drastically. Meanwhile, you three will become testaments to my superior authority.

Hannibal: Superior my ass!

Alice: When I get out of here, I am so going to kick your rip those arms off your body, and turn them into fish sticks!

King Nidarian: Your threats amuse me, child. But they won’t do you any good.

Ethan: You know, I will get out of this! I got 10 aliens ready to come and kick your butt!

King Nidarian: I doubt that, and I’m done with the chatter! And since you’re so special and mouthy compared to the other three, I think it would only be fair to let you watch as your friends begin their sentence!

Ethan: NO!

[King Nidarian activated a button, causing a blue gel to rise. It started flowing in Alice and Hannibal’s chambers.]


Hannibal: Hurry, Ethan, before we-

[Hannibal’s body was frozen first. Tears started falling down Ethan’s face, he turned to Alice.]

Alice: Ethan…

[Alice was frozen.]

Ethan: I’m…

King Nidarian: Now, it’s your turn…

[King Nidarian activated the switch and the blue gel rose before Ethan.]

King Nidarian: Face it, so called hero, you have failed. See you in 100 years!

[King Nidarian laughed and walked towards the hallway. Ethan screamed as the blue gel flowed to the top and froze Ethan’s body.]

[Everything was black. Slowly her eyelids started to open, which later revealed to be Ethan’s, as we zoomed out to be him laying on the floor. Ethan took deep breaths and looked at himself. He stood up.]

Ethan: What…?

[Ethan turned over to see Alice and Hannibal, smiling and standing before him.]

Ethan: I guess our 100 years are up.

Alice: No, we just got time off for good behavior.

[Ethan and Alice hugged each other tightly, and turned staring at each other.]

Hannibal: Ahem.

[Hannibal cleared his throat and the two stopped hugging. Ethan gave Hannibal a fistbump.]

Ethan: How’d you guys get out?!

Hannibal: One of Nidarian’s soldier let us out.

[Hannibal stepped aside and a soldier was standing before them. Ethan raised his hand above the Omnitrix.]

Ethan: Who are you?

Your Mission Mr

[The soldier took off his helmet, revealing himself to be a stocky black man with pointy ears and spiky hair.]

Soldier: My name is Helminthes. You’ve already met my younger brother, Nidarian.

Alice: Nidarian’s your younger brother?

Ethan: Wait, then why aren’t you in charge?

Helminthes: I was supposed to be, but my brother defeated me and left me for dead. Eventually he became king, and I had to become a part of his army in order to get close enough to him to activate my plan to take the throne back.

Ethan: That explains a lot...

Hannibal: Well, I guess this is Ocean Game of Thrones.

Alice: How long were we out for?

Helminthes: About 4 hours, but luckily I was on duty with guarding my brother, so I was able to see the codes he put in the pods and activate the emergency shutoff switch.

Ethan: We were frozen for that long? Why couldn’t you get to us sooner?

Helminthes: Guarding the king, remember? And you’re welcome for taking 36,523 days out of your sentence. Now, we best get going if we want to take down the tyrant.

Alice: Wait, why did you even free us? What importance do we have to you?

Helminthes: Well… It’s because of that thing.

[Helminthes pointed at Ethan’s Omnitrix.]

Ethan: Oh…

Helminthes: See, in order to take the throne, you need to face the king in a trial by combat. But my brother has the advantages of advanced weaponry and superior combat experience, both pluses to naturally becoming king. I have sent strong people his way, but they have all been defeated and put in permanent suspended animation. And there’s no emergency off switch for that. But I freed you because that device you have could potentially have the power we need to defeat him. And I freed your friends to win your favor.

Ethan: Well, before we do anything, let’s get out of here while the getting it’s good!

[Ethan pressed the button to unlock the door and went outside, with Alice, Hannibal, and Helminthes following him. They began to look around as they ran down an empty hallway. Ethan ran into a stopping point as he noticed a window was next to him. The others stopped and they looked out the window to see they were in the ocean.]

Helminthes: Yeah, we’re underwater.

Hannibal: There goes our escape plan.

[The others turned back to Helminthes and continued speaking.]

Alice: The best course of action is to spit up, take control of the ship, and put a stop to whatever Fishlegs has planned.

Ethan: What does he even have planned?

Helminthes: Well… Ever wondered how he got the title “Tideslayer?”

[Ethan’s facial expression changed to a more serious look.]

Helminthes: It’s basically his battle strategy. He sets up earthquake generators along the coast of the land he’s about to conquer, and then he makes the leader of said land give him the country to rule in exchange for the lives of everyone in the area.

Alice: Setting off earthquakes along the coast would result in massive tidal waves!

Hannibal: So he basically slays people with his tides?

Helminthes: Exactly. He has generators set up all along the west side of your country. He should be speaking with your leader as of now.

Ethan: Then we don’t have time to wait around, let’s move!

[Before Ethan could run, Alice stopped him.]

Alice: Wait, Ethan. Before we go anywhere, I think it would be best if you went alien.

Ethan: What?! But I can’t! The watch has been acting up ever since these people got here! It’s only been able to give me Echo Echo, no one else.

Alice: But Echo Echo might be exactly what we need here.

Ethan: What?

Alice: If we use Echo Echo, we can take control of the ship and have all clones scattered at every end fighting of the ship. Nidarian’s army won’t see what’s coming.

Ethan: Yeah, but what if the watch doesn’t give me Echo Echo. You forget this thing doesn’t always give me the right alien.

Hannibal: But it wouldn’t hurt to try.

[Ethan looked over, contemplated for a few seconds, and nodded. Ethan took a deep breath as he dialed up Echo Echo and slammed down on the Omnitrix. The song shifted. Ethan transformed in a green light, and it faded, revealing he had became Echo Echo.]

Found 'Em

Echo Echo: Okay! Alice you go up the North end, Helmithi… Helmithy-eye… Whatever! Aqualad, you take the west, and Hannibal you take the east!

[Echo Echo duplicated a small group of clones.]

Echo Echo: No one leaves without an Echo Echo clone.

Helmithies: Then what are you going to do?

Echo Echo: Take down as many armed guards as possible! Now, go!

[The group split up into their own directions. The south Echo Echos turned direction into a hallway to find armed soldiers guarding an area.]

Pacificus Guards: Stay back, or we’ll turn you into-

[The Echo Echo’s screamed out sonic waves and it through the guards back. Meanwhile, Alice and an Echo Echo changed direction as they continued running down the hall. The found guards walking down the halls.]

Pacificus Guard 2: Hey, what are you doing here?!

[Echo Echo screamed a sound wave, throwing one of the guards back. Before the other guard could taze him with his weapon, Alice jumped and kicked him in the face. She then punched him to knock him out.]

Alice: Come on!

[Alice and Echo Echo ran down to see the stairs before them.]

Alice: That probably leads to bridge of the ship.

Echo Echo: Good, let’s get moving before more guards show up!

[They ran up the stairs. Meanwhile, Hannibal ran down the hall and charged at a couple of soldiers. Hannibal ran down the hall, and the Echo Echo clone with him jumped on top of the soldier’s face to knock him out. Hannibal opened the room to find an empty small laboratory.]

Hannibal: Aw, nice! This place has a lab!

Echo Echo: Focus Hannibal!

[Hannibal ran to the monitor and typed on the keyboard.]

Hannibal: I’m going to hack into the ships systems and try to change course of the ship. If any other soldiers arrives, give them an ass whooping for me, will ya?

Echo Echo: With pleasure!

[The Echo Echo stood in a stance. We then shift to Helminthes and an Echo Echo clone arriving into the side of the hallway as Helminthes opened a door, which was revealed to be a massive weapons room surrounded by alien-looking tech.]

Echo Echo: What is this?

Helminthes: This is the weapons room. After Nidarian is given the country, he will hold it under his iron grip with many of these weapons. But with your power, we may be able to destroy them.

Echo Echo: Sure! Just tell me what you need me to do!

[Meanwhile, King Nidarian was standing and awaiting a call in the bridge, where a familiar looking figure finally appeared on the monitor.]

King Nidarian: Ah, you must be this country’s leader.

Colonel Rozum: Wrong. I am Colonel Rozum, current head of Area 51, and founder of the Secret Alien Containment Team. I order you to stop this madness now and return home from whence you came.

King Nidarian: Oh, now why would I do that?

Colonel Rozum: Because conquering lands is now a thing of the past. The world’s nations have all agreed not to take each other over, and you should do the same.

King Nidarian: While that maybe true, but I have no intention of surrendering. Now, if I may ask you kindly, let me speak to your country’s leader immediately, or perhaps you want me to make an example out of you and destroy your entire western coast. Echo Echo: The only example that’s going to made is by my screams hitting your face!

[King Nidarian turned around to see a single Echo Echo clone and Alice appearing by the doorway.]

King Nidarian: I’m going to have to call you back. [Hangs up] You dare interrupt my meeting with the government! As king, I shall execute you with my own hands!

Echo Echo: Yeah, see that’s the thing, we know that you’re not really supposed to be the king.

Alice: In fact we just had a chat with your brother. He’s the one who should be claiming the throne, not you.

[King Nidarian laughed at them.]

King Nidarian: So, you had a chat with my brother? So, what? He sent you here to dethrone me. How embarrassing, and for even him not to show up to reclaim his throne. Although, we both know what the result would be for a fight between us.

Echo Echo: You know you’re not going to win this fight! My country will never allow you to take over, even with your kind of power!

King Nidarian: Oh? Is that a threat? Because I can do it with one push of a button.

Echo Echo: Then how about we sort this out! You and me, one on one! Let’s go! If I win, you and your kind surrender and never return! And you must also give your throne back to your brother.

King Nidarian: Why would I allow such a challenge from the likes of you?

Echo Echo: Because, I heard you like putting up a good fight, am I right?

King Nidarian: Very well, I do suppose a challenge would be quite the treat. I accept. But you do know you’re only delaying the inevitable.

Echo Echo: What do you mean?

King Nidarian: Because, if I win, not only do I tear your country apart, I will also put you and your friends back in suspended animation, but this time it shall be until the end of time.

Alice: Oh, please! Ethan is going to fry you into a fish fillet, then serve you to the sharks, like where you belong!

[King Nidarian continued to laugh. The song ended.]

E-10 - The Third Eye (Cut)

Echo Echo: Alice, while I handle King Long John Silver over here, you hijack the ship and turn us to bay.

Alice: On it.

[Alice ran towards the wheel as King Nidarian jumped and attempted to strike Alice.]

King Nidarian: I won’t let you take control of my ship!

[Before King Nidarian could strike Alice, Echo Echo jumped up and launched his sound wave attack, throwing him backwards. King Nidarian unleashed his electric whips and lashed them at Echo Echo. Echo Echo hopped backwards to dodge the attack and created a stack of clones.]


[The Echo Echos launched their sonic tower attack and it blew him backwards. Alice arrived to the anchor and control center. Alice began to press buttons.]

Alice: Okay, Alice, just do like what your father told you. Check your fuel systems, check your fluid levels, make sure everything is fully charged, and hold on for dear life.

[Alice grabbed the handle and she steered the ship. The scene shifted to Helminthes and Echo Echo destroying the last of the weapons.]

Helminthes: That’s the last of ‘em.

[Everything shook around them for a moment.]

Helminthes: What’s happening?

Echo Echo: I think the others took control of the ship! We’d better hurry!

[Helminthes nodded and the two ran out of the room. We cut to Hannibal trying to hack into the system. Suddenly, the lights and monitors flickered on and off.]

Hannibal: Aw, come on! Don’t start acting up now!

[A soldier ran towards Echo Echos way and he sent the soldier backwards with a sonic attack. Echo Echo turned to Hannibal.]

Echo Echo: How’s it coming, Hannibal?

Hannibal: I’m almost into the ships mainframe, if everything would just cooperate with me for a second… I can…

[Hannibal finally managed to activate the systems.]

Hannibal: There! Now I got the shut down sequence!

Echo Echo: Do it, Hannibal, before…

[The entire room shook in an instance before Echo Echo could finish his sentence. Hannibal fell off his chair in one direction, and every machine fell towards the other side of the room. We resume back to Alice trying to steer the ship. Echo Echo and King Nidarian both fell to the floor.]

Echo Echo: Hey! Watch where you’re turning!

Alice: Oh, I’m sorry, Mr. Backseat Driver, why don’t you take the wheel! It’s not as easy as it looks you know.

[Alice took a look at the mirror and saw the beach and the other ships ahead of them.]

Alice: Hey, we’re almost back on the beach!

King Nidarian: [Gets up] First, you get in the way of my plans, and now you try to kill me with your bad piloting!

[King Nidarian walks towards Alice.]

King Nidarian: I don’t think I want to lock you into stasis anymore, I think I should be done with you and end this here!

[King Nidarian activated his electrical whips and a group of Echo’s tackled him to the ground. Meanwhile, in the laboratory, Hannibal’s monitor was shattered into bits.]

Hannibal: Aw, come on! I just finally got the lock code.

Echo Echo: You think this is their doing?

Hannibal: Only one way to find out.

[Hannibal and the Echo Echo clone ran out of the room, only to find the other Echo Echo clone with Helminthes.]

Hannibal: So I guess you felt that too?

Helminthes: Yes, but luckily we managed to destroy all the weapons before the tremor. What did you do?

Hannibal: I don’t want to talk about it.

[They ran into the other Echo Echo clones and soon found the staircase leading upstairs.]

Echo Echo Clone 1: There it is, the stairs.

Echo Echo Clone 2: That must be where the noise was coming from!

Echo Echo Clone 3: We better hurry!

[The group began running up the stairs. Meanwhile, as Echo Echo fought King Nidarian in the background, Alice was making way towards land. But to their surprise, they were headed straight towards the other ships on land.]


[King Nidarian and Echo Echo paused as they turned with their eyes wide open. As soon as they made impact towards the beach, the entire inside of the ship began shaking. At the staircase, the Echo Echo clones, Hannibal and Helminthes floated in the air, hitting each other. Outside, King Nidarian’s ship crashed into one of the ships, which then crashed into another ship. Small explosions came from both ends, but after they hit the second ship, everything stopped. There was a moment of silence, until the hatch at the top was kicked off. King Nidarian jumped out, as well as a three Echo Echo’s. King Nidarian grabbed his electrical whips and slashed two of the Echo Echo clones away. Echo Echo screamed sound waves which threw King Nidarian back.]

Echo Echo: It’s over, King Nidarian!

King Nidarian: That’s where you’re wrong. I admit, you are one of the most difficult challengers I had ever faced, but if you think for one second I’ll be willing to give up my rightful heir, then you are crazier than I’d imagined. After today, your country will fall, and I will be victorious, and you, Sir “E-10,” will be remembered as the fool who dared to oppose me.

Echo Echo: Wow, for such a bad guy, you really talk too much. I bet you get that from your mother.

King Nidarian: Quiet!

[King Nidarian raised his electrical whips at Echo Echo. Echo Echo dodged one in time, but for the other, everything paused in super slow motion, as Echo Echo tried to block for cover. But luckily for him, it managed to hit the Omnitrix’s symbol on his chest. Electricity circuited from the Omnitrix symbol, and a green flash occurred. It blinded King Nidarian and to his surprise, he saw a different alien standing before him.]

AmpFibian: AMPFIBIAN?! YES! Finally a different alien! Now, how would you like yourself to be cooked? Frie-

King Nidarian: Wait a minute? Did you just call yourself AmpFibian? In what navy’s beard decided to give you such a nauseating appellation.

AmpFibian: Hey, AmpFibian’s a great name! You take that back!

King Nidarian: No! He’s a jellyfish, so he’s in the same family with anemone and coral, which are nowhere near related to amphibians.

AmpFibian: Well, you try coming up with a better name!

King Nidarian: I can come up with fifteen better names right now!

AmpFibian: Eh… whatever! I don’t really have time for that, so-

[AmpFibian grabbed his whips and absorbed the electricity off them, shutting them down. King Nidarian gasped and charged toward him. AmpFibian launched three EMP blasts and it set King Nidarian falling from 20 feet into the sand, unconscious. AmpFibian floated downwards to see if he was okay. The guards ran over with their guns aimed at him. The SACT arrived to the beach, where other soldiers stood outside, as well as Lieutenant Steel, Colonel Rozum, Terence, and Nikki.]

AmpFibian: It’s okay people! He’s going to live, probably a few broken bones though!

Pacificus Soldier: Step away from our king, creature!

AmpFibian: Actually, he’s not your king!

[The song ended. AmpFibian’s Omnitrix symbol beeped and he changed back to Ethan in a red light. The lower doors slowly opened and Helmitheis, Alice and Hannibal stepped out of the docking bay onto the beach.]

Ethan: He is!

[The soldiers were confused and muttered to themselves.]

Pacificus Soldier: PROVE IT!

The Start of E-10 - Episode 14

Ethan: This tyrant was a fake. You see, once “your king” took the throne from his brother, Helmitheis. He used you guys to conquer other lands such as your own, so he’d take your resources to benefit his own, that way he could take over any territory he wants as long as it would increase his power, and his glory. [He turned to Helminthes.] Did I get it right?

Helminthes: Yes. I am Helminthes, your true heir of Pacificus. I wish to bring nothing but peace to you and my country, including for all the natives in your country as well. I am sorry my brother caused each and every one of you so much trouble. But that changes today! I promise, I will lead Pacificus into the right path, but only if you would accept me as your leader.

[Everyone stood in silence for a moment. One soldier applauded and cheered for Helminthes, and soon so did the rest of their species. Ethan, Alice and Hannibal smiled. Nikki ran over to give Hannibal a hug.]

Nikki: I’m so happy you’re okay. [She hugged Alice.] I was worried something happened to you guys. [She hugged Ethan, lets go.]

Hannibal: We’re fine. At least now we are.

[The audience cheers as we zoom out from the setting. The scene shifted to sunset as one of the last ships sets sail back into the ocean. Meanwhile, Helminthes is finishing a conversation with Ethan, Colonel Rozum, and Lieutenant Steel. The song shifted.]

Let's Watch the Sunset

Helminthes: We are heading back home now. Hopefully after everything my brother’s done, I can surely set my country into the right path.

Colonel Rozum: Do a good job, your highness.

Lieutenant Steel: And as you know, your people did a lot of damage done to the city.

Helminthes: I already set several of my operatives to help clean up the city. Plus, I believe we will able to pay back for damages as well, all things considered. I do hope next time we set foot back on land, people won’t look to us as something to fear.

Colonel Rozum: Once we’ve straightened this situation out with the government and the people, we’ll be sure you and your people will be welcomed back any time.

Ethan: The real question is, what do we do with “The Tideslayer” here?

Helminthes: I believe it is best if he stayed here. Just so we don’t risk any more damage to my country.

Lieutenant Steel: We’ll have to keep him in for questioning. Who knows what other tricky things he’s got up his sleeve? Speaking of which, we best be on our way.

Ethan: Take care, Lieutenant! And it was nice meeting you too, head honcho!

[Lieutenant Steel facepalmed with a vein coming from his forehead.]

Colonel Rozum: So, this is the changing hero you’ve been talking about.

Lieutenant Steel: Yep.

Colonel Rozum: I gotta say, he has some talent.

Lieutenant Steel: Yeah, I believe if he continues on this path, he’s going to become the hero we’ll need someday.

Colonel Rozum: If only.

[The scene shifted back to Ethan and Helminthes.]

Helminthes: I just want to say, thank you, E-10, for all your work.

Ethan: It was nothing. You’d do the same for me if I was in your situation.

Helminthes: Fair enough. Send my regards to your friends, and you take care now.

Ethan: Thanks, you too. And I hope we meet again someday.

Helminthes: I’m sure we will.

[Ethan and Helminthes shook hands, and Helminthes headed for his ship. Ethan walked over to see Nikki, Terence and Hannibal standing around, while Alice was sitting down.]

Terence: Man, I’ve never felt so beat in my life. Those fish people really drained me dry.

Hannibal: I’ll say.

Nikki: I think it’s time we head back home, guys. Whaddaya say?

Ethan: Yeah, I’m in.

Hannibal: Me too.

Terence: Oh, totally.

Alice: Wait! Why don’t we finish watching the sunset first? It is quite beautiful from here.

[Ethan walked over to sit down next to Alice.]

Ethan: Deal.

[The other three approached them where Terence and Nikki also sat next to them, while Hannibal stood behind them with his arms crossed. The scene zoomed out as they watched the sun set behind the ocean, where the sky was a mix of red and orange, and the ocean waves reflected off the color as the waves moved back and forth on the sand. The song ended.]

Assignment 16 (Episode 14)

[Everything faded to black as the setting changed to where a lamp shined on the Tideslayer's face. It was revealed he was sitting in an interrogation room, where Lieutenant Steel was shouting in his face.]

Lieutenant Steel: TELL ME!

[Lieutenant Steel stepped away as he continued walking around the room.]

Lieutenant Steel: You know something don’t you? There’s something else going down at the bottom of the surface, and I believe there’s more that you didn’t inform your people about, am I right? [Turns to him] SO WHAT IS IT?!

Tideslayer: [Smirks] You know, 95 percent of the ocean is unexplored by you surface dwellers. But only 40 percent has yet to be seen from my kind. And believe me when I say that the underwater civilizations are not even the most interesting of the things down there, nor are they the most dangerous.

Lieutenant Steel: What are you babbling on about?!

Tideslayer: I’m saying, there’s a force of unbelievable power somewhere deep down and trapped inside the ocean. And if you’re not careful, well...

Lieutenant Steel: Well, what?!

Tideslayer: Your world will be consumed by its power if it ever got out.

[As the Tideslayer explained the scenario, we zoom down to the bottom of the ocean where everything was black and dark blue. As glowing white eyes surround the screen, everything span around miles and miles away to a lighter surface of the ocean, where a large chamber buried in the ground, marked with ancient engravings.]

E-10 ED 2- Star Overhead
E-10 Horizons Star Overhead (Snippet) ED

E-10 Horizons Star Overhead (Snippet) ED

Episode 15 preview

Major Events

  • Ethan meets Colonel Rozum.
  • Tideslayer speaks of a mysterious creature lurking deep within the ocean.
  • It's also revealed there is an ancient tomb also lying deep below.


  • Alice brings up her and Ethan's dynamic with brains and brawns, when Alice brings herself on board.
  • Hannibal brings up he never gets to volunteer for missions, as others have tagged along with Ethan in previous episodes.



  • King Nidarian the Tideslayer (first appearance)

Aliens Used

  • Echo Echo x3 (first time selected alien was AmpFibian, second time was Heatblast)
  • AmpFibian


  • Terence quotes the Member Berry's catch phrase from South Park.
  • Ethan makes a reference to Ben's line from "In Charms Way" when he wants to "get his E-tan on."
  • The Third Eye from the Pillows is used as an insert song in the episode.
  • Various Pokemon Themes are used in this episode:
    • The Death Wing


  • This episode aired alongside the third episode of ExOS as part of a Spring Break event.
    • This episode was also delayed a week for this event.
  • This is the third episode to have a sneak peek released before the episode's airdate.
  • Echo Echo was originally supposed to be the only alien in this episode, however writer Kakapokid5 wanted to use AmpFibian to simply make fun of his name.
  • Nidarian was named after the phylum Cnidaria, which contains animals such as jellyfish, coral, and anemone. He is themed after these animals in his weapons, as his electric whips resemble anemone tentacles, and his darts work similarly to jellyfish toxins.
    • Likewise, Helminthes was named after the phylum Platyhelminthes, which contain flatworms. This name was chosen because Kakapokid5 thought of giving him a chest grappling hook weapon that resembled the tounges of flatworms. However, this weapon was cut from the episode due to time restraints, although it might be used in the future.
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