Aviaquilans are a species from the planet Aviaquila.


Aviaquilans are bird-like species with yellowish-brown coloration. They have feathers on their heads and on the wings.


Aviaquilans live on a gas planet, so they adapted to spend their whole life flying. They may live in aerial nests or just on air, and are most common to live in pairs. Despite this, they are social and it is said they love partying.

Powers and Abilities

Aviaquilans can fly at high speed and for an indefinite amount of time. They can accelerate while flying.

Aviaquilans have developed eyes, with the ability to see in infrared and ultraviolet light and have a field of view of 180°.


Aviaquilans cannot walk on the ground, due to the absence of legs.

Notable Aviaquilans

  • EyEgle (the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Aviaquilan)


Aviaquilan derives from avis, which means "bird", and Aquila, Latin for "Eagle".


  • Aviaquilans were originally called Aquilleans.
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