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Austin Maggi is a hero and ally in Tomas 10.


Austin Maggi is the future grandson of Tomas Maggi therefore, the two of them look very alike. Austin comes from an apocolyptic future, but he is the only one who knows. He came back from the future to help prevent his future from happening. To do so he has taken part in multiple events that lead up to the apocolyptic future, including saving Tomas's life.

Powers and Abilities[]

Since Austin is Tomas's grandson, alien abilities have been genetically handed down, so Austin has one forth of the aliens abilities since he is a third generation. For instance, his strength is only a forth of Multi-Limbed Aliens's. This probobly mean Tomas's son and Austin's dad has half of the alien abilities. Austin, unlike Tomas, does not shapeshift into an alien. The abilities are already merged with his DNA.

Austin's known abilities:

  • Forth as strong as Multi-Limbed Aliens
  • Forth as fast as XLR8
  • Needs Danger Duck and Teleportal powers to teleport short distances.
  • Forth as smart as Grey Matter
  • Can eat anything (Upchuck)
  • Grows small spikes like Spykeback
  • Small magnetic force (Magnetude)
  • Forth as much fire as Heatblast
  • Can slowly freeze things (Icepick)
  • Electic zaps (Elekid)
  • Extreme flexibiliy (Putty)
  • Keen scences (Wildmutt)



  • Austin has tons of future information which make him a valued ally.
  • As shown in Roars of Thunder, Austin is smart enough to steer and operate an alien space craft.
  • Austin uses slang from the future such as "Crash" and "Feeling the Mode".