Avatar Ahmad: Omniverse is birthday special by StreetM that will air on June 15, Ahmad15's birthday. The special revolves around Avatar Ahmad. The special combines elements from Ben 10 and the Avatar franchise. 


Main Characters

  • Avatar Ahmad Omar Saati is the earthbending Avatar succeding Korra. He is your average teenager except he can bend every element there is with the help of Raava, a spirit inside his conciousness. He is also the source of peace between the two races of Spirits and humans.
  • Hassan Tanveer AKA Streetmaster is a master skateboarder, hence his title. He is a great friend of Ahmad's, whether they're playing soccer, going to the movies or skateboarding.
  • Magister Satakka is Korra's son. He is a Magister ranked Plumber. He looks after Ahmad but he is no babysitter.
  • Dharti Vasi is the main villain of the movie. Not much is known about him.


Good Guys

  • Miss June 
  • Will Harangue
  • Reo
  • The Magistrata

The Pride

  • Madame Alternate
  • Cyberbat
  • Monster

Fan List


  • In the special, the Spirits are now divided into two different races,
    • Aliens: After the population of the Spirits started to grow, the Spirit World and Earth wasn't enough for them, most of them migrated from our world and started a new life on different planets beyond Earth, they evolved according to their respective planet environment and atmosphere. These Spirits are now called Aliens
    • The Originals: During the Migration, a few Spirits refused to leave their homes, these Spirits stayed in the Spirit World and Earth. These Spirits are now called The Originals.
  • Even though Ahmad is an earthbending Avatar, he won't be seen doing a lot of Earthbending.
  • The special takes place seven decades after The Legend Of Korra, in the modern world.
  • This is the first in the line of birthday specials made my StreetM for Ahmad15.

ed into hideous EVOs.

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