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Austen James Logan
General Information
Species Human
Any Species By Turning Into One
Age 14/15 (Austen 14)
15/16 (Season 2 And On)
Affiliations The Plumbers
Occupation(s) Full Time Super Hero
Magister Ranked Plumber
Dimension Traveler

Voice of Reason (inside Alien X)

Powers and abilities
Abilities DNA Alteration
Alternate Dimensions Traveling
Enhanced Intelligence
Expert Martial Artistry
Advanced Alien Tech Knowledge
Keen Investigative Skills
Expert Mechanic And Engineer
Advanced Acrobatics
Advanced Technology And Alien Knowledge
Plumber Training
Smart With Computers
Skilled In Weapon Usage
Great Knowledge Of The Omnitrix
Knowledgable About Alien Species And Alien Technology
Use of Plumber Suit and Weapons
Skilled Hacker
Spontaneous Learning/Understanding
Advanced Intuition
Skilled hand-to-hand combatant
Able To Speak Understand And Read Alien Language
Equipment Sonic Pitch Whistle
Mark 12 Techadorian Multiblaster
Sun Gun
Skeleton Keys
Map Of Infinity
Plumber's Badge
Anterian Obliterator
Plumber Tank
Relatives James Logan (Dather Deceased)

Sarah Logan (Mother Deceased)

Alias Austen 14
Ditto (Ben)
Magister Austen Logan
Magister Logan
Alternate Counterparts Austen Logan (Dimension 23)
Voice Actor Austen Shunk
First Appearance Mind Controlled

Austen Logan is a Human rasied on The Null Void, due to his famliy being murdered by Vax But Escaped At 9 Years Old and is the best friend of Ben 10 and Creator of the Ultimatrix, During his later Teens, Austen 14  went on to join the Plumbers, eventually achieving the rank of Magister, despite his young age. Austen Helped Azmuth Make The Omnitrix

Austen is the Villain of Kurt 10. Austen is a full time superhero, Austen's Plumbers Base Is The Mount Rushmore Plumber Base


Austen Wears A Shirt Which Is Black And Has A Dark Grey Stripe In The Middle With A 14 And Grey Stripes On The Sides Of His Shirt. He Wears Grey Pants With Pockets At The Knees And Grey And White Shoes

Powers And Abillites

Austen Is naturally extremely intelligent, This allows them to understand and create operate virtually any machine, even if he never seen it before. His intelligence also allows them to understand intricate codes and languages.

When the situation requires it, Austen are able to jury-rig or improvise weapons and emergency repairs, using whatever materials that they have on hand, And Thanks To A Modification That Austen Made To Himself Through A DNA Altering Machine, Austen Can Alter His DNA At Will And Change Into Any Species And He Can Stay In Any Form As Long As He Wants. Austen Also Has The Ability To Travel Between Alternate Dimensions And Travel Back To The Same Dimension At Will. When Transforming Into An Alien, Austen Gets All The Creature's Features, Including Its Appearance, Voice, All Of Its Unique And Special  Abilities And Powers, Strengths And Weaknesses. Though He Mostly Retains His Personality, There Are Some Cases Where The Transformation Causes Change In It, Such As Rath Being Far More Aggressive, Spidermonkey Acting More Childish, Big Chill Being Affected By His Reproduction Instincts, Brainstorm Being Far More Polite, Or Jury Rigg Having The Desire To Destroy/Fix Machines. He Usually Uses His Alien Forms To Fight,  It Is Shown That Austen Has A Good Memory, As He Was Perfectly Capable Of Remembering And Writing Down  Mystic Rune-Like Symbols  With Just One Glance From A Distance. He Was Able To Write The Runes Down. Austen Is Also Shown To Possess Advanced Intuition, Austen Is A Capable Gymnast And Martial Artist. Austen Is Shown To Be Very Intelligent And Knowledgeable.  Austen Possesses A Vast Scientific And Technological Knowledge Of Alien Paraphernalia. Austen Also Has Great Analytical And Deductive Skills, Austen Has Good Motorskills,  He Is Also Great At Mechanics And Engineering.  Austen Is Also Shown To Be Very Good With Animals, He Is Also Able To Strategize Well And Skilled In inventing New Machines. Austen Is Also Shown To Be Highly Knowledge In Regards To Various Advanced Technologies, Including A Great Understand Of How The Omnitrix Works.  Austen Knows All Of The Omnitrix's Functions.


Austen is level-headed, cynical, ruthless, aggressive, pessimistic, cold-hearted, but he loves Jean deeply. Like Kevin, he is wiling to kill. He is a good person at heart and generally doesn't like innocent people getting hurt. He is a quick thinker. He has been shown to be very concerned with the well-being of things around him, such as his surroundings, the people around him, and those he cares about. He is a natural-born leader. Austen has a sense of humor.


  • Austen Banner Is A Plumber Magister Despite His Young Age
  • Austen Helped Make The Omnitrix
  • Austen While In The Null Void For Nine Years Learned All Of The Aliens Languages
  • Austen's Height Is 5,1
  • Unlike Ben 10,000 Austen Practiced More With His Aliens, Making Him And His Aliens Much More Powerful.
  • Austen Usually Calls Out The Name Of The Alien He Transforms Into.
  • Austen's Great Grandfather Is One Of The Plumbers Founders